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Let the Stars Guide You

A horoscope or astrology chart example
Laurie Rae's House of Astrology
  • Inner Self - Your True Self
  • Family Dynamics and Family Lineage Patterning
  • Creative Process and Expression
  • Business and Personal Relationships and Partnerships
  • Work / Vocation / Life Purpose Choices
  • Your Business Birth Chart - how to align your Business according to the Moon Cycles, Mercury Rx, and Eclipses
  • Health: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally
  • Possible Prior-Life Karma you're resolving in this life
  • How you connect Spiritually, Within
  • Key Life-Time Cycles all humans undergo - the When gives insight into the Why of your Now-verse - or even to look back upon to understand your Past
  • Through timely Astrological Chart Readings, aka Horoscopes, take a deeper dive into your Soul/Self Awareness!

“Laurie Rae, she’s very professional and knows just how to explain everything so it makes sense and is clear. Her attention to detail and presentation is top notch. Laurie has a gift and a passion for astrology with a heart that is nurturing while making you laugh along the way. I experienced a Birth chart, which was really cool and made a lot of sense! All recorded too. Numerology and Astro dice. I highly recommend her services. You would be amazed how it all makes sense.”

Pamela Ollenberger, 2018

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