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Cancer New Moon #2: Spiritually Nurture &/or Strive for Ambitious Goals!

Yes, we are about to experience yet another New Moon in Cancer!

At 28 degrees & 27' of Celestial Longitude on Monday, July 20th at 11:33 a.m. MDT the Moon & Sun join together as the New Moon - bringing forth another New Seed of Unrealized Potential - & opportunity - to nurture ourselves, our family, our province, our country - all areas of HOME ruled by this Cardinal water sign, Cancer!

During these COVID-19 times, even with further opening of shops, campgrounds, parks & allowing more of us to gather together, we must continue to keep ourselves safe, honouring our personal spaces at home & out in public.

March 27, 2020 is when the brightest Comet (so far) this century came into view - NEOWISE - moving past the Auriga Constellation - which is made up of several Fixed Stars at the late degrees of Gemini! "New Wisdom" indeed! Auriga is known as "The Charioteer" holding a Goat - enter Capricorn!

The connection between Gemini & Capricorn brings the need to Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning when it comes to sifting through Informational Overload from too many sources - zero in on what nails it for you - & use this information to guide you onward with your ambitions & goals - renewed yet again from the previous Moon cycle that saw TWO Eclipses - one in Cancer & the other in Capricorn! Nurture those Goals! BUILD your foundation lovingly, with Compassion, connecting with your Soul Family along the way!

As NEOWISE moves the closest to Earth that it will be (by July 22/23rd) before continuing on its 10,127-year orbit elsewhere in the Cosmic Realms (!) I reminded myself what "The Charioteer" of the Major Arcana means. Here's the gist, from my favourite Tarot/Oracle deck, Shadowscapes by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore:

"Triumph over obstacles, achieve Victory, focus intent & Will, to establish an identity, self-confidence, maintain discipline, & assume the reigns of Power & Authority & drive with the unwavering certainty in a cause.
Control must be exercised in a constantly changing environment that can & will present challenges - in the landscape of a world that is constantly shifting with people & emotions & circumstances all around. [Talk about how to navigate COVID-19 times!!!]
Like the tenuous border where Sea meets Sky [water & air / Cancer & Gemini / Emotion & Thoughts] a constant tension of push & pull of air against liquid is maintained, & to ride to Victory, one must be able to achieve the confidence & knowledge to walk upon that fragile surface."

This New Moon (Moon & Sun together at 28 degrees Cancer) links with several planets & the Lunar Nodes, all sitting at the 28th degree of the sign they're in (check them out in your Birth charts!) bringing in some interesting energetic connections for all! Here's what's in store this Moon cycle:

  • Letting Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning! Here's the connection with the South Node in fiery Sagittarius - Unresolved Karmic Issues from the Past - which are emotionally-held trauma frozen in Time - to be faced, embraced, felt & walked through to HEAL anything that's blocking you from Seeking Your Higher Purpose - What IS Your True INTENTION here? What are you learning/teaching? What keeps you small? What excites your curiosity? Follow Your Inner Fire of INSPIRation (IN-SPIRIT)!

  • Victor vs. Victim Positioning! This connection is with SEDNA - our Great-Year planet currently sitting in earthy Taurus - to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, stand up for your Inner Truth - let your voice be heard! Spiritual Maturity is where SEDNA drives us - the Victim portion means we're allowing others to shrink us. Stand up! Say your piece & create Win-Win-Win as much as possible! BE YOUR OWN VICTORY!

  • Re-Structuring, New Responsibilities & GOALS! Here's where Saturn sits, now that it has returned (Rx/retrograde) into earthy Capricorn - REMINDING us of what we were all INTENDING since December 2017 - as a renewed BUILDING of the foundation of our ambitions & goals, changing up that raft of responsibilities, restructuring our lives. RETROGRADE means including ALL the RE's: review, re-frame, recycle, reconsider - I love the concept of A DO-OVER here! We have that choice to REVISIT those past intentions that were pushed sideways due to COVID-19 & this Pandemic! What now? And how? And when? With whom? Ask Saturn to help you restructure previous frameworks, let go of old responsibilities & take on the NEW/RENEWED!

  • Find Your Spiritual Gifts! Here's where the Part of Fortune/Joy comes into play - sitting within earthy Virgo [see a pattern here? Earth-Earth-Earth signs joined up creates an Earth Grand Trine of lovingly / easily being grounded, centred, & hands-on!] wanting to BE OF SERVICE in some regard in your life. Perfecting processes of HOW to DO the hands-on daily work this service provides. What are your GEMS / gifts here? From your toolbox of skills & talents. What haven't you used in a while that comes in handy today? How does this Spiritually Nurture you? Despite a Pandemic & previous goals having gone sideways - where are you today? How Do You Want to Serve Today?!

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon in Cancer reads as follows [from: The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle by Lynda Hill & Richard Hill, 1995]:

"In a creative or intuitive way you may be pressed into making judgements & decisions, but the elements of your judgement are, in many ways, exactly the same. The choices are confusing because they essentially lead to the same result. This situation is brand new, maybe the answer lies in taking an Intuitive 'punt' or waiting for the solutions to become more clear-cut. Comparisons & similarities.
The Shadow: Expressing judgemental opinions about things that are essentially equal. Being picky."

So Gemini - The Twins - shows up here too! That North Node of Soul Direction - making the decision, choosing without judgement or being picky just to be picky, right or bossy. How finite need you go? Gemini can spend a lot of time playing mental ping pong or tennis here! DECIDE & move along!

Be decisive WITH intention, following your Intuitive Wisdom, to be Victorious with your goals. Heal those old wounds from the Past that seem to loom larger than life in the Now world. What Was has truly fallen away with this Pandemic. What's important, now? Truly. Start there. And remember to NURTURE yourself with Compassion, Love, Forgiveness & time spent with family along the way! Namaste

Photo Credits: THANK YOU to all the UNSPLASH artists! You rock!

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