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Dream A Little Dream With Me - Full Moon in Virgo - Our Healthy Crossroads!

Each Full Moon brings the Moon & the Sun in opposition to one another - the Moon's full light is a reflection of the Sun's Unconscious Desires. We can become polarized OR we can create an AND...

Our Moon, Astrologically, is how we do our Emotional Body - feel the feelings, know of & follow our Intuition, allow ourselves to receive guidance/help/assistance from others, look for & see the signs & symbolism of the WHY in our lives.

Our Sun, Astrologically, is our Soul/Vital Self, how we shine in this life, do what we do, go out into the world & be seen. Our active masculine principle that is evolving Soulfully in this life.

Today's Full Moon will shine its light as of 11:48 a.m. MDT in our mutable Earth sign of Virgo - at 19 degrees & 37' Celestial Longitude for those of you following along with your Birth Chart. How we are being of service within the daily work we do & how we serve the health of our physical bodies! Timely to say the least!

The Sun, therefore, sits opposite at 19 degrees PISCES 37' with Neptune, ruler of Pisces, sitting at 18 degrees Pisces 26'. Here's where the "Dream A Little Dream With Me"comes into focus. Soulfully, imagine the BEST outcome for yourself, your life & your loved ones. Connect with your Spiritual Self - shine your Light out into the world - be the change you are looking for.

Pisces/Neptune rule the Higher Mind of our Soul-Self/Higher Self down here on Earth - a win-win scenario for the Good of All, always, in all ways. The SHADOW side of Pisces? 'Tis that Drama Triangle - where our Ego-self, the Little Self, catches the Victim-oriented & fearful "o woe is me!" mindset/role-play, wanting to be Rescued, &/or I feel Bullied/Persecuted...hence all the angst & bubbling up of FEAR regarding this CORONAVIRUS-19.

The number 19, from the Angel Numbers 101 book, means, "This is a message for you to BELIEVE in YOURSELF & your Life Purpose. The angels want you to know that you are qualified & ready to follow your dreams. Stay positive & take action without delay."

Numerologically, 1 is about new beginnings, 9 is about endings. What are we ending & what are we beginning here? 1 + 9 = 10 where the 1 is about LEADERSHIP & 0 is about following your INTUITION! 1 + 0 = 1 - so are we following the leader or being the leader?

We know this to be true: what you FEAR most will come to pass. FEAR NOT, have Faith & TRUST that all is well & good & right in the world. Heartfully, Soulfully, mindfully. No matter where you are, where you go, with whom you spend time with. All. Is. Well.

Today, Mercury is Stationing Direct once again, at 9:49 p.m. MDT at 28 degrees Aquarius 13' Celestial Longitude AND we moved into Daylight Savings Time over the weekend! A CHANGE IN DIRECTION, mindfully, & Leaping Ahead to meet up with...our Future Selves. What is Your Future Self telling you this Monday morning?

Both the Full Moon in Virgo & the Sun/Neptune in Pisces are sending/receiving love lines of connection to/from the Capricorn line-up of MARS (assertive action) + PALLAS (following Your Wisdom) + JUPITER (taking Risks & Expanding Out Beyond Current Boundaries of Safety & Security as we Seek our Life Purpose) + PLUTO (transforming FEARS, ruler of epidemics due to Actions/Lack of Actions taken by Authority Figures).

Capricorn is Cardinal Earth - initiating change to create something NEW out of current resources - & rules our traditional institutions - healthcare & governments among them - as we work towards our ambitions/goals. What is YOUR GOAL HERE during all of this panic? Are you part of the collective panic or are you part of the collective "What needs to be CHANGED using current resources for the Good of All?"

In a world that seems to have gone mad with fear, cancelling world events to keep everyone at home & 'safe', I hear the echo of what was happening 101 years ago around the world - the Spanish Flu epidemic. Our Full Moon in Virgo is all about the HEALTH of the physical body. We're far & above better educated now & have the resources at hand to keep ourselves healthy - wash your hands, don't touch your face, wash the surfaces of tables, counters etc. Fear Not - be grounded in reality, not the illusion/delusion of FEAR. Trust & have Faith that taking the Higher Spiritual Road/Mindset is all that is necessary.

Interestingly, Hygeia, our new-found asteroid/Goddess of HEALTH & hygiene has recently moved from Taurus (creating what we value, do with our money, with our skills & talents) into Gemini (communication, networking, connecting with our local folk) & she is sending a love line to Saturn in the late degrees of Capricorn - Saturn rules how we do our goals, be responsible & restructure our lives accordingly.

VALUE your health by being responsible for & serving the needs of Your physical body.

IMAGINE a win-win outcome around the world that is FEARLESS in the face of the Unknown.

CHANGE what needs to be changed in Your healthcare routine at home & away scenarios.

BE MINDFUL & HEARTFELT & SOULFULLY aware - so much better than FEARFUL.

Dream A Little Dream With Me! Dream it & BE it!


Photo Credits: the Artists of UNSPLASH - thank you!!

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