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I offer four levels of Astrology classes. Students attend  via Zoom classroom environment  and class handouts will be emailed to all students prior to each class of every Astrology level.

I have been teaching students Astrology since September 2011.

Students show up when the Teacher is ready. And the Teacher shows up when the Student is ready. Learning Astrology takes time, repetition, review, research and more review. And practice, practice, practice.

I've been learning Astrology for over 21 years, and I'm still uncovering more layers and my own AHA! moments in my Birth chart. This is Astrology. It grows and goes deeper as we do, personally. Whether you've experienced a real Astrology chart reading or not, you are living your Birth chart - what you signed up to learn, experience, and be challenged by, Soulfully.

Learning the Basics - my ASTRO101 class - brings you insight and AHA! moments - Soulfully, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually and Physically - into your own Life path. The whys, wherefores and especially the whens! Then you will expand out to more deeply understand your family, friends, co-workers. That we're all connected. Namaste


ASTRO101: The Basics of Astrology

Here you learn the following:

  • Basics of Astronomy as it relates to Astrology with a little history intermixed

  • Meanings of the 12 Astrological Signs, their Planetary Rulers, Chiron, Eris and Sedna, the Luminaries and 12 Houses of Life Experience that make up the Natural Wheel of the Zodiac

  • Rulerships and inter-connections of the Astrology Basics - Signs, Planets and Houses

  • Recognition of the glyphs (symbols) of each sign and planet/luminary - homework will be given out between classes folks! The MORE you practice and study the easier it is to identify and remember the shorthand (glyphs) and their meanings.

  • Each sign’s element, modality, polarity and orientation

  • Each House mode/orientation too

  • Classes 3-6 will have mini-quizzes at the start of each class to help students see how well their study/review time is helping them to remember all the basics! In a fun, interactive way!


Cost:  $395CAD for the 2-hour class/week for 6 weeks of classes.

DISCOUNT: if you Register by September 1st, 2021 - save $45 and pay only $350CAD


Payment: E-transfer, or via PayPal invoice. Please indicate which way you plan to pay at Registration.


2021 Dates: first class begins Tuesday SEPTEMBER 28th at 6:30 pm MDT with the last class NOVEMBER 2nd. Classes will be done through ZOOM video meeting links. Ensure you have the tech set up for this (dedicated wi-fi etc.).

Birth data information ( time, date and place of birth) is required to create your chart for this class. You will become familiar with YOU and what you signed up for this lifetime. If birth time is not known Laurie Rae will assist you in finding this out (at no extra charge) easily and simply.

TO REGISTER: please Email Laurie Rae - - ask your questions here too!

ASTRO201: Casting the Chart by Hand & Introduction to Interpretation

You will learn the following:​

  • The Maths of Astrology: we learn all the astronomical math pieces that create the birth chart by hand - not by computer - to understand the WHY of the Astronomy that is part of Astrology. If we don't understand this, how can we know what the computer is doing for us behind the scenes?

  • Meanings of all the Aspects and their glyphs: all the angles a planet / point can make to other planets / points within the chart – what their relationships are to one another.

  • How to fill in the Aspectarian form and the Chart Overview worksheet - an at-a-glance collection of data to be referred to when doing the interpretation.

  • Chart Patterns: discern the pattern created by the grouping of planets within the chart and what it says about the personality

  • Interspersed with opportunities to interpret each other's charts along the way - need to dive into this at some point!

  • Each student MUST have their own set of Ephemerides for this level, and moving forward (see reference to this at the end of this page).


Depending upon class size, this level will be either 4-weeks or 6-weeks in length. We repeat the maths portion over and over to get it right, using each student’s birth data in turn to create their respective chart by hand. 


NB: you will be learning a lot about, and from, one another over the course of this level of study.  Always a good thing.

Cost: $395CAD for 2-hour classes/week over 6 weeks of instruction - could be less due to the number of students/weeks.

Payment: E-transfer, or by PayPal invoice.

2022 DATES: TBA most likely in JANUARY if there is interest. Student must have ASTRO101 Basics as a pre-requisite.

REGISTRATION: please Email Laurie Rae - - ask your questions here too!

ASTRO301: Advanced Interpretation

By the end of 6 weeks, you will have a good grasp of the following:

  • Advanced Chart Patterns: YOD, Grand Trine, Grand Square, T-Squares for starters.

