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New Moon in TAURUS: Burn off Old Values/Worthiness Issues & Meet Up With Karma!

Happy Astrological MAY DAY - Sun's at 15 degrees Taurus today, marking the half-way point between the Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice - will southern Alberta be warming up soon?!


Happy Cinqo de Mayo Day today - blessings to all of us having lost a child or sibling - thinking of those who have passed on

far earlier than we thought they would.


Happy upcoming Mother's Day - May 12th - and HUGE hugs to our Mothers who are doing their best to nurture all of us

through these challenging times.


The chart above is for Tuesday's New Moon at 18 Taurus 02' as of 9:22 pm MDT MAY 7, 2024. This New Moon's Moon / Sun duo are closely connected to both Uranus and Jupiter - these two life-changing planets have been close to each other since early APRIL, exact as of APRIL 18 - 21st, and will continue to work together bringing Unexpected Change and risking Leaps of Faith Into the Unknown until mid-MAY. They've been working on bringing change our way leading up to the end of our Canadian Tax Season - anyone experiencing surprises from this quarter?


Taurus rules money, values, worthiness, self-esteem and self-confidence, how we each use our hands-on abilities to create something that appeals to the senses. While also diving into the "good things in life" like fresh strawberries and blueberries - YUM! And the bounty of seeing the "coming of the green" especially here on the Prairies! Nature's calling our names to venture outside more, to SLOW DOWN, and BE - Within and Without. Breathe. Just breathe. Literally, smell those flowers and grass growing!


Venus rules Taurus and she sits on the other side of the Sun at this New Moon, within her Underworld journey of this current Synodic Cycle that began AUG 10, 2023 in LEO. Venus' position right now during this New Moon is an almost EXACT square to where she was rising as Morning Star in LEO back in August. A bit of a shoulder-check timing occurring here for all of us. Squares bring stress and tension from Within, reminding us of the CHANGES we were thinking of making, for ourselves, our lives, our family, our home, our country, back in August last year. WHERE ARE YOU AT, now, with all of this? Her journey began in LEO, to be aligned more HEARTFULLY with ourselves - truly following our heart's desires, more - with Self-love, Self-respect, Self-care, etc. What needs to BE Surrendered to the SUN between now and JULY 10th (when Venus rises up from the Underworld as Evening Star) to die/be burned off, revealing a more authentic you?


Moving closer to the Sun (exact as of JUNE 4, 2024) she's teaching all of us to somehow "die to ourselves" consciously surrendering the earthly connections we've experienced so far, to embrace and take in the truer Source Light of Being. What's truly of value and worth in your life right now? Think about it, seriously, if you had no money or things / resources, how would you feel? Be honest with yourself. What truly makes you happy, feel abundant, free and joyful?


This New Moon chart also shows a YOD, Finger of God formation, pointing to the South Lunar Node in Libra (Fated/Destined Past Life relationship issues to face and heal) from both Saturn in Pisces and this New Moon duo, Sun and Moon in Taurus! Constant need to Release / let go of Old Patterns of Conditioning in our lives, renewing our relationships with others, within our Spiritual Path, and our values, self-worth, resources. Including money. We Canadians know daily the value of our dollar isn't stretching as well as it used to this past month, and past several years.


How can we restructure our lives around MORE Faith and Compassion while reconnecting with the bounty of Nature to remind us of what truly, heartfully, is important living here on Earth at this time?


 I've uploaded Canada's chart with this New Moon circled outside of it (see chart above). I've changed the House System for the Mundane Astrology rules.

Canada's natal PLUTO in Taurus (in the 2nd House of values/wealth) is EXACTLY activated by the Sun as I write this newsletter! The upcoming New Moon duo of the Sun/Moon also connects here - to bring forth the energy of unrealized Power and Control struggles around national wealth, revenue, and places / activities around money - banks, Stock Exchange, financial institutions, money markets and trade. Pluto's principle is to regenerate / metamorphosis - deal with what's hidden in the dark and behind the scenes from public view - including what goes on with our garbage, refuse, sewers. Political undergrounds, espionage, organized crime. Great wealth and power. Violence and traumas. Transformative activities that bring the Scorpio theme of life - death - rebirth, or bring hidden information to light/into the Light. What will die to be reborn anew I wonder?


That YOD, Finger of God, points at Canada's 7th House - foreign affairs; relations with other countries, whether friendly or hostile, political or commercial. National marriage/divorce rate. This is where the tip of the Finger points - through that South Lunar Node of Karma - what will we be experiencing here? News of the folks who made the decisions these past several years, bringing us to where we all are now?


Saturn in Pisces sits in Canada's 12th House of spies, criminals, secret enemies of the country at home or abroad, hospitals, prisons, institutions who help the weak or infirm. The Welfare State. And any secret societies. Saturn influences the elderly, and governs the national death rate. Land-owners, farmers, mines, coal and industries connected to metals and minerals. State funerals, public sorrow and disappointment. Saturn's currently activating Canada's own South Lunar Node in Pisces (!!) sitting in a rather close angle to the current South Lunar Node in Libra - another Releasing/Letting Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning from the 7th House to this 12th House. How can we honestly do our relationships / partnerships honestly while the secretive powers behind the scenes keep rolling their dice of so-called control over our lives? Something's gotta break the impasse here.


Canada's natal SEDNA sits at 00 ARIES and the current SEDNA is now at 00 Gemini - an exact mini-love line that brings forth a bit of a struggle to move from WARRIOR / PIONEER / EXPLORER into "telling a NEW story" that brings news of freedom, connection and more youthful exuberance. A hidden talent of how we learn, and share, the news of the day. It's been 10,500 years since SEDNA was in Gemini - where we can be of two-minds. Pierre Poilievre, Opposition Leader, is a Gemini and thinks like one. He was tossed out of the House of Commons this past week for how he spoke to our PM. He lost his cool. This upcoming New Moon activates his MC/Midheaven/10th House of the Public Eye. And that South Lunar Node in Libra has been on top of his own Pluto in Libra in the 3rd House of communication - losing the power to speak diplomatically - oops!


SEDNA's current Gemini position is EXACTLY on top of JTs natal Saturn Rx in his 4th House of ancestry/Mom/family. How well has be been responsible for the ancestral patterning of his own family, while speaking for this Country? Gemini can talk out of both sides of the mouth/be of two minds. Saturn is also about authority figures / parents. Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus have been in his 4th House of family for quite a while now too. While they have been moving through Pierre's 9th House of beliefs/truths/higher purpose and 10th House of the public eye at the same time.


And that South Lunar Node of Karma within relationships is currently bringing Unexpected Change via JTs natal Uranus in Libra in his 9th House of Beliefs/Truths/Higher Purpose and mentors. Will his ship of supporters see a lessening of support?


This Venus Underworld Timing of consciously dying to ourselves began at 28 ARIES and completes at 29 CANCER, traversing Canada's 1st House of prosperity, its people and health, then 2nd House of national wealth/banking, then 3rd House of transportation, communication networks/internet, and neighbouring nations, ending up within the 4th House of land/landowners, crops/produce, mines/building, we the people, and democracy. Pierre's 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Houses will be undergoing a death; JTs 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Houses will be undergoing a death. What are we all dying to this Spring and Summer? Where does 28 ARIES to 29 CANCER reside in your Houses of Life Experience in your Birth Chart - what are you consciously dying to?

CHARTS: created by Laurie Rae Rezanoff using ASTROGOLD for the Mac

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