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Full Moon in Virgo: Grounding Worthiness & Empowerment

The Full Moon is in play Friday March 18, 2022 at 1:18 a.m. MDT at 27 degrees Virgo 40' of Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth charts.

This whole Moon cycle - which began in Pisces March 2nd - is a microcosm of what's coming during the APRIL 12th "once in 166-years" conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces (with a second connection NOV 23rd). Be aware, emotionally and spiritually, of yourself this month of March. How have you been affected by all the Drama circling around you? How are you coping with the mood swings, lack of sleep, eating disconnects, etc.,?

The Sun sits in opposition to the Moon, at 27 degrees Pisces 40', holding hands with Neptune (modern Ruler of Pisces) and Jupiter (traditional Ruler of Pisces). Mercury has joined this lineup as of March 10th and now sits at 13 degrees Pisces 33' Celestial Longitude. How are you being MINDFUL of your Spiritual connection and practice ever since?

CME's (coronal mass eruptions) from this Sun in Pisces has been sending down solar winds our way this past week - including today/Friday - bringing us copious amounts of energetic connections to and with our Spiritual Selves. Be you consciously or unconsciously aware - we're all experiencing downloads of information via Intuitive insights, Emotional undercurrents, and "bright ideas" coming forth from Within - Emotionally, Physically and Mentally.

We're also dealing with a YOD, Finger of God formation, pointing to ERIS at 24 degrees Aries 03', coming from this Full Moon in Virgo, and the South Lunar Node in Scorpio. Here's where we're all Letting Go of Old Unresolved Issues AND Old Patterns of Conditioning from our collective Past Lives - of Fears, Anxieties, Traumas - be they conscious or unconscious - while also Letting Go of the need to be perfect, on an emotional level. We want to BE of Service, however, how are we BEing while we're DOing this service?

As we emotionally clear ourselves of the traumatic past, we connect more clearly to what's truly Spiritually important. The unconscious Illumination of what Fulfills you - Truly.

Eris helps all of us to be LIBERATED in some regard, from whatever kept us away from our independent needs - working with and for ourselves - connecting with our Inner Warrior and Explorer and Pioneering natures - which we've perhaps been neglecting of late?

This Full Moon is also connected via a Grand Earth Trine with Pluto in Capricorn and the North Lunar Node + Part of Joy + Sedna, all in Taurus! Ground yourself into the service of looking after yourself/your physical health while empowering and transforming the building of current resources into something NEW needed by the collective, embracing your WORTH, Speaking Your Truth, and standing up for that which you VALUE in life.

Practical, hands-on, grounding energy will keep you from floating away with all those cosmic energies bombarding you this weekend! Take Care of the Business of your Life. Connect Within to your Higher Self, listen to and trust and follow your Intuition. Feel your feelings. Speak your Truths.

Mars and Venus continue to connect, now both in Aquarius, bringing in the Inner Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine into balance through what our respective Future Selves perceive to be coming towards us. Are these two aspects of you working from the same page? Are they heading towards the same Vision of the Future?

The Ruler of this Full Moon in Virgo is, of course, Mercury, sitting pretty at 13 degrees Pisces 33' - reminding us to BE MINDFUL of our Spiritual bodies, our Spiritual practice, our Spiritual Connection, Within. This is Key, over the coming weekend. Rest. Drink plenty of water. Walk in the sunshine. Do some star-gazing. Take in the energies of this Full Moon. Virgo rules the health of the physical body AND what we do for work on a daily basis. Perfecting our processes of BOTH along the way.

Move away from the Drama of life; resume mindful "in the moment" presence. Of you, Within and Without. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank You! Namaste


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