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Balsamic Moon: Release Your Lack / Worthiness Issues Today!

The Moon enters its BALSAMIC phase today, JUNE 24, 2022, at 6:10 pm MDT at 18 degrees TAURUS 27' Celestial Longitude for those of you following along in your Birth charts.

During this Moon phase, the 8th and last of this Moon cycle, we have an opportunity to release any Emotional baggage we've been holding onto - from this Moon cycle and whatever we've previously been hanging on to for, o I don't know, How Long Now?

Through the lens of TAURUS - our values, standing up for them; our worth and worthiness and knowing it, and OWNING IT; all of which can either increase or decrease our level of self-esteem and self-confidence. No matter the area of life, aspect of your beliefs about yourself, they can and will be triggered when either the Sun or Moon interact with TAURUS.

Since March 2019 URANUS has been moving through this Fixed Earth sign, triggering a lot of world events - so Unexpectedly - to ensure we are all showing up Authentically - as in real, honest, forthright. Three years later - look where we're at - we can see and hear where the values and worth issues have been triggered for each of us. What we've been working on, or avoiding, or neglecting, or embracing.

This Moon phase has URANUS holding hands with the Moon and North Lunar Node - bringing us a Soul Direction nod to know what you value about yourself, how you embrace your OWN Worth/worthiness and suss out where you're still connecting with LACK - and it could be the World's Lack issues - not your own.

Where in your Birth chart lies Taurus and this Balsamic Moon phase? From here is where you are being asked to Release those Lack issues - how do you embrace Lack? Within your life - what area(s) are calling out from Within to be Released from their locked-in beliefs you're carrying around?

Uranus continues to bring the Unexpected into our lives - so expect it! Taurus North Lunar Node Soul Direction asks us to find the Sacred in the everyday and the ordinary. And to keep the gems of traditions, moving forward. Time to RELEASE that which no longer brings you joy, value or worth. Could also include any of those skills and talents you have in your toolbox used to create Income streams - is it time to shake up the combination here? Some skills to dust off and bring back into the light of day? Or a new combination of services or products or skills to bring to the table? Here's where the Uranus' Innovation and Invention sparks come into play.

How you connect with your values is key. And how you stand up for them is another key. And when push comes to shove - which values are monumentally key to hold onto, not matter what's happening in your life? And this is yet another key: what values/worth of Self will I sacrifice in order to KEEP myself safe and secure - no matter what? Time for a wee inventory-taking of what matters, and Soulfully head there. Trust in yourself and what you bring to the table of Life. Standing in your authenticity is key. Namaste


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