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1st QTR MOON: Balancing in Your Crisis of Action Process

Tonight, JULY 6, 2022, at 8:14pm MDT the Moon moves into its 1st QTR phase at 14 degrees LIBRA 59' Celestial Longitude for those of you following along in your Birth charts.

Here we do our Action that breaks the bindings of the past to allow in Change. Where's LIBRA in your Birth chart? This is the House of Life Experience from where the Action is required to bring in the change.

LIBRA is a Cardinal sign - initiates Change all on its own naturally - signifies the new season of Fall when the Sun enters it in September - and is all about balance, harmony, peace, diplomacy, the beauty of music and the arts, our creative muse, and what it is we wish to create within relationships.

The Crisis comes in when we're sitting on the fence - literally here, as this is the Shadow side of LIBRA - unable to DECIDE which Action I need to take! Because I might offend or hurt someone I care about, or I might make the wrong decision! The mind gets in the way here.

Tune in. Listen to how you're feeling about whatever it is you need to Act upon. What's your Intuition telling you? Listen to it. Trust it. BE it. Follow it. It guides us out of the swampland of mind-bending ping-pong back-and-forth BUT's and WHAT IF's and other Ego-self self-sabotaging techniques.

You already KNOW! So just go DO it! Balance out your life in the ways it needs. The New Moon, which began this Cycle, was in CANCER - how we're nurturing ourselves forward. Again, tuning into how we feel, what our Intuition is telling us, as guidance.

What's the nurturing piece here for you as you do this balancing Action to break those bindings from the past? Does this help you decide? Namaste

PHOTO CREDITS: UNSPLASH artists - you all rock! Namaste

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