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1st QTR Moon in Aries + YOD!

Usually I would tweet about this Moon phase, however I also wanted to talk about Comet Catalina AND the Yod, or Finger of God, that has been activated since the New Moon phase. All together it's been one whopping week of inner change and Letting GO!

Today, Sunday, January 17th, the Comet Catalina is closest to Earthsince she was discovered coming our way back in October 2013! She is winging her way past the Handle stars of the Big Dipper. This set of stars is called a asterism and is not considered a constellation. The stars therein are actually connected to three other constellations: Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and Draco the Dragon. Together, circling round Polaris, our Pole Star, they create an image long known by the ancients as the Goddess and the Dragon! They thought of this area of the sky to be the Birth place of all goddesses, the Mothers of Earth and Cosmos.

Are we now experiencing the Rebirth of the Divine Goddess, Divine Feminine power energy once more?

The planet Venus began a new 8-year journey as of August 22, 2015 within LEO. At the same time the fixed star, Regulus, the heart of the Lion, moved from being in the sign of Leo for all these thousands of years (!!) into Virgo! Both were escorted by Jupiter in Virgo too. Another rare event, to have this planet of expansion and amplification bring forth:

  • the birth of Venus as a Morning Star, within LEO - royalty, leadership, Love/Loving, leading by example, creating from the heart, romance, Inner Child, children, and a return to having fun and playing (Child of Innocence) -

  • AND a sign change by Regulus, a Royal Star, depicting a noble mind, frankness and courage. Methinks Hilary Clinton may well get in as the new US President in 2016 - time will tell. I expect there will be more new feminine leaders too within these next eight years. Our province of Alberta here in Canada had a total change in party government, the NDP, and majority of the people running this government are female! A re-balancing is definitely coming forth to everyone here on Earth.

Jupiter has stationed Rx (Retrograde) as of January 8th, bringing her energy inward, personalizing everything since. Me-directed right now. I mention Jupiter Rx because both Jupiter and the North Node Rx are in VIRGO - the Virginal Goddess - a woman with means, education, intelligence, and the means to look after herself.Not being kept or controlled by anyone. She is her own person, able to move freely, speak freely, and BE of service as she chose. The original meaning of Virgo o so long ago.

Jupiter Rx and North Node Rx at 23 degrees of Virgo are the Finger, or YOD, apex within this Moon cycle's chart. We are all heading toward expanding the True North direction of the service we are all respectively bringing to the world this Moon cycle. We will know better what that is and will be by the Last QTR Moon phase.

A YOD brings angles of planets together whereby we are all challenged to LET GO of old patterns of conditioning! And this could very well be 1,000's of years-worth! Hence all the sickness of late - people letting go physically of what was getting in the way before now to be able to EMBRACE our Divine Inner Beloved - feminine or masculine - power energy.

Within a BALANCED way - not patriarchy or matriarchy - BALANCE of BOTH for now on.

The other planets that form this Yod have already been activated within the first two Moon phases of this cycle! No wonder it feels like we've been dealing with a LOT since January 9th. These planets/asteroids are:

  • Ceres at 22 degrees Aquarius 55 minutes: first activated between New Moon January 9th and Crescent Moon January 13th. How we nurture our Future Self (Aquarius) and receive all the Future Insights we download from that Future Self on a daily basis! Look for Aquarius in your chart - in what House of Life Experience does it reside? This is where and what Future Knowledge is coming at you, via Ceres. It is also represents any old patterns of conditioning that you've been hanging onto that PREVENT you from embracing these insights, let alone receiving them! Aquarius is a fixed sign - somewhat stubborn and not easily changeable, unless it is their idea! Aquarius beckons us to BE our true authentic self AND humanitarians within our respective community. What is it you needed to Let Go of prior to the Light coming forth via the Crescent Moon? What have you been in the Dark about re: your true self? Just FEAR of BEing you? Showing your true You to others? Standing UP as you?

  • Since the Crescent Moon phase - whereby with more Light emerging we 'see' what needs to change and be let go of from the OLD me so that more of the NEW me can show itself - and just before Saturday's 1st QTR Moon at 26 degrees of Aries 16' as at 4:27p MST - ERIS Rx was activated at 22 degrees Aries 18 minutes, the second arm of this YOD, requiring us to LET GO of old patterns of conditioning. Aries brings instinctual action/reaction, warrior/pioneer energy, BEing in your physical body, and your self-identity - who am I? And how do I SHOW myself to Others (especially within my physical body aka how I dress, wear my hair, show body language)? Aries can be impatient, angry, almost war-like. Ruled by Mars, we can come to blows with ourselves and others. ERIS is sister to Mars - she will stand up for what she believes in, to the death if necessary! Let's not go that far, shall we? How about noticing the gender-role changes that have been affecting all of us since June 2012. No more 'women do this' and 'men do that'. Now it is: we ALL do this! We are ALL connected. Identity-crises have been abundant these past 3.5 years for all males and females alike.Whew! Again, what patterns of OLD conditioning are you letting go?

  • The 1st QTR Square Moon phase also in Aries continues to activate Eris Rx's position. This Moon phase brings some sort of CRISIS of ACTION- first off - to ACT or NOT to ACT? Then, what action? Because we are taking a NEW step away from something we've held dear for many a year/lifetime! Something our Ego-Shadow self deems necessary to keep to stay alive. Not so. Aries like to BE independent. Perhaps asking for HELP may be in order? And from the opposite sex? Hhhmmm...not to say you aren't capable with the current situation/circumstance etc. We are saying it is time to DELEGATE and ask for help! BE part of Community (Aquarius) and work TOGETHER! THIS is the new talent/skill we are all learning from Ceres in Aquarius and Eris in Aries working together (not apart, alone or isolated). The MORE we allow these two players' energies to work WITH and TOGETHER within us and our life this Moon cycle, the MORE positive energy/action/domino effect will be released into the position where Jupiter Rx and the North Node Rx in Virgo reside in your chart. BEing of Service in the mundane world of Earth. How much unemployment has there been these past 5+ years all over the world? And especially since the drop in the value of the barrel of oil? It is TIME to work together to create something NEW (Aries is another cardinal sign - initiating the NEW). And as always, birth pangs ensue while we rebirth ourselves through yet more change....

  • The RE-ACTION Point will reside at 23 degrees of Pisces! Here our Ego-Shadow will run, not walk, to the Drama Triangle, smack dab into the South Node position (!!) of OLD habits and skills, of BEing victim, wanting to BE rescued or BEing the rescuer, or feeling persecuted or BEing the persecutor (bully)! LOL! O well Ego-Shadow, I love you, I forgive you, and thank you for yet again needing that Drama in your life! Interesting how Pisces rules the oil and gas industry too....hhhmmm....any drama happening whilst people watch the downward spiral of oil prices? Alarm? Anger? Fear perhaps? Hhhhmmm...what to do, what to do?

The key here is to BE aware of your Ego-Shadow's escapism methods, denial methods, and resistance methods. The LOUDER they are and the FEAR is, the more you know you are moving in the right direction! Yay! Ego does not like change of any kind. Especially when it means a change in BEing, DOing or ACTing. Use the intent that any of these old patterns of resistance you've been holding onto are tossed up to Comet Catalina's tail - she will wing them away, never to return! Then,





To BECOME...your Best You Yet!

Blessed BE!

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