Better Understand Your:
  • Self
  • Family Dynamics
  • Relationships / Social Life
  • Your Creative Process & Expression
  • How You Nurture & Require Nurturance
  • Your Business & Partnerships
  • Work / Vocation Choices
  • Health: Mentally, Physically & Emotionally
  • Your Spiritual Connection & Practice & any Drama Triangle Role-play to be healed & removed!
  • And More!

Let the Stars Guide You


Business as Usual as We Head into 2021...

I continue to offer ALL Astrology chart readings 

via Phone, Skype & Zoom Video - your choice!

2021: What's Next?

  • We'll continue to understand how the Dec 21, 2020 Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius are helping each one of us to BE TRULY AUTHENTIC as we move forward into the Unknown of 2021...

  • Uranus in Taurus brings forth Unexpected Change & the need to align our Values with like-minded others, aiding us to find our Truly Authentic "Groups / Community" to spend time with, working towards common humanitarian goals...

  • Our 1st Mercury Rx/retrograde timing begins in Aquarius (!) with the Pre-Rx Shadow period Jan 15-29th showing us what we'll be Reassessing, Reimagining, Redoing, Re-modelling or Recovering during the Rx period Jan 30 - Feb 20th, followed by the Post-Rx Shadow period of possible Brighter Ideas pinging our way mentally from Feb 21 - Mar 13th!

  • Note all of the AQUARIAN connections! Rebel, Innovate, Invention, Genius, Being Truly Authentic Within Self!

  • Jupiter asks us to Risk & Move Beyond Safe Boundaries re our Beliefs & Faith & What we TRUST to be TRUE for each of us!

  • Saturn will assist us to restructure our Goals, climb our Mountain of Ambition in a more HUMANITARIAN way, releasing/taking on old/new responsibilities along the way!

  • Mercury Rx hones in on our Mental Body - the Mind - & how we're mindfully accepting/rejecting that which we no longer Value, Trust or Need in our respective lives!

  • A continuing T-Square of stress & tension between the Lunar Nodes - North Node of Soul Direction in Gemini & South Node of Sweeping Away Unresolved Issues from Past Lives in Sagittarius - & Neptune in Pisces, our Spiritual Connection, Practice & Beliefs! All to create much-needed CHANGE in our lives to BE the Eternal Beings of Light we truly are! Keep yourselves as Healthy as you possibly can while Meditating on what you need to Release (South Node) AND what you need to gather as Knowledge, Information & Data to Be Shared with Others in 2021 (North Node)! Namaste


For all your Gifting occasions in 2021 - buy the gift of a Birth Chart reading - what I call the Sacred Contract - the initial Astrology reading that tells us

what we signed up to experience & learn from, Soulfully!

Certificates are available for the full price ($180 CAD)

or $50 or $100 amounts if you so choose.

You'll receive a Gift Certificate & envelope to give as a gift. 

Call or Email me anytime to BOOK Your Appointment, Request a Gift Certificate, or for more information - I am here to assist you through

any Emotional, Mental &/or Spiritual Challenges as we begin 2021!


Determine Which Astrology Reading

is Best for You!



Have you ever experienced a full Astrology Birth chart reading before? If No, then the first reading must be your Birth Chart/Sacred Contract reading. This reviews the Life you signed up to experience, with all its challenges & changes your Planetary Cycles bring throughout your lifetime. BEGIN HERE

I've already had my Birth Chart read - now what? There are two options here - firstly, your Solar Return, the birthday-to-birthday look at what's in store this next year of Life Experience. This chart reading uses the location of where you were on your current/last birthday, & is compared to your Birth Chart. The planets from birth have moved into other signs/Houses of Life Experience & even your Sun sign will have moved Houses, creating a NEW Soulful focus in the current year. It's a surprise every year!


Laurie Rae emails each client during their Birth Month to gift them their Planetary Cycles Report - a general heads-up on the upcoming Cosmic Weather headed their way! 

