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2024 Here We Are!

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Business as Usual in 2024...
I continue to offer ALL Astrology chart Readings via Phone or online Zoom Video
As We Take a Deeper Dive into this

New Age of Aquarius in 2024:  


 OOB/out of bounds New Moon in Cancer July 5, 2024 at 4:57 pm MDT

READ ALL ABOUT IT - check out my "It's In The Stars!" Blog (above in MORE) for a freshly published bit of Astrological Weather News!


This OOB New Moon follows the JUNE 2024 OOB New/Full Moons - a LOT of "out of the normal world" occurrences ahappening. OOB/out of bounds means the Moon's path has gone out beyond where our Sun usually is in the Sky, creating Wild Card / going beyond the normal or usual in events and our Emotional Body's needs. Cancer is another Cardinal sign that likes to initiate Change, through the lens of Family, Children, House/Home/Country, and how we Nurture ourselves and others. Lots of Emotional and Intuitive connections will occur this month. Where's Cancer in your Birth Chart - this is the House of Life Experience where you'll be noticing the much-needed Creative / Wildcard / Unexpectedness to show up in your life!

Venus is about to End her Underworld Phase of her 19-month Synodic Cycle. 

She began this phase, moving closer to the Sun, APRIL 27th until JULY 10th, entering at 28 ARIES and leaving at 29 CANCER - which Houses of Life Experience has Venus been assisting you to CONSCIOUSLY somehow "die to your previous self"? What has needed to die that was in the way of your own independence, your values/worth/worthiness, your communication style, the way you nurture yourself? Know that ALL OF US in the world will be undergoing this phase, together! JULY 10, 2024, one hour after Sunset, Venus will Rise as Evening Star, beginning her Ascent up from the Underworld, moving toward her first Venus-Moon Gate of the Root Chakra in AUGUST.

Saturn entered Pisces March 7th, 2023 and is now at 19 degrees Pisces 21' as of July 8, 2024 - bringing forth physical Change through all the restructuring Saturn's doing in our lives, as we realign ourselves more Spiritually and energetically, creating healthier boundaries with one another. Watch out for the Drama Triangle role-play of Victim or Rescue(r) or Bully - how and when and from whom are you still allowing yourself to be triggered into these Ego-oriented roles? Pisces brings us back to Soul-Higher Self orientation, while Saturn brings up any fears we may have about physically connecting within ourselves more Spiritually. How are you magically/mystically restructuring these areas of your life? Saturn will be here until FEB 15, 2026 - take your time as you work towards long-term spiritual goals and Values!


Uranus is in Taurus since MARCH 2019, to ensure we honour our unique values, how we deal with our financial situations, know your own worth with Unexpected Twists and Turns along the way. Many businesses are closing or downsizing or seem "dormant" right now. Needs must, as economic issues continue to plague we Canadians and other countries. Speak Your Truth as you stand up for what you Value in Life. How are you showing up with your Inner Genius/being innovative with your hands-on creativity with something that you value, using skills/talents you know are worthwhile?


Neptune's in Pisces FEB 2012 until March 31, 2025 - Neptune is now at 29 degrees Pisces 55' - at that 29th degree since MAY 5, 2024 until turning Rx/Retrograde to head back into Pisces as of JULY 2nd, 2024, still at that 29th degree until Sept 3rd. Here's where we'll do some Fated/Destined dissolving of the Illusions / Delusions we've been carrying for so long, to connect more with true Reality - despite our addictions, need for escapism, and creating drama when truly - do we need any of that? 2024 continues to give us a last chance to figure it all out - dream your dreams; imagine the Magic; then allow it to manifest in your life.


JUPITER entered Gemini May 26, 2024 for the next year. Still connecting with SEDNA at 00 Gemini!

Here's where we determine what our New Stories will be - stop repeating the same old worn out phrases and "O Woe Is Me!" lines - Jupiter brings jovial moods, excitement, the need to Take a Leap of Faith Into the Unknown with optimism. Possible new ventures if you're open to it and actively listening/networking for them! What's your Intention here? Gemini is how we communicate, gather information/data/knowledge and then, what do we DO with it? Do we hoard it or share it? And how will you share it, with whom, and when? PLUTO Rx/retrograde at 01 Aquarius sends love lines to both SEDNA and JUPITER for several weeks - to assist in the transformation from What Was to What Needs To Be, Now - beyond the current safe boundaries we've been hiding behind these past 12 years. Previous timing of Jupiter in Gemini was JUNE 12, 2012 - June 26, 2013. Where were You at back then? What were you undergoing, changing up, settling for, that needs a shake up and somehow renewed in your life? BE a Victor vs. Victim - empower your knowledge-base and SHARE it!

