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New Moon in Cancer: FEEL the Expansion of Nurturing Independence - Take a Risk!

Robin is trilling his song again tonight as I write this post. Been a good couple of sunny and warm SUMMER days of late - yay! Seems to be un-real to have something seasonally normal occurring for a change.

Tomorrow, Tuesday JUNE 28, 2022, at 8:52 pm MDT, the Moon and Sun come together at the same place in the sky, at 07 degrees CANCER 22' of Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth charts.

The Moon rules CANCER - so this Moon cycle of the next 29.5 days will definitely be sensitive, emotional, moody, connecting us with how we're feeling, what we're needing, and following through on what our Intuition is showing us, from Within.

How we nurture ourselves, first, then others, is the key theme this Moon cycle. Along with Family, the home/house that may need some nurturance, where we live, how we live, and the Country we live in. How does it all FEEL to you these days? Is it Time to move along into something different, suited to your emotional needs?

Interesting in the news this month that the capital of Manitoba, Winnipeg, has decided to do away with CANADA DAY and call it "New Day" - what?! Our country's Birth Day is JULY 1st and this will be its 155th. This New Moon in Cancer connects to Canada's Uranus/Sun exact conjunction in the 4th House of Home and Country! Expect the Unexpected here this week as OTTAWA, the capital of Canada, continues to plan to close its downtown area to traffic in hopes of dispelling any Freedom Rallies planned there for this 155th Birth Day of our country that no longer looks nor feels like itself in 2022.

I was moved to check out the number 155 within my copy of the "Angel Numbers 101" book by Doreen Virtue - I cannot make these things up - here it is:

155 - it's essential you make some positive changes in your life. You've had enough of the present situation, and now it's time to take charge and do things your way.

This New Moon in Cancer is EXACTLY squaring to where Jupiter sits at 07 degrees ARIES 18' creating Stress and Tension to fight for our independence on some level. To take a risk beyond safe boundaries that propels us into another Leap of Faith into the Unknown. Chiron is close by, at 16 degrees Aries, healing the wounds of "fearing rejection, that it's not okay to EXIST, physically, without editing our instinctive desires to move forward" - Warrior, Explorer and Pioneer archetypes abound during this Moon cycle! Assertively or aggressively is your choice.

There's also a T-square pointing to SATURN Rx/retrograde at 24 degrees AQUARIUS 47' from both Lunar Nodes - North in Taurus at 20 degrees and South in Scorpio at 20 degrees. These Lunar Nodes changed signs back on DEC 22, 2021, beginning their 19-month journey pointing North - Soul Direction to "find the Sacred in the Ordinary" while also standing up for what you truly VALUE in life, feel is WORTHWHILE to fight for - and South - Unresolved Issues from the Past to Release/Let Go of the deep-seated "frozen in Time" Emotional Wounds surrounded by Fear, Anxiety, Abuse, Trauma that suppress our Passion for Living.

This T-square brings mucho STRESS AND TENSION to, again, allow in much-needed CHANGE in our lives - personally and collectively. Six months into this 19-month Nodal Journey has already peeled back the carpet of what's been hidden from us - Truths, Lies, Secrets, Beliefs are all on the table, piling up. We've got 13 months to go folks! I wonder what's coming forward?

As we all learn to create an "AND" between what scares us the most, and, what we value most in life (how can we DO BOTH vs. Either/Or?!) we assist ourselves by seeing our Future-oriented long-term goals, restructuring our lives from where Saturn began this journey back on DEC 21, 2020! How has your life changed since then, and are you more purposefully moving towards YOUR future dreams/wishes? And are the people in your life supporting all this evolution a-happening? Saturn is Father Time - it has taken TIME to allow in Change (kind of a paradox here as Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio are all FIXED signs - totally disliking change of any kind - except the change we decide on for ourselves, of course). Discipline, taking responsibility, honouring your Code of Integrity.

Aquarius wants to Rebel from the shackles of tradition. Enough! What IS the New way forward? And whose idea of NEW is it that we need to follow? This is where BEING AUTHENTIC to Yourself is KEY - whom are you and what do YOU envision for Your Future Self and Life? Seriously - where are YOU heading, that is so resonating as your True Self? Or, are you going along with the crowd because it's easier, safer, not as scarey?

Meanwhile, HYGIEA sits at 03 degrees SCORPIO 10' sending a healing love line to where this New Moon of the Moon/Sun placement in CANCER. Water to Water - heal thy fears, find thy passion and FEEL the Nurturing waters Within. Emotional body healing here folks - Big Time! If you've been finding yourself crying for some Unknown Reason - go with it. We're grieving a world that continues to die to itself.

We just entered the next Chakra Gate when Venus and the Moon came together at 03 degrees GEMINI 53' (JUNE 26th) of releasing Distortions from our SACRAL CHAKRA - where our Life Force Energy resides, Creativity, Healthy Sexuality, Passion, how we use our curiosity and discover our world, and then, the MONEY piece! Being able to provide for ourselves, how we connect to/with Money and abundance. With fulfillment, enthusiasm, acceptance - feeling your WORTH - and I mean Self-Worth here. Where's the guilt, shame, blame, lethargy, complaining, control issues and compulsive behaviour operating in your life? I see a lot of this in society. I see some of it in my own life. How do you do self-sabotage here?

Do you "see" how this Chakra resembles a LOT of our earthy TAURUS sign? Hhhmmm.....enter Uranus AND the North Lunar Node getting closer and closer to exact these next two months - Soul Direction into your Values, Sacredness of Life, Worthiness, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence - how does Self-sabotage discredit you here?

Tis TIME - Saturn Rx in Aquarius - to know your own authentic self's Future Plans.

Tis TIME - to Nurture your home life, with your family, in your town/city/rural area, within your province/territory, and this country.

Tis TIME - to heal. To grieve, let go, roll up those sleeves to MOVE FORWARD with courage and confidence.

Tis TIME - to bring the Future into the Now-verse. Yes we can escape into planned vacations and long-sought/fought for travel, for a wee while. You will have to return to the reality of the Now-verse sooner than later. Mercury sitting in GEMINI is connecting to that South Lunar Node in SCORPIO in a way that means we must MINDFULLY Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning - despite huge emotional fears, despite changing your mind in nanoseconds, despite feeling / thinking, "Who am I to CREATE CHANGE HERE?" That's just it - ALL of us are "I's" and together, as a family, we CAN create much-needed change here in Canada, for Canada, our homeland. Be the Change You Want in the World. Envision your "garden of Eden" of the Future to walk into it. Take that Leap of Faith, and nurture yourself every step of the way forward. Namaste

PHOTO CREDITS: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank You So Much! Blessed BE!


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