From this Planetary Cycles Report, Laurie Rae determines which Planetary Cycle/Return is currently operating in your life. Depending on how old you are, we can zero in on any or all of the following Returns that occur in everyone's life. There are years when we experience several overlapping Returns all at the same time, making for extremely challenging & life-changing times!


These Cycles/Returns occur most often &/or within the first 50 years of age:

  • Venus Return (every 19 months): how you're following your Heart's Truest Desires.

  • Mars Return (every 2 years): Taking Assertive Action, with renewed vital energy, for new projects &/or directions in your life.

  • Jupiter Return (every 12 years): New opportunities, abundance options, how you're taking much-needed risks for the next 12 years. Also: possible over-doing the optimism, spending, risk-taking.

  • Saturn Return (every 28/29 years): A change in Goals/responsibilities taken on or to let go of, & any fears that you'll be facing during this next cycle of Life that structures How You Go in Life.

  • MidLife Awareness Timing (anywhere from age 38 - 42): Here's where Uranus opposes itself, to ensure you're indeed being your True Authentic Self! And if you've not been allowing your True Self to be seen & heard before now by letting go of Emotional/Mental fears/blockages, you will experience a more challenging time now. Here's where you must decide: am I going to live MY LIFE or not?

  • Chiron Return (age 49/50): Chiron is that Rainbow Bridge asteroid orbiting between our Personal planets (Sun to Saturn) & our Spiritual planets (Uranus to Pluto & beyond), bringing forth, since 1977, our Spiritual Awakening. From our First Chiron Square (age 5.5 to 23!) we become aware of the Wounding we carry deep Within that makes us hypersensitive to being rejected by others if we dare stand up for ourselves/be truly Authentic. The Chiron Return brings renewed Spiritual Maturity while the Crown Chakra opens wider, with clarity & connection to the Wisdom of your Guides/Angels etc. How will this Return colour your Spiritual Life for the rest of your Life?

How can I learn MORE about the Moon Cycles & how they impact me, Emotionally, every 28/29 days? Here's where the monthly Moon Report comes in - a detailed look at WHERE the 8-phases of each Moon cycle activate your Birth Chart, bringing further insight & change into your daily habits, how you connect Emotionally with yourself & others, how well you listen to your own Intuitive Wisdom!

I have a Business - is there a reading for this to help me navigate the Planetary energies? Yes! Using either the day you first registered your business name &/or the first day & time your business truly began its service to others. Mercury Rx/retrograde & the New/Full Moon & Eclipse timings bring further timings to work WITH - bringing conscious awareness to the ebbs & flows of change & challenge that occur, like the tides!

And Yes! There is also a Solar Return/anniversary-to-anniversary look for your Business too! Here's where the yearly Mercury Rx/retrograde timings & New/Full Moons & Eclipses are shown to activate possible changes & challenges in the coming year, what the focus will be.

I'm trying to get pregnant - can Astrology help me? Fertility is tied with the Moon & its phases. Every woman has at least 3 fertile times per Moon cycle. Find out what these times are & take away a plan for the next 36 months of joyful trying! 

I'm in a Relationship & I want to know how we truly click! Does Astrology help me with this? YES! The Synastry or Relationship Chart reading is really THREE readings in one! Each of your Birth Charts are looked at to see what planets / sensitive points line up with both of you AND there's a chart for the Relationship itself - the energy between you creates this dynamic connection! Revealing & enlightening & life confirming/affirming!

I'm planning to RELOCATE - how does Astrology help me with this decision? The place we live (location) has a definite impact on our lives. A Relocation chart reading compares your Birth Chart with the Relocation chart - using your Birth time/date with the new location you have in mind. These two charts are compared, looking for challenges/changes that may impact your life in ways you're currently not experiencing now. These changes may bring you out of your comfort zone (risks) that benefits your Soul path - or not! This is what we explore & ask questions about - are you READY for these possible changes & challenges, in the Now?

