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Heal Past Self-Doubts & Embrace Your True Worth: New Moon in Sagittarius!

It's been an intense deep-dive into your Inner dark waters of the Ego-self, mentally & emotionally, during this latest Moon cycle & Mercury Rx (retrograde) timing through Scorpio. A Life-Death-Rebirthing process to unveil & heal past "Frozen in Time" aspects of Self you may have been unconscious of before now.

The rose-coloured glasses are crystal clear now that you've walked into (& hopefully through!) those illusory walls of Fear that kept you feeling small & unable to seek your True Purpose in life. What's next?

Each New Moon initiates Change, & within our mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius, brings forth the need to ACT: inspired, creative, taking risks, to move BEYOND current safe boundaries that your Ego-self loves to hide behind. What NEW DIRECTION is your Soul calling you to head into, that is nurturing, regenerating & evolving?

As the Moon & Sun stand together at 04 degrees of Sagittarius 03' earlier today at 8:06 a.m. MST, they are joined by Pallas - our Feminine Wisdom asteroid - reminding you that YOU HAVE ACCESS to Your Inner Wisdom. Follow your Intuition, listen to your feelings, express yourself as required & take action accordingly.

It could be obvious, now, the action to take...what's not obvious or seeable, currently, is WHERE you're truly headed! Sagittarius asks you to BELIEVE in your Inner Wisdom, to feel your way forward this Moon cycle in what seems like a tunnel with no end in sight. You are headed forward, your Soul is beckoning you onward - as to what the END point will be is not quite visible.

This uncertainty, not being able to SEE the end game, is what freaks out the Ego-self. Ego loves certainty & controls/covets it at any cost. Here's where your Faith in your Beliefs & in yourself will come into play this Moon cycle. Sagittarius brings forth your creative ability to navigate supposed zigs & zags of blockages created by fear of the Unknown (not knowing where you're truly headed nor HOW you're supposed to get there)...

Listen to your Intuition. Take Action as it is revealed to you to do so. Connect with your feelings, ALL of them, & move through those illusions of Fear. Believe in your Soul's evolving course.

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, moves into our cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn mid-morning Monday December 2nd. Jupiter brings optimism & the need to take a risk, to move forward. Capricorn, as a cardinal sign, brings the need for Change through the goals you choose for yourself now. In 2019 we've experienced two out of three Eclipses in Capricorn. First one was January 5th, second July 16th. The third will be Christmas Day. How has your life Changed direction, in two ways or from two levels, already this year?

Interestingly, we experienced our second Mercury Rx (retrograde) timing during the July Eclipse season. Mentally, how did you follow your Heart, listen to your feelings, follow your Intuition? Now, freshly through the depths of Mercury Rx in Scorpio, how do you FEEL about decisions made in July that brings you to face this new open door into the Unknown? Have you knocked those illusory fears off their pedestals? Are you Ready, Willing & Wanting to move forward into your Future Life?

Venus, our Desire Body, sits at 00 degrees of Capricorn with this New Moon in Sagittarius. A new era of desiring a new version of ambition, goals, responsibilities is waiting for you. Creating a new skill set between your Emotional Body (the Moon) & your Soul Body (the Sun). Are you willing to set aside fears to risk new ambitious action (unresolved from past lives), take that Leap of Faith, & leap-frog ahead?

How are you preparing yourself to Ride the Christmas Day New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn wave of acceleration into 2020? What awaits you there? Can you see it? Feel it? Sense it? Are you excited? Or are you afraid? Breathe, walk, run & Leap! Namaste

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