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2023 Here We Are!

New Year Sign

Business as Usual in 2023...
I continue to offer ALL Astrology chart readings via Phone or online Zoom Video!
As We Traverse 2023:  


ECLIPSE SEASON part 2 - OCT 14 and 28, 2028

READ ALL ABOUT IT - check out my "It's In The Stars!" Blog (above in MORE) for a freshly published bit of Astrological Weather News! The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in LIBRA on OCT 14th is ruled by VENUS - how we do self-love, relationships, partnerships, with peace, harmony, love, diplomacy, and balance. This Eclipse brings necessary ACTION in communication within your relationships / partnerships while also clearing any Karmic/Past Life issues that haven't been resolved before now. That South Lunar Node brings forth past people and circumstances from "out of left field" to be faced and healed and released - in an accelerated way!

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in TAURUS on OCT 28th is also ruled by VENUS (!!) - how we connect with all our senses to be hands-on creative in some regard, moving through our feelings, listening to our Intuition, while connecting with our Soul Direction/North Lunar Node to BE Courageous, go beyond just Survival, and perhaps some "entrepreneurial pioneering in any field" bringing a NEW DIRECTION soulfully your way! A Lunar Eclipse is all about the Emotional body, so feel your feelings! Trust in and be guided by your Inner Wisdom aka Intuition - always in All Ways. 


PLUTO stationed Direct OCT 11th at  at 27 degrees CAPRICORN 54' and continues to square BOTH North/South Lunar Nodes (now sitting at 24 ARIES / LIBRA) - creating a lot of Inner Stress/tension to allow in CHANGE - which all of these Cardinal signs like to initiate wherever they are in the Birth Chart. Courage, Survival, Entrepreneurial Pioneering in Any Field, ensuring you're depending on your skills/talents, not enmeshing them with others - North Node Soul Direction for us all according to North Node Astrologer, Elizabeth Spring. We're all RELEASING relationship / partnership issues from our Pasts (South Lunar Node) - while we own up to how we truly feel, deeply so, plus name our ideas and thoughts that no one knows. To be MORE Transparent. Creating balance, peace and harmony when everyone is "in the know" going forward these next 19 months! Namaste

The Planets are in their Rx/retrograde/Inner processing Motion - from APR 20, 2023 Peaking in SEPT - then all Planets will be back to Direct Motion JAN - APR 1st, 2024! 

Almost 90 days of unimpeded Direct Motion from Within ended APR 2023. Since then we've been doing major Inner work that may seem as if we're NOT doing anything actively-speaking!

The Sun moved into LIBRA as of SEPT 22nd / 23rd for the next four weeks.

Mercury's now Direct again in VIRGO where its been since JULY 29 until OCT 5th assisting us to "perfect our mental processes" and apply them to whatever our respective Sacred Work is now, in 2023!

Mars is in LIBRA from AUG 27 toOCT 12th about to connect with the South Lunar Node / our KARMA issues, as of OCT 1 - 7th - expect some interesting resolving of Past Life Issues healing within your Relationships/Partnerships!

Jupiter moved into Taurus MAY 17th, 2023 for the next year, and turned Rx SEPT 4th until DEC 31st when he stations Direct again! Almost four months of Inner Expansion Beyond Safe Boundaries - deep work re your Self-Worth, Values, and how you Speak Your Truth along the way! Jupiter will conjunct URANUS between APR 6 - 30th, 2024, being EXACT from APR 17-21st - Expect the Unexpected here while you show up as authentically/uniquely as YOU! Could be some earth-related changes as in Earthquakes/Volcanos erupting - keep a watch out for the news.


Saturn entered Pisces March 7th, 2023 and headed Rx June 17th, stationing Direct NOV 4, 2023 at the 00 degrees of Initiating Change through all the restructuring Saturn's doing as we realign ourselves more Spiritually and energetically, creating healthier boundaries with one another! 


Uranus stays Direct in Taurus until going Rx AUG 29th until stationing Direct JAN 27, 2024, to ensure we honour our unique values, how we deal with our financial situations, know your own worth with Unexpected Twists and Turns along the way. Many businesses are closing or downsizing or seem "dormant" right now. Needs must as economic issues continue to plague we Canadians and other countries. 


Neptune's been in Pisces since FEB 2012 and continues here until March 31, 2025 - to connect with Saturn sometime in 2025. Currently, Neptune's Rx since JUNE 30, 2023 until stationing Direct DEC 6, 2023 - even more Inner Spiritual work going on, dissolving the Illusions/Delusions so we connect more with Reality - despite our addictions, need for escapism, and creating drama when truly - do we need any of that? 2024 will give us a chance to find out!


Pluto's at the 29 degrees of CAPRICORN again as of JUNE 12, 2023 Rx - he gave us a taste of what the revolutionary transformer (AQUARIUS) will bring into our consciousness that has been hiding/keeping secrets for far too long! from MARCH 24 - JUNE 11th. He continues to closely SQUARE BOTH North/South Lunar Nodes - as they leave TAURUS/SCORPIO and enter ARIES/LIBRA JULY 17 - until mid-DEC 2023! Stress and tension from Within to SURRENDER the Old out-moded routines/structures in our lives that no longer support us! The Ego-self resists / distracts / procrastinates to stay safe with the same-old, same-old ways. What will it take for you to LET GO? PLUTO Rx is here to COMPOST it all - to Transform the old fears/traumas/shocks into health/healing ways.


