• Self and Others
  • Family Dynamics
  • Creative Process and Expression
  • Business and Partnerships
  • Work / Vocation / Life Purpose Choices
  • Health: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally
  • Possible Prior-Life Karma you're resolving in this life

Let the Stars Guide You


Business as Usual in 2021 into 2022...

I continue to offer ALL Astrology chart readings 

via Phone, Zoom Video - your choice!

As 2022 Continues: 


  • Uranus in Taurus continues to bring Unexpected Change and the need to stand up for and align our Values with like-minded others, aiding us to find our truly authentic "groups and community" to spend time with, working towards common humanitarian goals.

  • Jupiter & Neptune conjunct in Pisces APRIL 12, 2021 for the FIRST TIME in 166 years! here we all must CLAIM something we were afraid to connect with and, at the same time, RELEASE something that no longer brings us Spiritual joy. Jupiter is the Traditional Ruler and Neptune is the Modern Ruler - of Pisces. This energy continues most deeply until May 10, 2022. There will be a 2nd conjunction between these two leaders NOV 23, 2022 - what will you decide here? We must choose between that Drama Triangle role-play of Victim - Rescue(r) - Bully/Persecution and being connected more deeply to our Divinity/Spirituality - for the Good of All on Earth. 

  • Canada has this JUPITER / NEPTUNE conjunction in Pisces - connecting with our Country's Chiron Wound - in its 12th House of its SPIRITUAL CONNECTION with itself. We have the CHOICE to be connecting more Divinely, as a country, sea to sea to sea, OR, to HEAL ourselves and our Country from that Drama Triangle of Victim - Rescue(r) - Bully/Persecutor role-play - what are we choosing in 2022? For us to come away from the drama, we must connect with how we feel, listen to, trust and follow our Intuition/heart's true desires, and ground ourselves in the physical body, through nature, eating well, hydrating, exercise. We're all doing deep dives into transitioning out from hiding from living our lives into truly living them - consciously IN the MOMENT.

  • Saturn continues to assist us throughout 2022 to restructure our long-term Goals, climb our mountain of ambition in a more Humanitarian way, to release/take on old/new responsibilities along the way. Innovation and invention, for the long-term, is in play. Perhaps rebel from the traditional and status quo along the way. To become more truly, you. Sort out what you plan for your long-term, in your own future. Your needs, your responsibilities, your goals. Saturn turned Rx/retrograde JUNE 4th (until OCT 23rd when it turns Direct again). This is when we go Within, do some necessary Inner Work, digesting all the ways we CAN and HAVE restructured our lives so far, since DEC 21, 2020. And tweak anything into alignment we might have missed before JUNE.

  • The Lunar Nodes - North & South - Changed signs DEC 22, 2021 to bring in Change and the Unexpected within the fixed Zodiac signs of Taurus/North Node Soul Direction and Scorpio / South Node unresolved issues from the Past/Past Lives. Interestingly, the Lunar Nodes move in a Rx/retrograde motion, beginning their journey from the 29th degree of Taurus/Scorpio, moving through the 30 degrees of each sign for the next 19 months. How will your Values and Worthiness be challenged? What Secrets and Fears will be uncovered to be faced and healed? Time will tell all for each of us throughout 2022 into the end of JULY 2023.

  • Other Planetary Changes in Direction in 2022: Pluto turned Rx/retrograde APR 29, 2022 until OCT 8th - within the cardinal earth sign CAPRICORN (where he's been since late 2007) - now at the 28th degree - bringing forth some much-needed initiating of Inner Focus of what's been uprooted that was hidden - what's been changed here in your life that brings forth a need to Build something different in your life?

  • Neptune will turn Rx/retrograde JUNE 28, 2022 until DEC 4th - at 25 degrees of our mutable water sign PISCES - bringing our outward-focus inward, Spiritually-speaking, to review, dissolve, reimagine where we're headed next in our lives. This means Neptune will be in Rx focus during the upcoming NOV 23rd second meet-up with JUPITER (who will have just stationed Direct that day!) bringing us face-to-face with what we need to RELEASE and what we need to CLAIM in our lives in 2022 - what are the Illusions/Delusions running in your life that block your Vision for your life, beyond 2022? Contemplate this over the next 6 months. Seriously, connect with your Intuitive wisdom guidance system - know what your Next Steps will be before Christmas!

My Online Astrology Classes in 2022/2023:

ASTRO101 The Basics of Astrology 8-week course via ZOOM video 

Began again in 2022 Wednesday MARCH 2nd - APRIL 20th - FULL CLASS!

I will teach this class again, in 2023 MARCH/APRIL - please contact me to have your name added to the Wait List!

Go to the CLASS ROOM page for more details in the header area above or Email me now




ASTRO 201 Intro into Chart Interpretation 8-week course via ZOOM video 

Begins in 2022 Tuesday OCT 11th - NOV 29th

Go to the CLASS ROOM page for more details in the header area



- and receive the Class Syllabus and Registration form today!

