For All Astrology Readings:

What You Bring to the Reading: 

Curiosity, an open-mind, and -heart, to discover and uncover aspects of yourself hidden before now. 

The date, time and place of your birth

 (or in the case of a Business reading, the time**, place and date your business / trade name was registered)

are required for all Astrology chart creation prior to your reading.

 **If the time of birth is unknown, inquire about this situation.

All Readings by Appointment Only
Tuesday - Saturday 
9:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Okotoks, AB Canada
Phone or Zoom Video Readings Available
Email or Call for details!

Payment Options: 

Local/national clients may pay via PayPal or E-transfer at the time of the reading.

International clients pay via PayPal prior to the reading appointment.

All Clients can request an invoice anytime!

Contact Laurie Rae to discuss / book your reading: 

Call/Text 1-587-437-3520 in Canada/North America  

or EMAIL: 

My Services

  • An in-depth look into your Birth Chart as a Sacred Contract

    2 hr

    180 Canadian dollars
  • An astrological Parental Guide regarding your Child or Teen

    2 hr

    180 Canadian dollars
  • An Introduction to Your Business' Birth Chart!

    2 hr

    180 Canadian dollars
  • Zero in on a specific topic of concern you're experiencing now

    30 min

    45 Canadian dollars
  • Let's check on where you're at now, since your last Astrology reading

    1 hr

    59 Canadian dollars
  • Monthly Return of your Natal Moon: Emotional and Intuitive Connections

    1 hr

    90 Canadian dollars
  • Personal or Business Annual Astrology Chart Reading

    1 hr 30 min

    120 Canadian dollars
  • How each family member interacts and aligns with other members

    1 hr

    90 Canadian dollars