For All Astrology Readings:

What You Bring to the Reading: 

Curiosity, an open-mind, and -heart, to discover and uncover aspects of yourself hidden before now. 

The date, time and place of your birth

 (or in the case of a Business reading, the time**, place and date your business / trade name was registered)

are required for all Astrology chart creation prior to your reading.

 **If the time of birth is unknown, inquire about this situation.

All Readings by Appointment Only
Tuesday - Saturday 
9:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Okotoks, AB Canada
Phone or Zoom Video Readings Available
Email or Call for details!

Payment Options: 

All Prices are CAD $ - Canadian dollars

Local/national clients may pay via PayPal or E-transfer at the time of the reading.

International clients pay via PayPal prior to the reading appointment.

All Clients can request an invoice anytime!

Contact Laurie Rae to discuss / book your reading: 

Call/Text 1-587-437-3520 in Canada/North America  

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My Services

  • An in-depth look into your Birth Chart as a Sacred Contract

    2 hr

    180 Canadian dollars
  • An astrological Parental Guide regarding your Child or Teen

    2 hr

    180 Canadian dollars
  • An Introduction to Your Business' Birth Chart!

    2 hr

    180 Canadian dollars
  • Zero in on a specific topic of concern you're experiencing now

    30 min

    45 Canadian dollars
  • Let's check on where you're at now, since your last Astrology reading

    1 hr

    59 Canadian dollars
  • Monthly Return of your Natal Moon: Emotional and Intuitive Connections

    1 hr

    90 Canadian dollars
  • Personal or Business Annual Astrology Chart Reading

    1 hr 30 min

    120 Canadian dollars
  • How You Uniquely Process Stress, Life or Fears

    1 hr

    100 Canadian dollars
  • Tracking What's Going on Behind-the-Scenes, Emotionally

    1 hr

    100 Canadian dollars
  • How each family member interacts and aligns with other members

    1 hr

    90 Canadian dollars
  • How Are You Walking Forward in Your Life?

    1 hr

    90 Canadian dollars
  • The Planetary Cycles in your Life

    1 hr

    120 Canadian dollars
  • For All of Your Gifting Occasions

    15 min

    Prices Vary

Determine Which Astrology Reading

is Best for You!


Have you ever experienced a full Astrology Birth chart reading before?


NO I have not:  then the first reading must be your Birth Chart/Sacred Contract reading.

This reviews the Life you signed up to experience, with all its challenges and changes your Planetary Cycles have brought throughout your lifetime, so far. This is your first Astrology chart reading from which all other chart readings spring from.


YES I have: already had my Birth Chart read - what's next?


You have two options:

  • Firstly, your annual Solar Return chart reading, the birthday-to-birthday look at what's in store this next year of Life Experience. This reading uses the location of where you were on your current/last birthday, and is compared to your Birth Chart. The planets from birth have moved into other signs/Houses of Life Experience - even your Sun sign will have moved Houses, creating a NEW Soulful focus in the current year. It's a surprise every year!

  • Secondly, your various Planetary Return chart readings, which occur at key times during everyone's lifetime. Laurie Rae will determine which of the planetary cycles are in play currently in your life (depends on your current age), and you choose which one inspires your curiosity (and what your intuition is telling you) to decide upon. 

  • Please note: there are certain ages when we all experience multiple Planetary Returns seemingly all at once!

The Planetary Returns occur throughout your lifetime:


Venus Return (every 224 days): how you're following your Heart's Truest Desires within your relationships and partnerships

Mars Return (every 2 years): Taking assertive action, with renewed vital energy, for new projects and/or directions in your life, clarified from the House of Life Experience highlighted by Mars within this Return chart.

Jupiter Return (every 12 years): New opportunities, abundance options, how you're taking much-needed risks for the next 12 years. Also: possible over-doing the optimism, spending, risk-taking issues to be dealt with. All centred around how you seek your Higher Life purpose, over and over, every 12 years.

Saturn Return (every 28/29 years at ages 28/29, 58/59 and 88/89): A change in goals/responsibilities taken on or to let go of, and dealing with any fears you have regarding success and ambition during this next cycle of Life that structures how you go forward in your life.
 Over time you'll find which goals were expectations from others vs. the ones you actually wanted for yourself!

MidLife Awareness Timing (anywhere from age 38 - 42): Here's where Uranus opposes itself, to ensure you're indeed being your true authentic self in the House of Life Experience it travels through during this timing. If you've not been allowing your true self to be seen and heard before now, by letting go of emotional and mental fears, you will experience a more challenging time now. Here's where you must decide: am I going to live MY true life or not?
 Quite insightful.

Chiron Return (age 49/50): Chiron is that Rainbow Bridge asteroid orbiting between our Personal planets (Sun to Saturn) and our Spiritual planets (Uranus to Pluto & beyond), bringing forth, since 1977, our Spiritual Awakening. From our First Chiron Square (anywhere from age 5.5 to 23) we become aware of the wounding we carry deep within that makes us hypersensitive to being rejected by others if we dare show our truly authentic Self. The Chiron Return brings renewed Spiritual maturity while the crown chakra opens wider, with clarity and connection to the wisdom of your Guides/Angels etc. Learn how will this Return colour your Spiritual life and practice for the rest of your Life.