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Stress & Tension to BE Authentically YOU! Full Moon in Aquarius August 3, 2020

Monday morning at 9:59 a.m. MDT the Moon sits opposite to the Sun - its Full Moon phase - each at 11 degrees Aquarius (Moon) / Leo (Sun) 45' Celestial Longitude for those following the Moon's passage through their Birth charts.

The Full Moon's opposition to the Sun shows us the Light of Unconscious Desires of the Sun/Soul self (Leo is of creative expression, with leadership, fun & play & even romance) - to ensure we Stand Authentically as Our True Self in each of these areas (including the Houses of Life Experience the Moon in Aquarius / Sun in Leo opposition sit within your Birth chart).

The Stress & Tension comes from the connection of the Moon & Sun to Uranus sitting at 10 degrees Taurus 38' Celestial Longitude. Here we MUST create an AND between:

  • Emotionally Being True to Self (Moon in Aquarius) following your true feelings & Intuition AND

  • Soulfully allowing your Ego-self to Creatively Express itself, Lead by example, while also weaving in Fun & Play & possible Romance (!) along the way.

  • We MUST do BOTH - not either/or - to ensure our Values, Sensual Creativity & Skills & Talents are brought into the mix in UNEXPECTED WAYS!

  • Allow this Unexpectedness - which goes against Taurus' fixedness - there is a dislike for Change that comes from Without & with no prior notice (! aka the need to control all circumstances etc. beyond our control)

  • Be Inventive & Innovative - Uranus beckons us to explore further options through technology, standing up truly as an INDIVIDUAL within Community. What can you bring to the Collective that is Futuristic, required NOW?

Uranus in Taurus IS the Planetary Ruler of this Full Moon in Aquarius - within this New Age of Aquarius at the moment - so we MUST stand up as individuals at this time. Not sheople! Stand up & be Heard - Taurus rules the Throat Chakra - so we MUST speak our Truth.

Chiron Rx/retrograde in Aries is easily healing any editing we've been doing of late, of our Instinctual Nature - connecting to BOTH our Emotional Body (Moon) & Soul/Ego-self body (Sun) - creating a NEW skill/talent to Be the Warrior now. Don't edit your actions/reactions - be INDEPENDENT from others, yet connected too - by being your SELF within the relationships you have now. The cardinal Fire of Aries brings NEW CHANGE, spiritually creative, to BE embodied. Follow your Intuition, feel those feelings.

Aquarius can be unemotionally involved, aloof & seemingly uncaring - this is the Shadow side. Leo must follow the Soul Heart's True Desires - or the Ego-self will desire to BE the King or Queen of the situation - another Shadow side. See-saw / either/or / AND. How do we choose? By following our Inner Wisdom's Intuition.

The Shadow of Taurus can bring the stress/tension of feeling Unworthy, Insecure, not honouring your true talents, skills & values. Nor having them valued by others. The path Uranus is travelling in Taurus through your Birth chart will tell you WHERE this may occur & from whom. Speak your Truth - no matter the situation or person in front of you. You MUST be Authentic now. Find Yourself & SHINE! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank you! You all Rock!

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