Uranus in Taurus - Since March 2018

Continues to bring Unexpected Change and the need to stand up for and align our Values with like-minded others, aiding us to find our truly authentic "groups and community" to spend time with, working towards common humanitarian goals. In the Summer 2022, Uranus was conjunct the North Lunar Node (current Soul Direction) in the mid-degrees of TAURUS while in opposition to that South Lunar Node (Karmic - letting go of the unresolved issues) in the mid-degrees of SCORPIO. 


JUPITER will close in on URANUS in Taurus APRIL 6-30, 2024, connecting exactly APRIL 17-21, 2024. Expect the Unexpected where Uranus is concerned! Wonder what will unexpectedly CHANGE in our lives next year as we TAKE A RISK, move out beyond current safe boundaries to further our Beliefs/Truths and Higher Purpose around safety/security/serenity/hands-on creative using your own skills/talents to create - and what we Value, Know our Worth? 

The Lunar Nodes - North & South - Changed signs JULY 17, 2023 for 19 Months

Change and the Unexpected within the cardinal Zodiac signs of ARIES / North Node Soul Direction and LIBRA / South Node unresolved issues from the Past/Past Lives. Interestingly, the Lunar Nodes move in a Rx/retrograde motion, beginning their journey from the 29th degree of ARIES/LIBRA, moving through the 30 degrees of these signs for the next 19 months. How will our need for Independence, perhaps "entrepreneurial pioneering" be challenged? What Unconscious aspects of how we Relate to/with Others will be uncovered, to be faced and healed? Time will tell all for each of us the rest of 2023 until JAN 2025! Initiating much-needed CHANGE re our Self-identity and how we DO our relationships/partnerships. Look back 19 years ago - what did you experience back then about these themes? You're about to go through it again - on a higher mindset/heartset than before? Your choice, as always, to do so.

Other Planetary Changes in Direction in 2023:

Pluto now Rx/retrograde and re-entered CAPRICORN JUNE 12th

From APR - mid-DEC 2023 PLUTO squares BOTH North/South Nodes while he was at 00 degrees AQUARIUS and now Rx/retrograde backing into 29th degree of CAPRICORN. It's as if there are still some items to REVIEW / REASSESS / RENEW through Pluto's transformative process re what we are INTENDING, with INTEGRITY, to Build for the Collective, moving forward. While he squares the Lunar Nodes, we SURRENDER TO and release the Past AND simultaneously move forward on our Soul Path to compost the PAST of what our Soul no longer desires energetically. As a cardinal Earth sign, what do you wish to MANIFEST in the physical that perhaps you weren't able to from 2008 to early 2023, within long-term goals, responsibilities, duties, and being the authority of your own life?

Jupiter entered TAURUS MAY 16/17, 2023 - expanded Values/Money/Worthiness

The next year of how our Higher Purpose, through the beliefs/truths we find as we connect with our values/worth and how we relate to money/resources of skills/talents we use to be hands-on creative. To Risk. Take a Leap of Faith forward beyond current safe boundaries. Jupiter's here in TAURUS until going into GEMINI MAY 26, 2024. We've got Time to take our time, mull all of this over, and ensure we're truly following what we value in life!

Saturn entered PISCES MARCH 7, 2023 - will be here for the next 2.5 years!

 To restructure our Spiritual goals/connection/practice - Saturn's move into mutable Water PISCES brings much-needed infrastucture to our daily lives. It's been 29 years since Saturn was last here - JAN 29, 1994 through to APR 7, 1996 - what were you spiritually connecting with back then? How did those goals enhance your life? What are you renewing for the next three years as we experience even more massive shifts and changes on planet Earth? What will you be responsible for? What do you not want to be responsible for? What responsibilities have you taken on that were never yours to begin with? It's time to let them go! Interestingly, when Saturn left Pisces back in 1996, shortly thereafter the Internet came into being - our lives have changed dramatically in how humanity interacts/communicates with one another. Is it TIME to engage more humanly vs. through machines again? More energetic healthy boundaries to engage in.

SEDNA entered GEMINI JUNE 16, 2023 for the first time in 11,500 years!

Here's where the stories we've been telling ourselves and others will be transformed over the next 42 years - The Twins / GEMINI needs to move away from polarity/duality into a consensus that creates a MAGICAL "AND" for everyone involved. Interestingly, in CANADA's Birth Chart sits VENUS and the MOON both in GEMINI within the 3rd House of Communication / Thought Processes / Learning Curves - how we get along locally and with our neighbours. High time for CHANGE in our country to go BEYOND the duality of East/West or English/French or Conservative / Liberal or Indigenous / Non-indigenous don't you agree? Sedna brings the need for moving beyond the realms of victimization from trauma, betrayal and fear into being VICTORIOUS! I wonder what it will take for Canada to HEAL, moving forward?

ASTRO101 Basics of Astrology and
ASTRO201 Basic Interpretation 
Online Classes in 2024!

Another round of enthusiastic ASTRO101 students are now processing all of what they learned from me in 2023 (and 2021/2022!), awaiting the next level, ASTRO201, beginning Saturdays APR 6 - MAY 11, 2024. 


I will teach another round of ASTRO101 the Basics of Astrology

Saturdays from JAN 6 - FEB10, 2024*

* the FEB 3rd class has moved to FEB 4th, 11:00 am - 3:45 pm MST


Email Laurie when the Time is right for you to begin this interesting and deep dive into Astrology - which has been around for 6,000 years to assist all of us to know ourselves deeper, broader, and how connected we truly are to the Cosmos! Click on the link below to find out more!

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