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Vernal Equinox 2020: Instinctual Warrior Action, Unedited!

Spring Has Sprung! As of 9:50 pm MDT March 19, 2020, the Sun entered 00 degrees Aries 00' Celestial Longitude, heralding the END of Winter, Beginning of Spring!

Aries brings Cardinal Fire into our lives after a very very very long Winter's nap...initiating CHANGE through INspired Creativity, being your own Warrior, asserting yourself on this journey that is life here on Earth. Exploring & Pioneering avenues Within that you may never have fathomed existed before now...

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, before market crashes, oil price drops, self-distancing, no work, no school, limited outside contact.

As I looked at the planetary positions earlier, before today's Vernal Equinox - vernal means green, equinox means equalizing or balancing - a day of equal hours of night/day - I saw 3 planets sitting at the 29th or Anaretic degree of the signs they are/were in:

  • Sun at 29 degrees Pisces 22' - mutable Water, connecting to the duality of moving in the direction of our Spiritual self &/or the Drama Triangle role-play of Victim - Rescue(r) - Bully/Persecutor Shadow side/struggle between our Soul/Ego selves...

  • Saturn at 29 degrees Capricorn 47' - cardinal Earth, ruling our traditional institutions of government, healthcare, education, finance/economic health, insurance, corporations, law, etc....

  • Vesta at 29 degrees Taurus 24' - fixed Earth, ruling our Values, Money, Skills & Talents we bring to the table that enable us to make the money to buy that which we value.

When a planet or angle in the chart sits at the 29th degree, we Astrologers know the following to be true [using Frank C. Clifford's amazing grasp of words from "The Power Degrees of the Zodiac, Oct 2016]:

  • Something FATED is on its way - inevitable in going back...the situation is irreversible, irretrievable...

  • It's the end of an era...the end of a familiar path...

  • The 29th degree demands closure, having an insatiable or craving feeling about it - like we're in a 'liminal space' - a disorienting place of TRANSITION, waiting & not knowing - we've left the tried & true (the comfort zone) & have yet to replace it with anything else...

  • And it is where we learn to navigate & live with the ambiguity & haziness of being in an "in-between" place!

Sound familiar?! Wow, shiver me timbers!

Those of you who've been following my blog posts have heard me mention the following Planetary lineup moving through Capricorn many times:

  • Within this world of Capricorn (Traditions & our traditional institutions) where our culture has made its aim to do AMBITION, via Goals, taking on Responsibilities OR IGNORING them (!), & perhaps deciding WHICH SIDE OF THE INTEGRITY FENCE we truly reside on while doing the business of Business, to build a lasting legacy...of what exactly? For whom? Why?

  • Pluto's been transforming our FEARS to succeed, be a success, do the integral thing vs. Power & Control through Greed pathways since 2007 - we have 4 more years to go! EMPOWERMENT has been the Gift, the results of stepping away from being controlled, having power over, choosing greed over what is right & good, for the good of all. Pluto is all about Life - Death - Rebirth - & the dying piece of our traditions has been working towards this moment in time that is 2020.

  • In it's wake, Saturn has followed, with restructuring measures, new long-term goals to achieve, new responsibilities as a result - & letting go of responsibilities that weren't ours to begin with (even NOT taking any responsibility for anything)! Since December 2017. Saturn IS Father Time - it takes Time to 'see' the changes, the dying of the Old, the resurrection of the New. Saturn RULES Capricorn!

  • The last time Saturn moved through Capricorn was February 1988 to February 1991. The last time Saturn was at the 29th degree in this sign: January 29 - February 7, 1991. More on this in a bit...

  • Saturn, now, remains in this 29th degree from March 10th to 22nd, 2020. We are in the Death Throes of what was/has been our traditional world...

  • Jupiter, our jovial, optimistic, EXPANSIVE, RISK-TAKING, Seeker of True Life Purpose planet joined the party December 2/3, 2019, bringing forth some "in your face" up close & LOUD messages to Take a Leap of Faith towards YOUR Life Purpose - jump now with Faith & Trust - or yes, you could wait, but why would you want to? Jupiter asks us to Walk Away From The Comfort Zone! if you didn't heed the call before Christmas, what are you heeding now?

  • Jupiter & Mars sit together at 22 degrees of Capricorn - Fire & Fire - connecting with Pluto at 24 degrees & Saturn at that 29th Fated degree! Followed by Pallas Athene, our Wisdom Feminine Asteroid at 21 degrees. Do we have the Wisdom to Take Action, assertively, & with Faith & Trust to make the Leap of Faith, into the Unknown?

