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It's Written In The Stars

Astrology brings deep insight and understanding of:
  • Who YOU truly are and how YOU are evolving, Soulfully!
  • What YOU signed up to experience this lifetime...
  • The When of current and past life challenges or work/relationship changes
  • How to navigate current and repeating KEY Planetary Cycles experiences that we ALL experience at key ages throughout our lifetime!
  • Where Past Life Karma, that challenge YOU now, possibly occurred!
  • Bring your Sacred Contract / Birth Chart / Horoscope into clearer awareness and focus - make an appointment with your Destiny - book a Reading!
I can help you
Black Sky

Find a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology

Discover who you truly are, at your core self – clarity and insight as to why you tick as you do, when, and with whom.


Have you ever wondered why you’re undergoing current challenges/changes in your life? And when they happened previously, and will most likely occur again (known as your Key Life Changes and Challenges - aka the Planetary Cycles or Transits) – giving you the chance to look back at previous occurrences to ‘see’ how you’ve changed and evolved?


Gain tools for decision-making and Next Steps action to take currently to finally clear and heal Emotional Body, Mental Body and possible Spiritual Body blocks – from this lifetime or past lifetimes!

What Astrology can tell you

Upcoming challenges/changes that will be/could be occurring in your life – and possible tools to use to cope with them, and how to navigate the waters of change – all in aid to support you, the client, to make YOUR own choices, following YOUR intuition and heartfelt/Soul urges forward. We also look back to previous occurrences (planetary cycles) to see how you handled that cycle and where you are at now, with maturity and Soul evolvement, dealing with a new, returning cycle more consciously – hopefully making better choices for you and your life.

What I will not share

I have encountered potential clients who are afraid that I will tell them BAD things such as deaths, financial losses, divorce – anything that people believe Astrology is able to predict. All traumatic events. clarify: a REAL Astrologer will never tell a client any of these things because we are not in the business of predicting the end of life or relationships. Astrology is NOT an entertainment or fortune-telling – it is a Sacred science and craft of interpreting a person’s Physical Emotional, Mental and Spiritual connections/blocks within themselves and with others.

The Fundamentals of Astrology

It has been documented, via the early written words in cuneiforms and hieroglyphs from the Sumerians / Babylonians / Assyrians and Egyptians, that Astrology has been in use at least 5,000 years. Who knows how much longer previously in oral history?


Astrology began with celestial measurement by observation only, long before written history.


Astrology, religion and medicine were intermixed with correspondences realized between them early on – they interrelated with one another.


The richest vein of astrological records came from the library of Sardanapalus, last King of Assyria (7th Century BC) where observatories covered the whole kingdom, with professional astrologers reporting their work continuously.


A state library supplied all needed information to prognosticate times and seasons for agriculture, and portents for King and State – not created for individuals as we do now, until the Greeks turned Astrology into “of the people” or Genethliacal – which began the reading of horoscopes  we know today.

The Ancients believed what wasn’t caused by men must be caused by Gods – the deities of the planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). These same Gods were the basis of myths of all countries around the ancient world.


The history of Astrology is also the history of Astronomy (we cannot have one without the other).


European / American Astrology (Western Astrology) is derived from ancient Mesopotamia.


Key Astrologers from the past have been: Miletus, Pythagoras, Berosus, Ptolemy, Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton. 


Modern Astrologers include: A.J. Pearce, SEPHARIAL, Alan Leo, Charles Carter, Alice Bailey, Carl Jung, Dane Rudhyar, Stephen Orroyo, Stephen Forrest, Rick Levine, Liz Greene, Harold Sasportas, Demetra George, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Robert Hand, Neil Michelsen, Celeste Teal, Noel Tyl, and Rose name a few!

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