The Lunar Nodes - North & South - Changed signs JULY 17, 2023 for 19 Months

Change and the Unexpected within the cardinal Zodiac signs of ARIES / North Node Soul Direction and LIBRA / South Node unresolved issues from the Past/Past Lives. Interestingly, the Lunar Nodes move in a Rx/retrograde motion, beginning their journey from the 29th degree of ARIES/LIBRA, moving through the 30 degrees of these signs for the next 19 months. How will our need for Independence, perhaps "entrepreneurial pioneering" be challenged? What Unconscious aspects of how we Relate to/with Others will be uncovered, to be faced and healed? Time will tell all for each of us the rest of 2023 until JAN 2025! Initiating much-needed CHANGE re our Self-identity and how we DO our relationships/partnerships. Look back 19 years ago - what did you experience back then about these themes? You're about to go through it again - on a higher mindset/heartset than before? Your choice, as always, to do so.

Planetary Changes in Direction / Signs in 2024:

Pluto's back in Aquarius as of JAN 20, 2024 - allow your Inner Genius to surface!

He gave us a taste of what the revolutionary transformer (AQUARIUS) will bring into our consciousness that has been hiding/keeping secrets for far too long. Let the transformational games begin. In 2024 Pluto stays in Aquarius until SEPT 2, while Rx/retrograde, moving back into that 29th degree of CAPRICORN on SEPT 3rd to stay there until he returns to AQUARIUS, for the next 20 years, as of NOV 20, 2024! So we'll all have a chance to End / Complete / Release one last time for about 12 weeks. Mark your calendars - 20 years is a long time to have any regrets of not taking this opportunity to clear your life up on aisle 5 Your Way, on your terms!

Also of Note: read below about SEDNA, because PLUTO and SEDNA will be sending a love line between each other from JAN 2024, until DEC 29. Both will be at that either 29 degrees in the Earth Signs (Capricorn/Taurus) or 00  to 01 degree of their respective Air signs (Aquarius/Gemini) bringing in ease and grace (or taking things for granted) between what Humanity/Community needs and what we all will need, locally. To go beyond technology-based ideas / duality into the beginnings of a NEW STORY that is built upon Future Ideas for the Good of ALL concerned. Building new relationships/connections that bring us all back to the basics of the common folk. Interesting times ahead!

SEDNA entered GEMINI JUNE 16, 2023 for the first time in 11,500 years!

Here's where the stories we've been telling ourselves, and others, will be transformed over the next 42 years - The Twins / GEMINI needs to move away from polarity/duality into a consensus that creates a MAGICAL "AND" for everyone involved. Think of all the duality we've experienced and created these past 11,500 years of human existence. Is it a coincidence that the Geological community named the Current geological Epoch the HOLOCENE - which began 11,700 years ago, just after the last major ice age. Interesting how the last time SEDNA was near to Earth was 11,500 years ago!


Interestingly, in CANADA's Birth Chart sits VENUS and the MOON both in GEMINI within the 3rd House of Communication / Thought Processes / Learning Curves - how we get along locally and with our neighbours. High time for CHANGE in our country to go BEYOND the duality of East/West or English/French or Conservative / Liberal or Indigenous / Non-indigenous don't you agree? Sedna brings the need to move beyond the realms of victimization from past trauma, betrayal and fear into being VICTORIOUS! I wonder what it will take for Canada to HEAL, moving forward?

Since 2022 SEDNA sat at the 29th degree of TAURUS from MAR 26 - JUN 15, 2022 then entered GEMINI JUN 16 - NOV 22, 2023, then returned to the last degree of TAURUS from NOV 23, 2023 until APR 27, 2024. SEDNA re-enters GEMINI APR 28, 2024 and will be at that 00 Degree mark (Fated / Destined to BEGIN / initiate something NEW) until she sits at 01 degrees onward from APR 23, 2026. SEDNA will be in GEMINI until APR 12, 2067! So 200 years from the time Canada entered Confederation as a Dominion, SEDNA will then enter CANCER - the Sun sign of Canada!

ASTRO101 Basics of Astrology and
ASTRO201 Basic Interpretation 
Online Classes in 2024!


I've been teaching ASTRO101 the Basics of Astrology since Saturday JAN 6 - FEB17, 2024

We're having a fun and insightful and intriguing time of it!

If you're interested in learning Astrology - I will plan another round in AUTUMN of 2024 -

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Another round of enthusiastic ASTRO101 students are now processing all of what they learned from me in 2023 (and 2021/2022!), and several are taking the next level, ASTRO201, as of Saturday APR 6 - MAY 25, 2024. 


Email Laurie Rae to begin this interesting and deep dive into Astrology - which has been around for 6,000 years to assist all of us to know ourselves deeper, broader, and how connected we truly are to the Cosmos! Click on the link below to find out more!

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