  • The current South Lunar Node - unresolved issues from past lives/earlier this lifetime - sits at 4 degrees Capricorn - about to move into the back end of Sagittarius as of May 5th - to sit at its 29th degree (!!!) throughout May & June into July!!! What will we be resolving then? Sagittarius rules the global connections, being out in the wider world that we've grown so used to this century so far. Jupiter asks us "What do YOU believe to be true? What IS your philosophy of Your Life? Where are YOU headed now?"

And, Uranus, our planet of Unexpected Twists & Turns, in the pursuit of BEing Truly Authentic, has been moving back & forth through the first few degrees of our fixed Earth sign of Taurus since March 2019 - bringing forth alarm bells re upcoming Changes in the monetary world, asking all of us just what IS IT that YOU truly VALUE in Your Life anyway? And what's Your collection of skills & talents that assist You in that pursuit of making money? Uranus will take its time moving through Taurus - coming out of it near the end of April 2026! Taurus rules the Throat Chakra - so we MUST Speak Our Truth - as we BE Truly Authentic - especially now, in 2020! What's the TRUTH of the matters here? How did this all happen? What is truly going on behind the scenes? Do we have all the facts?

Returning to the last time Saturn moved through Capricorn & sat at the 29th degree - in 1991 - the Lunar Nodes then were North Node in Capricorn (YES! Let's be ambitious, take the world by storm & climb mountains as we make mountains of money, building whatever we wish, integral or not!) & South Node in Cancer (appropriate personal / business boundaries with others, Soulfully connecting). NOW, we've been experiencing almost 19 months of North Node in CANCER/South Node in CAPRICORN!!! Learning to let go of DUTY & NECESSITY, embracing FEELING the feelings, connecting emotionally with self & others, bringing home the theme of compassion & forgiveness.

Interestingly, Cancer rules the 4th House of Home & Hearth, Mom/mothering & nurturance in the birth chart. It also rules COUNTRIES - the country that is home for you. Does your country nurture you? Are you feeling at home there? If not, why not?

Tonight the Sun entered ARIES, cardinal FIRE, & connected with CHIRON - the healer of our wounds of separation/fear of being rejected for BEing the unique, authentic persons we truly are - so this next quarter turn of the Solar Year (until we meet up with the Summer Solstice & a Solar Eclipse, BOTH at 00 degrees of Cancer (!!!) June 21st) we'll be healing ourselves from EDITING our instinctual natures, from allowing ourselves to EXIST, physically, in the Here & Now. To FLOW in the MOMENT - to BE here, now. To release DOUBT about having the RIGHT to EXIST! Never doubt that it is OKAY to BE who you TRULY are! Know that it is OKAY to Leap with Faith, without further thought. Editing this will stop the flow of your Inner Fire that needs to initiate NEW Action, in a NEW direction.

One key thing to remember here as the Sun moves through Aries these next 30 days or so - Arien FIRE needs an outlet! YOU MUST MOVE YOUR PHYSICAL BODY during these next 4 weeks - to give the cardinal FIRE a place to go! Run, walk, do yoga, box, do your at-home exercise routine (online or otherwise) - DO SOMETHING positively physical - or experience the inflammation of Anger, Impatience, Headaches, FEVERS (!!), Sore Eyes (what don't you want to see?), throbbing inner ears (what don't you wish to hear?) even skin eruptions.

Bottom Line: Change is what we're undergoing on a grand global scale. It's been coming for a while now. The side effects, the ever expanding circles we see when we drop a rock into a pool of water - that ripple effect - where will it take us? What are we, collectively, resolving from past Karma? What are we mending, healing & letting go, making room for?

Ensure that the seemingly inevitability of this Time brings you VALUE in your life, to REBALANCE, that which has gone madly out of balance, during this Vernal Equinox. Take stock of where you've been, what you've experienced, where you'd like to head. The Unknown can be scary if we allow it. Take on the Aries cardinal Fire with ADVENTURE, bring in that Pioneering, Explorer Self that you've been hiding away from! We are ALL in this together! We WILL figure it out! We WILL be STRONGER. Drink from the Cup of Courage & know this: YOU DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST! Namaste

Photo Credits: the awesome creatives at UNSPLASH! Thank you!

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