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New Moon in Capricorn: Choose Your Goals Responsibly for 2022

Happy New Year Everyone! Here's my first blog post for 2022 - we're in for the ride of our lives this year! As usual, the New Year begins with the Sun moving through our cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn, bringing us the need to plan our goals for the year. Goals always come with responsibilities - to move forward for the long-term we must engage our adult-ness, no matter our age - and decide on how, each day, we're going to do those baby steps which ultimately lead to bigger steps, achieved mini-goals, until the ultimate planned goal is reached. Which, in turn, leads to other goals - ever expanding our choices, responsibilities, duties, discipline, and building our management skills along the way.

Capricorn is the Mountain Goat - looking for, even breaking trail on, new pathways forward. On your Mountain of Ambition - what's the "pot of gold" you're reaching for in 2022? What are your building in your life? Where's the Zodiac sign of Capricorn in your Birth chart? The House(s) of Life Experience Capricorn resides in indicates from where you'll build something New for the Collective in 2022 - from your current resources - what you bring to the table with past experience, skills and talents you've already learned - change your perspective to use ALL of these resources in a New way - to initiate much-needed Change in not only your life, but to benefit the lives of others.

A recap of what's already been playing out since December 2021, going onward throughout 2022:

  • Those Lunar Nodes - North Node and South Node - Have Changed Signs! Here's why the interesting weather changes have arrived, the mood of the country and provinces are a-rumbling, and everyone seems to be sitting on pins and needles - Change is indeed here for the next 19 months since December 22, 2021 when the North Node (our Soul Direction) moved away from it's Gemini course, into the 29th degree of Taurus. These Lunar Nodes move in Rx/retrograde motion - backwards - from the last degree of the signs to the beginning degree - within 19 months. Soul Direction in Taurus is all about your Values, Worth/worthiness, Self-esteem, Self-confidence, Speaking your Truth (Taurus rules the Throat Chakra), Patience, Perseverance, connecting to/through your Senses to Create something tangible. Beings hands-on in the process - taking your Time doing so - chewing your cud as long as you need to - and learning to release stubborn tendencies relating to resisting Change to enter your life!

  • Uranus has already been making headway through Taurus, moving from 00 degrees since March 2019, and will ultimately meet up with this North Node at some point in 2023, urging all of us to be Authentically Real throughout this chaotic time. Uranus is receiving loving support from today's New Moon in Capricorn - motivating all of us forward into those Goals I spoke of earlier. How much easier has it been for you to Speak Your Truth since March 2019? What have you innovated since then within your life? Where's Taurus in your Birth chart? This tells you the area of your life that needs more realism, being hands-on in the doing of something creative, less escapism, procrastination, etc.

  • At the same time, the South Lunar Node (our Karmic Past needing resolution of some kind) entered the 29th degree of Scorpio as of December 22, 2021 - bringing forth any deep-seated fears/trauma/PTSD/anxiety issues to the surface - all in aid of healing our past issues of refusing to allow things to die in our lives that no longer serve us. Here's where the Life-Death-Rebirth process comes into play - we are collectively "dying to ourselves" in some way - where's Scorpio in your Birth chart? Those Houses of Life Experience tell you the root cause of where to look for the How of healing that resistance to allowing yourself to Let Go of the old, to embrace the new, to feel your passions again! Scorpio is deep-water emotions - totally! Including finding your passionate nature - your wild inner woman/man - to be released from whatever prison you've locked yourself into all due to fear. Fear is temporary; regret lasts a lifetime.

