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Heal Your Instinctual Warrior's Nature - Full Moon in Aries

Tomorrow afternoon, Sunday OCT 9, 2022, at 2:54 PM MDT, the Sun and Moon sit opposite one another, creating the FULL MOON PHASE. Tonight's Gibbous Moon, as I write this post OCT 8th, is HUGE and orangey - reflecting the heat from this Full Moon at 16 degrees ARIES 32' of Celestial Longitude - our Cardinal Fire Sign.

This means the SUN sits exactly opposite at 16 degrees LIBRA 32' - continuing with its lessons on Balance, Peace, Harmony. ARIES brings in sparks of fire, temper, impatience, the need for Action right now!

This Full Moon phase will continue until after 9:00 AM MDT THURSDAY OCT 13th - almost four days - therefore keep in mind your Instinctual Warrior Nature this week! If you need to "walk it off", do so! If you need to Take Action, do so.

The key here is that this Full Moon is holding hands with CHIRON - where our woundedness resides in the ways of how we are editing our Instinctual Warrior Nature - allowing others' expectations, or the "climate or environment" of where you live, work, or spend time in to somehow make you feel that it's "not okay" to express myself in this way - being impatient, or angry or wanting to go faster than someone else's speed - that somehow BEING this way will cause others around you to no longer "love me as I am" in some regard.

Watch out for those "Ricky Racers" of drivers this week too - pedal to the metal - while driving yourself to work, to school, or just driving. Road rage, the "need for speed" - especially while we enjoy this lovely Autumn weather - there will be those who will take advantage here.

How will your Inner Warrior "rise to the occasion" that comes Unexpectedly your way? What's being ILLUMINATED for you this Full Moon? How are you using the Cardinal Fire energy? Cardinal = initiating the NEW in your life. Where is this Full Moon activating your Birth Chart? This is the area of your life that's "firing up on all cylinders" literally, figuratively.

The need for Independence is key this week - ME TIME. All by myself. To Explore, to Pioneer some aspect of Self not allowed to be ILLUMINATED before now. How will you assert this need for yourself? Assertively or aggressively or somewhere in between? With Love and Compassion? Aries waits for no one. Remember - Aries the Ram - ramming things through to "get 'er dun!" isn't always the best bet. A great Essential Oil combo for de-stressing/relaxing that I recommend: Roman Chamomile + Geranium + Tangerine - breathe deeply to relax and return you to your physical body, to breathe slowly, to just BE in the MOMENT.

In the night's sky - like tonight and especially tomorrow night - JUPITER Rx at 01 ARIES 59' will be very close to this Full Moon, with Chiron hanging out in between (not visible to naked eye) with ERIS Rx on the other side of this Moon - sitting at 24 degrees ARIES 32'. Healing our Instinctual Nature wound - that it's OKAY to jump in without much thought - or impulsively just DO THE ACTION before others are ready to join you, let alone want you to do the action to begin with. And LIBERATING yourself from that which keeps you from knowing your Inner Warrior/Explorer/Pioneer - doing something great, for yourself, when no one else is watching. It's just for ME to appreciate, enjoy, and BE within that moment.

Also in play this Full Moon in ARIES are the following key planetary patterns dynamically challenging it all even MORE:

  • GRAND FIXED SQUARE: Saturn Rx in Aquarius squaring the North Lunar Node + Uranus Rx in Taurus squaring the Vertex/Fated-Destined This Way Comes in Leo squaring the South Lunar Node in Scorpio - bringing FOUR areas of your life into play all at the same time - to head into your Soul Direction of making your way, through your own effort while ALSO releasing emotional pain of fears/traumas/abuses from the Past - how do you create an AND to do both? While also keeping an eye on the new structures in your life showing themselves that will progress into the Future You, unfolding while ALSO meeting up possible Fated/Destined events/folks that help you to "follow your heart's truest desires", do self-love and embrace the creative forces showing themselves through ARIES and LEO right now. Unexpected twists and turns in your day/routine, PLANNED ideas of how your day will unfold - well expect that to NOT happen in the way your logical mind expects it to. Just EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED for now on - end of. The new normal in other words. Remember: the Fixed signs in your Birth chart love to "deal with the details" - but Change?! Not so much! Bring in a sense of humour - LAUGH as much as possible.

  • AIR GRAND TRINE: brings Saturn Rx in Aquarius +MARS in Gemini + the Sun in Libra conjunct Venus also in Libra - love lines of connection to help us RELATE to one another - again, what future plans are in play that need input from others in your life, which in turn may CHANGE those plans/long-term goals? And the Action required to CHAT ABOUT IT ALL. And this Full Moon in Aries is REFLECTING the unconscious desires of that Sun in Libra - for equality, peace, harmony and beauty to be INCLUDED - creating an AND with that fiery ARIES MOON! Consciously keep all these balls in the air, energetically speaking. If your attention drops, so too does the loop connecting all three.

  • A couple of INCONJUNCTS: here's where "patterns of old conditioning" can be released - showing themselves from the SUN in LIBRA with both the North Lunar Node + Uranus Rx in TAURUS - any stubbornness showing, resisting Change in your life to BE MORE AUTHENTICALLY YOU? Denying the balance needed in your life, despite the Unexpected twists and turns coming at you - all about worthiness, what you value in life, how you're doing with your money. What needs to CHANGE here regarding those patterns of conditioning? They will show themselves these next several days. The other version comes from this FULL MOON in ARIES + ERIS Rx with that South Lunar Node in Scorpio - this time we're being called to RELEASE the old, emotionally, deep-seated patterns of FEAR, ANXIETY, TRAUMAS, ABUSES - that seem to be rearing their ugly heads - if it FEELS "over the top" exploded emotion - know that you're dealing with Karmic events/situations to be faced, healed, forgiven, loved, embraced.

  • And, there's a love line connection between this FULL MOON IN ARIES + CHIRON Rx + ERIS Rx and VERTEX in LEO - that Warrior Nature meets "following my heart's truest desires", with self-love and meeting with Fated/Destined connections. What's in store for you that will LIBERATE you somehow to HEAL the way you've been editing yourself, instinctually, since FEB 2019 (and until APR 2027) - what's been unconscious here that the FULL MOON will shine a light upon? Are you ready to Know It and See It?

MARS rules Aries, therefore this Full Moon - the action you take via conversation, thought processes used, the learning avenues you're heading into, the self-talk you use - watch out for the SHADOW here of Gemini, where MARS is for the next 6 months - Gossiping. Sharing information/knowledge that is not anyone's business. Being hurtful, vindictive, or having revenge - this is the way of the Shadow Warrior - to be mean, to wound others verbally. Watch the current media/social media - the trends have already been occurring for over a month since MARS entered GEMINI - The Twins - there are always two points of view. Take time to hear, discuss, digest, think about it all. Then decide from there. Not before. Take action after being mindful about things.

It's been interesting watching the responses of our PM to the pointed questions of the Opposition Leader in the House of Commons - one's being clear, the other evasive and defensive or "not listening". Great analogy for the rest of us. Evading the pointed questions equates to possible Inner Fears of 1) not knowing the answers, 2) not wanting to own up to the Truth, 3) not wanting to KNOW THYSELF, therefore not being True to Self, or to others at the same time.

Heal your editing ways - BE Instinctual - follow your heart's truest desires - while releasing the OLD patterns/emotions - and Know Your Worth, Speak Your Truth as you Stand up for that which You Value! Create BALANCE along the way! Namaste


PHOTO CREDITS: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank you all so much! Namaste


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