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Some of the wonderful messages clients have left for me.

"Hi Laurie,

I just wanted to quickly thank you again for the reading! I'm still processing everything we've covered and I'm blown away by how accurate everything was. And I'm sure things that didn't resonate for now will make sense later. So thank you for helping me bring more clarity in all these areas. The Chiron part was especially helpful, insightful and brought so much clarity and validation for the business I'm building."

- Sabrina, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

       JUNE 2022

“When I first reached out to Laurie Rae, I was in a painful place. I had lost my job and, as it was the middle of an economic crisis, I had little hope of finding a new one. At the same time, I felt that so many of my childhood struggles were resurfacing. I knew enough about astrology to worry myself. I saw that there were squares between transiting planets, like Pluto and Saturn, and I was afraid. I understood that I needed to reach out to a professional. From our first communication, Laurie Rae exuded patience and compassion. During our first reading, and all of the many readings to follow over the course of several years, Laurie Rae has been professional and kind. She is always so prepared--it is clear that she has spent a great deal of time gathering materials and ideas for our readings. And she is generous with her follow-up time, as well--sending resources and thoughtful emails. I am grateful Laurie Rae and I met, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services".


-LS Kentucky,USA since 2012

“I have been seeing Laurie Rae for Astrological readings for many years personally, and within the past few years also for my business. I now look forward to the future growth of my business as a sole-proprietor, and myself, personally, with eyes wide open.

I’m always amazed how in-depth the information is that comes out of looking at a circle with a bunch of lines, numbers and squiggles!

I am my business. When I grow personally, so too does my business; when I’m in a slump energetically, so is my business. Because of this, I now have a better understanding of what, and then when, to do certain things for my company and myself. It’s like having your New Years’ resolutions set out for you, so you know and feel you are on the right path, or receive the assistance needed to get back on the right path.  


Laurie Rae is a business life coach for me, and I’m proud to say she is also my sister. xo”

Michaella Rezanoff, Licensed Japanese-style Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Therapist, Calgary, AB, Canada 2018

“I wasn’t certain how much I would be able to absorb or exactly how much information you would be offering, however, when the class ended, I came away with an amazing amount of understanding and information about Astrology from a spiritual aspect and a deep understanding and appreciation of who I really am and what my life purpose is. The other students were equally blessed and we found a cohesive bond was created with you and with each other that reaches beyond verbal expression.


Your beautiful gifts of humour, patience, and in-depth explanations in teaching are truly a blessing. The insights you have access to through your understanding of astrology and the information you are able to channel bring an amazing depth to the science of the subject and there was absolutely not one boring moment of class time. Furthermore, your willingness to be available by email or phone whenever questions or insights arose from myself or the other students is commendable. What I truly appreciated was your intent in making certain that whatever the question was it was addressed and covered totally so there was no longer any uncertainty and it was done with kindness and grace, the way an excellent teacher teaches".


With love and admiration, Rebecca Moore” Nanaimo, BC Canada 2011

“I just finished ASTRO201 a couple of weeks ago and I was amazed at the depth of information regarding the history, and learning to cast the chart by hand was very empowering as well as phenomenal. Your patience and understanding and perseverance in making certain all the students had a complete understanding of the lessons you offered is more than exceptional. When I came to some stumbling blocks about the casting of the charts you were so thorough about going over the parts I had not yet grasped and never once did I feel or believe that I had failed or caused unnecessary delays while you took the time to teach me the techniques and understanding of the lesson that I was struggling with.


The value of learning to cast a chart by hand brings to light more understanding in the reading of a chart. The empowerment of not relying on a computer program is very important for several reasons including power failure if one has a client appointment to meet, and being capable of double checking the program in some cases where doubt may prevail. The classes offer a sense of group cohesion with the fellow students and a bonding that will never end. As soon as I can, I plan to continue with ASTRO301.

Sincerely, Rebecca Moore” Nanaimo, BC Canada 2011

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