Students MUST have already taken ASTRO101 The Basics to take ASTRO201

Gift Certificates for All Gifting Occasions

For your 2022 Gifting needs - buy the gift of a Birth Chart reading -

what I call the Sacred Contract - the initial Astrology reading that tells us

what we signed up to experience and learn from, Soulfully.

Certificates are available for the full price ($180 CAD)

or in $50CAD or $100CAD  amounts as needed.


OR - if your loved one/friend has already had their Birth chart read - there are specific Astrology chart readings I offer year-round:

  • the yearly Solar Return chart reading ($120 CAD)

  • the monthly Lunar Return chart reading ($90 CAD)

  • the 6-Month Check-In reading ($59CAD) 

  • What's My Unique Process? reading ($100CAD) 

  • Progressed Moon Insights ($100CAD)  

  • Your Family Dynamics reading - fun for the whole family! ($90CAD) 

  • Vocation/Life Purpose reading ($90CAD)

You can find out MORE about each Reading from my READINGS Room page, at the top - or allow your loved one/friend to choose for themselves. If they've already had their Birth chart read by Laurie Rae, she will already know the possible next choice to make!

You'll receive a Gift Certificate and envelope to give as a gift or

I can email you a pdf version quickly

Call or Email me anytime to BOOK Your Appointment, Request a Gift Certificate, or for more information - I am here to assist you through

any emotional, mental and/or Spiritual challenges as we move through 2022



It was during my MidLife Awareness timing (aka MidLife Crisis – the Uranus Opposition we all undergo anywhere from age 38 to 45) that Astrology and I connected far more closely than ever before in my life. Usually at this timing there will be a significant change in our lives – and because my Uranus Opposition activated my 6th House of daily work – it was a match made in heaven! It was meant to be….


I have loved every minute of these 22 years actively pursuing all of the following:

  • Continual Astrological study and research (Traditional, Evolutionary & Shamanic);

  • Reading personal and business birth charts/Sacred Contracts/Return charts for my local, national and international clients; 

  • Teaching eager students up to 4 levels of Astrology classes I’ve created (and learned from myself!);

  • Presented Astrology-related topics at: Nanaimo’s Mind/Body/Spirit fair; the Vancouver Island University Family & Child social worker class of students; “Just for the Health of It” Nanaimo radio show; the Look Good, Feel Good event here in Okotoks at D’Arcy Ranch and several Astrology & Yoga sessions at Yogadown Studio in early 2019.

  • Attended numerous spa-offerings, fairs and street celebrations in Calgary, Nanaimo and Okotoks, doing Astro-Dice & Numerology mini-readings.

  • Throughout 2019 and until March 2020, offered weekly mini Astro-dice / Numerology readings at CD Bloom Studio on Elma Street, Okotoks, AB to many new and returning clients/friends! 

  • Presented several FREE Astrology presentations at the Okotoks Public Library in 2019 and 2020. Loved the enthusiasm and interaction with everyone! I hope to return to this in 2021 when things settle down, COVID-19-wise.

  • Conducted several Astrology-related FB Live Video sessions for our local OM - Okotoks Mindfulness meditation group and my own FB group. Look for MORE of these throughout 2021.

  • Began teaching again in September 2021 - online! This has been an interesting journey for me. I have renewed my ASTRO101 The Basics of Astrology classes, and will be teaching ASTRO201 Intro to Chart Interpretation classes in the FALL of 2022! Looking forward to teaching this mystical, magical yet so self-awareness building ancient self-guidance tool to my eager and enthusiastic students from Fall of 2021 and Spring of 2022!

During my 2nd Saturn Return timing (when Saturn returns to the exact place it was at birth for all of us – age 58/59) I moved away from Calgary into the town of Okotoks where I began yet another level of adventure and soul growth, continuing to share my Astrological knowledge, intuitive wisdom and teachings with all my clients and students. Which dovetails with what the 2nd Saturn Return timing brings to each of us – Wise Woman/Man pursuits, sharing our wisdom and knowledge to younger generations.


Welcome to Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology – I invite you to join me in my various Astrological rooms to explore YOUR Soul/Self growth issues – via the monthly Moon cycles, the yearly Sun cycles and other planetary cycles we ALL experience throughout our lives. I look forward to assisting you on your Journey.



Laurie Rae 


“Laurie Rae, she’s very professional and knows just how to explain everything so it makes sense and is clear. Her attention to detail and presentation is top notch. Laurie has a gift and a passion for astrology with a heart that is nurturing while making you laugh along the way. I experienced a Birth chart, which was really cool and made a lot of sense! All recorded too. Numerology and Astro dice. I highly recommend her services. You would be amazed how it all makes sense.”

Pamela Ollenberger, 2018