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2023 Here We Are!

New Year Sign

Business as Usual in 2023...
I continue to offer ALL Astrology chart readings via Phone or online Zoom Video - your choice!
As We Traverse 2023:  


FULL MOON on FEB 5, 2023 in LEO 

READ ALL ABOUT IT - check out my "It's In The Stars!" Blog (above in MORE) a freshly published bit of Astrological Weather News! How are you showing up doing Self-Love, Loving and connection that shines your Inner Light more Truly? Heartfully vs. Ego need for attention? Are you showing up with others because you actually WANT to or is it for effect?

MERCURY Rx/Retrograde - First round is about to end FEB 7th

2022 and 2023 brings FOUR, count them, FOUR sessions of this "logic vacation" our way - and in 2023 within the EARTH signs to help us mentally prepare for and envision the daily practicalities, being hands-on with these details of living, paying bills, putting food on the table, working in the livelihood that best reflects our values, ethics and integrity. 2022 ended with its FOURTH Mercury Rx which began DEC 12 - DEC 28 with the PRE-Rx Shadow timing in CAPRICORN. Since DEC 29, 2022 until JAN 17, 2023 Mercury heads back over the degrees he was directly moving through before, bringing in much-needed mental Review, Reassessment, Reinvention, Reordering, Renewing - whatever your "Re" is - then will have his POST-Rx Shadow from JAN 18 - FEB 7, 2023. What are you BUILDING here from a more mentally solid foundation for your 2023 long-term goals? Whatever was clear in your mind before Christmas may change direction or you may see a more clearer path forward by FEB! Enjoy the Unexpected twists and turns, collecting information you didn't know you needed to know along the way. 2023 Mercury Rx's will be in EARTH signs - so physically, what changes in mindset do you need to make?

All Planets Are In DIRECT Motion - Since JAN 22 until APR 20, 2023

Almost 90 days of unimpeded Direct Motion from Within - if you so choose to follow the lead of all our Solar System's Planetary guidance - Sun's moved into Aquarius as of JAN 20th; Mercury's still in Capricorn until FEB 11 when he moves into Aquarius; Venus completed her Capricorn Root Chakra Gate and moved into Pisces JAN 27/28 into her Sacral Chakra Gate; Mars now Direct in Gemini until March 25th; Jupiter continues within Aries until May 16th; Saturn's about to enter Pisces March 7th; Uranus now Direct in Taurus, still conjunct that North Lunar Node honouring our values, how we do money, know our own worth! Neptune's been in Pisces since FEB 2012 and will continue here until March 31, 2025 - and will connect with Saturn sometime in 2024! Pluto's in the last degrees of Capricorn - 28 degrees - and will nose into Aquarius March 23 - June 11th - giving us a taste of what this revolutionary transformer will bring into our consciousness that has been hiding/keeping secrets for far too long!


Uranus in Taurus - Since March 2018

Continues to bring Unexpected Change and the need to stand up for and align our Values with like-minded others, aiding us to find our truly authentic "groups and community" to spend time with, working towards common humanitarian goals. Since Summer 2022, Uranus has been conjunct the North Lunar Node (current Soul Direction) in the mid-degrees of TAURUS while in opposition to that South Lunar Node (Karmic - letting go of the unresolved issues) in the mid-degrees of SCORPIO - Expect the Unexpected where Uranus is concerned! What's CHANGING in Your Life as we head into 2023?!

The Lunar Nodes - North & South - Changed signs in 2022 for 19 Months

To bring in Change and the Unexpected within the fixed Zodiac signs of Taurus/North Node Soul Direction and Scorpio / South Node unresolved issues from the Past/Past Lives. Interestingly, the Lunar Nodes move in a Rx/retrograde motion, beginning their journey from the 29th degree of Taurus/Scorpio, moving through the 30 degrees of each sign for the next 19 months. How will your Values and Worthiness be challenged? What Secrets and Fears will be uncovered, to be faced and healed? Time will tell all for each of us throughout 2022 into JULY 2023. The World stage will also need to sort all of this out! Interesting Times to be sure.

Other Planetary Changes in Direction in 2023:

Pluto enters AQUARIUS MARCH 24, 2023 for a short stay until JUNE 12th

Within this fixed air sign AQUARIUS (where Saturn's been preparing us since DEC 21 2020) - Pluto brings even deeper transformative change into our lives! It's been well over 248 years since Pluto moved through this sign - around 1775 - when revolutions and the masses demanded change of leadership, better living conditions, in several areas around the globe. What changes will we be seeing? Pluto brings the need to transmute or compost that which no longer works for the common good - bringing us into intense undercurrents of deep-seated upheavals from Within - beyond our control - as we bring the Unconscious to the surface, becoming more aware of our uniqueness, our inner genius, creating innovation and invention for humanity! Pluto will slip into and out of AQUARIUS four times until he decides to stay there for a long while as of NOV 20, 2024!

Jupiter re-entered ARIES DEC 21, 2022

For a short stay - until MAY 17, 2023 - to ensure we are "fired up" to take unedited instinctual action towards our Higher Purpose, through the beliefs/truths we find as we connect with others around the world. To Risk. Take a Leap of Faith forward beyond current safe boundaries. Interesting timing for Alberta Canada - with a MAY 23, 2023 provincial election coming our way!

Saturn enters PISCES MARCH 8, 2023

 To restructure our Spiritual goals Saturn will move into mutable Water PISCES as of MARCH 8, 2023. It's been 29 years since Saturn was last here - JAN 29, 1994 through to APR 7, 1996 - what were you spiritually connecting with back then? How did those goals enhance your life? What are you renewing for the next two years as we experience even more massive shifts and changes on planet Earth? What will you be responsible for? What do you not want to be responsible for? What responsibilities have you taken on that were never yours to begin with? It's time to let them go!


Gift Certificates for All Gifting Occasions

For your 2023 Gifting needs - buy the gift of a Birth Chart reading -
what I call the Sacred Contract - the initial Astrology reading that tells us
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Certificates are available for the full price 
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You'll receive a digital Gift Certificate to give as a gift via Email

Call or Email me anytime to BOOK Your Appointment, Request a Gift Certificate, or for more information - I am here to assist you through any Emotional, Mental and/or Spiritual challenges, as we move through 2023 together


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