  • The art of delineation (interpretation) of the birth chart: Retrograde (Rx) planets, intercepted signs, planetary motion, and actual Aspect keywords will be introduced, practiced and discussed. Putting it all together, in other words.

  • Other pieces of the chart: Dwads, Decanates, Part of Fortune/Spirit, the Moon’s Nodes, Critical Degrees, Mutual Reception in the Birth chart.

  • Interactive - expect to learn by doing - similar to learning to drive - we jump into the deep end of the pool to begin the art of interpretation! You have to start sometime. 


Cost: $395CAD for 2-hour classes/week for 6 weeks of instruction. 

Payment: E-transfer, or via PayPal invoice.

FUTURE DATES: When students appear - must have ASTRO101 Basics and completed ASTRO201 as a pre-requisite.

TO REGISTER: please Email Laurie Rae - - and ask your questions here too!

ASTRO401: Advanced 

Here's where you learn about the TYPES of Astrology chart readings your clients will be interested in:

  • Natal/Birth chart reading

  • Transits / Secondary Progressions

  • Solar, Lunar, Planetary Returns

  • Relationship readings

  • Business chart readings - a whole other interpretation!

And opportunities to use your interpretation skills along the way!

Cost: $360CAD for 2-hour classes/week for 6 weeks of instruction. 

Payment: E-transfer, or via PayPal invoice.

FUTURE DATES: When students appear - must have ASTRO101 Basics, ASTRO201 and ASTRO301 completed as a pre-requisite.

REGISTRATION: please Email Laurie Rae - - ask your questions here too!

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Beginning Tuesday SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 for 6 weeks of 2-hour classes from 6:30 - 8:30 pm MDT

REGISTER EARLY! To receive a $45 discount - pay only $350CAD if you Register by SEPTEMBER 1st; pay $395CAD thereafter


TO REGISTER: Email and let Laurie Rae know that you're interested!



Each class level builds upon the previous one. For students wishing to become Astrologers (moving beyond your basic curiosity within ASTRO101 level of the Astrology Basics) you will need to purchase a set of Ephemerides (the Astrologer’s bible) for ASTRO201 levels and beyond.


These two ephemerides can be ordered from


  • The New American Ephemeris for the 20th Century 1900-2000 at Midnight, by Rique Pottenger, Neil F. Michelsen, ISBN 0976242230

  • The New American Ephemeris for  the 21st Century 2000-2100 at Midnight, by Rique Pottenger, Neil F. Michelsen, ISBN 0935127194


Ensure that you do purchase the MIDNIGHT version, not the NOON version, and that you order the set far enough in advance for shipping time prior to your first class of ASTRO201.

The fundamentals of Astrology

It has been documented, via the early written words in cuneiforms and hieroglyphs from the Sumerians/Babylonians/Assyrians and Egyptians, that Astrology has been in use at least 5,000 years. Who knows how much longer previously in oral history?


Astrology began with celestial measurement by observation only, long before written history.


Astrology, religion and medicine were intermixed with correspondences realized between them early on – they interrelated with one another.


The richest vein of astrological records came from the library of Sardanapalus, last King of Assyria (7th Century BC) where observatories covered the whole kingdom, with professional astrologers reporting their work continuously.


A state library supplied all needed information to prognosticate times and seasons for agriculture, and portents for King and State – not for individuals as we do now until the Greeks turned Astrology into “of the people” or Genethliacal – it began the reading of horoscopes as we know today.

The Ancients believed what wasn’t caused by men must be caused by Gods – the deities of the planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). These same Gods were the basis if myths of all countries around the ancient world.


The history of Astrology is also the history of Astronomy (we cannot have one without the other).


European/American Astrology (Western Astrology) is derived from ancient Mesopotamia.


Key Astrologers from the past have been: Miletus, Pythagoras, Berosus, Ptolemy, Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton. 


Modern Astrologers include: A.J. Pearce, Alan Leo, Charles Carter, Alice Bailey, Carl Jung, Dane Rudhyar, Stephen Orroyo, Stephen Forrest, Rick Levine, Liz Greene, Harold Sasportas, Demetra George, Barbara Hand Clow, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Robert Hand, Neil Michelsen, Celeste Teal, Noel Tyl, Robert Ohotto and Rose Marcus - to name a few!