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My Story...

During my MidLife Awareness timing (aka MidLife Crisis – the Uranus Opposition we all undergo anywhere from age 38 to 45) that Astrology and I connected in a closer and more permanent way. Usually at this timing there will be a significant change in our lives – and because my Uranus Opposition activated my 6th House of daily work – it was a match made in heaven! It was meant to be that Astrology became my "daily work"!

I always somehow "knew" about Astrology - it kept popping into my life, one way or another, from the time I was a teenager buying those "Love Scrolls" at the checkout counters - remember those? Yet I knew there was SO MUCH MORE to Astrology than these Sun-sign Astrology oriented publications. Then my Teacher, Sarie Hobbs, showed up in the late 1990's, giving me a chance to learn from her in 2000-2003, and the Astrological ball has kept rolling along in my life ever since.


I have loved every minute of these 24 years actively pursuing all of the following:

  • Continual Astrological study and research (Traditional, Hellenistic, Evolutionary and Shamanic, with a bit of Medical Astrology here and there);

  • Reading personal and business Horoscopes/Return charts for my local, national and international clients; 

  • Teaching eager students up to 4 levels of Astrology classes I’ve created (and learned from myself) since 2011;

  • Presented Astrology-related topics at: Nanaimo’s Mind/Body/Spirit fair and the Vancouver Island University / VIU Family & Child social worker class of students and on-air chatting about LEO on the “Just for the Health of It” Nanaimo radio show, all in 2013; the Look Good, Feel Good event here in Okotoks at D’Arcy Ranch in 2018, and several Astrology & Yoga sessions at Yogadown Studio in early 2019.

  • Attended numerous spa-offerings, fairs and street celebrations in Calgary, Nanaimo and Okotoks, doing Astro-Dice and Numerology mini-readings for many years.

  • Throughout 2019, and until March 2020, offered weekly mini Astro-dice / Numerology readings at CD Bloom Studio on Elma Street, Okotoks, AB to many new and returning clients/friends.

  • Presented several free Astrology presentations at the Okotoks Public Library in 2019 and 2020. Loved the enthusiasm and interaction with everyone! 

  • Conducted several Astrology-related FB Live Video sessions for our local OM - Okotoks Mindfulness meditation group. 

  • Began teaching Online Astrology classes in September 2021. I've enjoyed five rounds of students through to the Spring of 2024 - I taught ASTRO101 JAN - FEB, then ASTRO201 APR-MAY in 2024. Now they're asking for ASTRO301 in 2025! Meanwhile, I'm taking several Astrology-related classes of my own, to pass along new knowledge to my Clients and Students soon.

  • And, most importantly, I've aligned myself with the like-minded services of PYRAMID PSYCHOLOGY who believe in Empowering our Teen Girls! Looking forward to creating Magic and Empowerment with Astrology as a tool for all concerned through my Vocation/Life Purpose Astrology Readings! See their information here:

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During my 2nd Saturn Return timing (when Saturn returns to the exact place it was at birth for all of us – age 58/59) I moved away from Calgary into the town of Okotoks where I began yet another level of adventure and soul growth, continuing to share my Astrological knowledge, intuitive wisdom and teachings with all my clients and students. Which dovetails with what the 2nd Saturn Return timing brings to each of us – Wise Woman/Man pursuits, sharing our wisdom and knowledge to younger generations.

Everyone Born has a Birth chart or Horoscope. It's when you decide to become conscious of it, that you reach out and connect with the right and proper Astrologer who "speaks to you" energetically.


Welcome to Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology – I invite you to look through my various Astrological rooms to explore YOUR Soul/Self growth issues – via the monthly Moon cycles, the yearly Sun cycles, 19-month Venus and Lunar Node cycles, and the other planetary cycles we ALL experience throughout our lives. I look forward to assisting you on your Spiritually Self- Aware Journey.



Laurie Rae 

Recognition during the 2018 Okotoks and Area District Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

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