  • And Jupiter moved into Pisces December 28, 2021, bringing forth the need to allow yourself to RISK a Leap of Faith into that great Unknown throughout 2022 - which in and of itself can bring up our fears of the Unknown - here's where the Spiritual Warriors will roar! Will you ultimately decide to move beyond current safe boundaries to stretch your Spiritual maturity more, or will you decide to stay on that Drama Triangle role-play of Victim-Rescue(r)-Bully/Persecutor? Twill be a moment-by-moment choice to: 1) Connect to, be guided by, your Higher Self/Future Self via intuitive hits of insight, to be trusted and followed by timely action, or, 2) fall back into that role-play of wanting someone else to take responsibility for your life, actions, decisions, etc. Your choice, as always. More meditation, more Me time, more connection Within with walks in Nature and whatever pulls you into that meditative state - to BE with yourself, your thoughts, your journey to connect more clearly, closely, heartfully with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, non-judgement of Self and others. It's Time! Create your own Sacred Space at home to give this aspect of yourself a priority!

Later today, January 2, 2022, at 11:34 a.m. MST the Moon and Sun stand together at 12 degrees Capricorn 20' Celestial Longitude bringing forth the need for a Change in what we're Building for the future, within 2022. As my Great-Grandmother Rose used to say, "Start as you mean to go" for the long-haul. Capricorn needs goals to strive for. Needs to take responsibility. Needs a sense of duty. What are you building in 2022 that will be seen and heard far longer into the future? Where is your life heading? Have you lost your purpose in life? Reinvent yourself! If you haven't already done so during the past two years of global transitional transformation - the Time is Now.

Saturn rules this cardinal Earth sign that brings much-needed change. Saturn is Father Time. And Saturn is in it for the long-haul. Question is, are you? What are you willing to strive for, for the long-term? And note this: just because you've hammered out "ultimate goal(s) for 2022 and Beyond" doesn't mean they won't need to alter along the way. Due to your evolution as a Soul/Self, and also due to ever-changing circumstances that ask us for course re-directions along the way. Not to be mistaken for dropping the ball and abandoning your goal(s)! Keep on Keeping On - and adjust accordingly.

2022 has Saturn moving through Aquarius for a second year - how have you been waking up from the "kool-aid you've been drinking" that had you NOT showing up as the REAL ME? Are you seeing yourself and your goals in a new light? Have you been allowing Saturn to restructure your life - as slowly as it takes - along the way since December 21, 2020?! Where are you NOW, today, as you read this, think back to this time last year - how has your life changed for the BETTER for your life path? Where's Aquarius in your Birth chart - this is where that truer authenticity to being an individual is waking up Within you! It's time, during 2022, to embrace this side of you more fully. BE You, the Real You. Show up!

There will be bumps in the road due to emotional, mental and/or physical blockages that act as Signs that something needs closer attention, to face, heal, deal with, let go of along the way. South Node in Scorpio will help us all heal emotionally/mentally our Dark Shadow psyche these next 19 months - as will North Node in Taurus to ground us INTO our truest Values, Goals, Creations. The water and the earth elements in play now - together, can create wonderful fertility to grow new things - or, not enough water (emotion/passion) can create mud - slowing us down into ultimate stagnation. Too much water/emotional overwhelm can bring on those floods, moving away the earth, ungrounding us, totally destroying what we've been building along the way. And sometimes this is a good thing; could be what we were building was totally wrong for us all along - we just didn't come up for air long enough to see the Big Picture of the WHY of doing it all to begin with! Wake Up! Breathe! Look around you! Where are you? Are you living Your Life for You? Or for someone else?

Take Time this first week of January 2022 to plan, meditate upon, connect Within, to Know Thyself and what YOU - yes, I mean You - want for Your life, in 2022. What seeds of unrealized potential do you wish to plant right now, during this New Moon phase of this first Lunar cycle of 2022? What will you build in your life in 2022? Plan on something to reach for, to keep your eye on this ball, that will pull you up out of the chaos, onto dryer land, grounded, centred and sane. Plan ahead, then work toward that plan, while allowing in change, evolution, AND letting go of the old, worn out daily habits, lack of discipline, and reach for mini-goals to pull you ahead. Breathe. Walk it through. Take your Time, be on Time, the Time is Now. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - thank you so much! Namaste

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