I'm unsure what my Vocation/Career is meant to be as a YOUTH/EARLY ADULT, at MID-LIFE or as a REVIEW of my life now that I'm OLDER/TAKEN EARLY RETIREMENT - can Astrology address this? YES! I have a Vocation & Life Purpose reading that zeros in on THREE major areas (Houses of Life Experience) of your Birth Chart that we Astrologers talk about when it comes to Career/Work/Purpose & the planetary Rulers of those Houses who assist in YOUR decision-making of WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING FOR A CAREER / LIFE PURPOSE no matter your age! I recently did this reading for my younger sister, Michaella, who was experiencing both her Jupiter Return timing AND 2nd Saturn Return timing in 2020. Her comment: "This was a very Inspirational Springboard of Next Steps for me! Gives me an idea of what to zero in on & to keep in mind the SHADOW aspects of my Ego-self that blocks my vision & mission in life!" Thanks Mich!


It was during my MidLife Awareness timing (aka MidLife Crisis – the Uranus Opposition we all undergo anywhere from age 38 to 45) that Astrology and I found one another. Usually at this timing there will be a significant change in our lives – and because my Uranus Opposition activated my 6th House of daily work – it was a match made in heaven! It was meant to be….


I have loved every minute of these 21 years actively pursuing all of the following:

  • Continual Astrological study and research (Traditional, Evolutionary & Shamanic);

  • Reading personal and business birth charts/Sacred Contracts/Return charts for my local, national and international clients; 

  • Teaching eager students up to 4 levels of Astrology classes I’ve created (and learned from myself!);

  • Presented Astrology-related topics at: Nanaimo’s Mind/Body/Spirit fair; the Vancouver Island University Family & Child social worker class of students; “Just for the Health of It” Nanaimo radio show; the Look Good, Feel Good event here in Okotoks at D’Arcy Ranch; several Astrology & Yoga sessions at Yogadown in early 2019.

  • Attended numerous spa-offerings, fairs and street celebrations in Calgary, Nanaimo and Okotoks, doing Astro-Dice & Numerology mini-readings.

  • Throughout 2019 & until March 2020, offered weekly mini Astro-dice & Numerology readings at CD Bloom Studio on Elma Street, Okotoks, AB to many new & returning clients/friends! Miss this physical interaction.

  • Presented several FREE Astrology presentations at the Okotoks Public Library in 2019 & 2020. Loved the enthusiasm & interaction with everyone! I hope to return to this in 2021 when things settle down, COVID-19-wise.

  • Conducted several Astrology-related FB Live Video sessions for our local OM - Okotoks Mindfulness meditation group & my own FB group. Look for MORE of these throughout 2021.

During my 2nd Saturn Return timing (when Saturn returns to the exact place it was at birth for all of us – age 58/59) I moved away from Calgary into the town of Okotoks (love small town environments!) where I began yet another level of adventure and soul growth, continuing to share my Astrological knowledge, intuitive wisdom and teachings with all my clients and students. Which dovetails with what the 2nd Saturn Return timing brings to each of us – Wise Woman/Man pursuits, sharing our wisdom and knowledge to younger generations.


Welcome to Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology – I invite you to join me in my various Astrological rooms to explore YOUR Soul/Self growth issues – via the monthly Moon cycles, the yearly Sun cycles and other planetary cycles we ALL experience throughout our lives. I look forward to assisting you on your Journey.



Laurie Rae 


“Laurie Rae, she’s very professional and knows just how to explain everything so it makes sense and is clear. Her attention to detail and presentation is top notch. Laurie has a gift and a passion for astrology with a heart that is nurturing while making you laugh along the way. I experienced a Birth chart, which was really cool and made a lot of sense! All recorded too. Numerology and Astro dice. I highly recommend her services. You would be amazed how it all makes sense.”

Pamela Ollenberger, 2018

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