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Child / Teen Birth Chart Reading

An astrological Parental Guide regarding your Child or Teen

  • 2 hours
  • 220 Canadian dollars
  • Via Phone or Zoom Video

Service Description

Here we delve into the Sacred Contract of what your child/grandchild or teenager has signed up to experience in this life and the WHY of current challenges they're going through, according to key planetary cycles we all experience from birth to age 19, onward. The planet Mars brings new energy to take action every 2 years. Here's where those "Terrible Twos" actions begin. The planets Saturn and Chiron create a Square angle creating stress and tension for inner change. Chiron's 1st Square occurs from as early as age 5 or as late as age 22/23, activating the Spiritual Wound they're learning to clear this Lifetime. Saturn's 1st Square occurs at age 7/8 for all of us - it brings fear into their life to be faced and healed at some point later in life. I include the Saturn Life-Time Transits worksheet/handout too. It is a great guide for parents as to "what is going on with my daughter/son now?!" as Saturn helps all of us throughout life to structure our lives according to whom we truly are vs. what others expect us to be. Jupiter returns to its natal position every 11/12 years - coinciding with their Mars Return that year too - activating their need to move beyond current safe boundaries that may challenge their parents' beliefs / truths about what they want for their child at this age. Jupiter asks us to RISK in some way - to Seek our true purpose. For some, running away from home literally occurs around this time. The Return of the PreNatal Lunar Nodes to their natal position brings the need for change - at age 19 - when most teens leave home to go to university or college (pre-Pandemic times) - but now, do they truly want this, or are able to even make it happen? Could be a gap-year or two is in order? Other choices to be made. These cycles are detailed in a worksheet that comes with the audio recording of this 2-hour reading + the Birth Chart + key handouts and a cheat sheet that will carry this child/teen throughout their lives. All great supporting information for the parent wondering what is truly going on in their child's or teen's life, currently, and is great to look back at early ages of changes that have already occurred in that child or teen's life before now. Parents will find guidance on the WHY of the character and values of their child / teenager and what this possible soulful Life Purpose is blossoming into. Very insightful! The cost for this Child/Teen Birth Chart Reading is $220CAD

Contact Details

+1 5874373520

Sheep River Dr, Okotoks, AB T1S, Canada

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