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Wheel of the Solar Year, Part 1

Astrology looks at the natural connections between our Solar System/the Universe and Earth, to bring a Divine conscious connection and awareness to our human life down here. "As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without" is an ancient Hermetic saying.

As we connect with our Divine self Within, so too do we connect with other Divine selves Without. As we allow ourselves to connect with the subtle nuances, insights and symbols sent from Above, we actually 'see' them Below, bringing much-needed guidance as to the Next Steps on our respective Solar (Sun) journeys down here on Earth.

One of the ways we seek natural guidance here on Earth is through Nature. The four Cardinal signs, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra, depict the start of something new within Nature. That something 'new' combines a season, an element, and the mode of operation is always to Begin Anew in some regard.

The Cardinal signs of Capricorn and Cancer (each others' opposite signs) commence on their respective days of Solstice (means "Sun Stands Still" whereby the Sun rises at the same point in the sky 3 days in a row; then sets at the same point 3 nights in a row) the times of year which the Ancients celebrated as follows:

  • Sun entering 00 degrees of Capricorn 00' brings forth the Winter Solstice, Yule, or beginning of our Winter season. 'Tis the longest NIGHT of the year for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. Capricorn is an earth sign, denoting Mother Earth's desire to hold a more solid foundation from which to Spring (!!) forth new growth 3 months hence. For those of us following the Lunar Cycles, Winter Solstice is the New Moon phase of the Solar (Sun) cycle. To begin anew, create a NEW foundation from which to build more solidly that which we wish to create from all the resources we NOW possess - to do so in a way not imagined before now. Take a new tack, a new direction than what occurred to us to DO before now. Winter holds the coldest weather of the Solar cycle. The green growth has died off since Samhain (pronounced 'sew-ween' or aka Halloween) returning its energy to Mother Earth, awaiting the return of the Sun (the Light) to usher forth New Growth from the dormant Seed of Winter. The Ancients celebrated Winter Solstice or Yule by burning candles and especially that Yule log in the fireplace, celebrating the fact that the Light will be returning approximately 3' MORE each day from now until Summer Solstice! Yay! Hence all the Christmas Lights and lighted Christmas Trees this time of year. Anything to Bring Forth More Light!

  • Sun entering 00 degrees of Cancer 00' brings forth the Summer Solstice, Licha, or beginning of our Summer season. Here we experience the longest DAY of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Cancer is a water sign, representing actual water flowing along the surface of the Earth, being supported by Earth/earth for the most part. Summer is the hottest season of the year, thereby bringing forth the most potent growing season. This is the Full Moon phase of the Solar cycle. Think of the Seed(s) you planted at Winter Solstice (remember the New Moon phase IS the seed of unrealized potentialeach Lunar cycle). At Summer Solstice look at what has Flowered forth from your intent 6 months previous. This Flower may not look as you intended, yet it became exactly what you NEEDED according to your close personal "Team" Up Above! Remember, "As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without. "The Cancer water is what is required right now to KEEP our growth growing! Hence the rainiest time of year (usually!).The Southern Hemisphere experiences opposite seasons to we folk in the Northern parts. Our Winter Solstice is their Summer Solstice; our Summer Solstice is their Winter Solstice. They plant their seeds when we see the flowering of our seeds and vice versa!

On Monday, December 21st, Winter Solstice occurs as the Sun enters 00 degrees Capricorn 00' at 9:49p MST. Take time to BE with yourself and envision that unrealized Seed of Potential. What do you intend for your life, your self, these next 6 months? What would you like to 'see' Flower by the Summer Solstice?

Capricorn's themes, according to Jan Spiller's New Moon Astrology, are:

  • Future Security - laying down a firmer foundation to BUILD more and further than where you stand right now. Aka GOALS! Discipline.

  • How you Handle Responsibility - Saturn rules Capricorn and hence brings forth BOTH what you ARE responsible for in Your life AND what your are NOT responsible for - usually because it has nothing to DO with your life!

  • Reaching Goals - do you set goals for yourself? Both Saturn and Capricorn depict TIME and setting long-term goals that won't manifest completely for many a year! We can set the mini-goals via the 12-13 Lunar cycles a year, and the New Moon of the Solar year aka Winter Solstice! These cycle help us keep track of where we are WITH the direction of those goals, whether we've become sidetracked or abandoned the initial goal to begin with! Thing is: you MUST set, via intention, the goal(s) first! Just like winning the lottery, one MUST by the ticket to begin!

  • Success/Recognition - Capricorn rules the 10th House of our birth charts. The highest point in our charts, like High Noon, highly visible by the public eye. We all seek success of some sort and to BE recognized for our contribution within society and community. This is our reputation area of life. What are you known for? Can be depended upon?

  • Management Skills - here's where Capricorn brings forth our CEO mindset! How well are your running the Big Picture of your Life, your career, your goals? Do you HAVE goals? Why not? We all need some wee bit of discipline and routine each day that we bring energy INTO working towards our goal(s)! If not, where are you Heading? How else is that Flower going to Grow and BE Seen by Summer Solstice?

  • Authority Figures - here's where we have regard (or not!) for authority in our lives. Be it our parents, grandparents, bosses, and any leaders we form a relationship with. Do you buck authority at every chance, or do you stand back to 'see' the wisdom they have to offer? AND, this is where we can BE the authority in the area of our Life where Capricorn resides in the birth chart. What House(s) does Capricorn reside in your chart?

  • Release Controlling Tendencies - here's the Shadow side of Capricorn. Lack of Joy, being stern, fear of anything NEW, being pessimistic (That's NOT going to work!) and inflexible, and using self-justification to talk yourself out of anything (especially NOT setting those all-important mini-goals!). Hhhmmm...Capricorn is the Sea-goat / Mountain Goat - coming up out of the water onto dry land, then venturing forth UP the hills, then the mountains. In search of that higher cliff, elevation, view, summit - you name it! Another aspect of Shadow Capricorn is plateauing, taking a rest, then becoming lazy, tired, depressed, unable or refusing to move forward/UPward. Ring any bells here for you? Hhhhmmm....We ALL have those testing years that make us feel we just canna move forward any longer! Challenge here is to GET BACK ON THE HORSE (or Mountain Goat in this case) and Keep on Keeping ONward/UPward, eh?

  • Physical Body ruled by Capricorn - Bones and joints, arthritis and rheumatism, gall bladders and gallstones (!), knees, the skin therefore episodes of psoriasis, excema and itching (no wonder it is so dry this time of year affecting our skin, eh?). Here your physical body will talk to you via any of these areas if you are NOT building YOUR foundation as YOU need it to be! Cancerians, note that Capricorn IS your opposite sign - even if the Sun is about to travel through Capricorn, the Sun can pull forth, in opposition, that which you are NOT nurturing (Cancer) in your Life! Remember that Flower of the Summer Solstice - how can the Seed of Unrealized Potential at Winter Solstice possibly GROW FORTH with out water? 'Tis the Inner Nurturance that brings the Outer Goals into BEingness...

Read this post over a few times to really 'get' where you have possibly taken the wrong path upward, or perhaps just decided to give it all up! It is Time (Father Time = Saturn - interesting how the New Year's Eve depiction of Father Time is within Capricorn's cycle!) to get back on Your True North track once again (remember, we are still within the Sagittarian Moon cycle, all about Future Intent towards our Mission this Lifetime). Rip Van Winkle had an excuse being asleep for 100 years! What's yours?

Look for The Wheel of the Year Part 2 in future!

Blessed BE!

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