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1st QTR Moon phase: Crisis of Action - Work/Health Balance!

Yesterday, TUESDAY JUNE 7, 2022, the Moon entered its 1st QTR phase in VIRGO, squaring off to the Sun's position in GEMINI. Anytime there's an angle that is squared, in Astrology, we undergo a wee bit of "stress and tension" Within ourselves, which will build up until we have to DO SOMETHING to "let off the steam" so-to-speak! Creating much-needed change in our lives.

How was your Tuesday? I heard stories from friends, family and clients of "I had a melt-down!" or "had a crazy crazy re-actional day!" or "I just needed to SIT with Myself!" Yep - that's a squared Moon and Sun, within the mutable Earth of VIRGO - how to BE of Service without the extra added perfectionism, judgements, critical voice beating ourselves, and others, up over the head for not being Perfect Enough Already! Or getting it done quickly enough - or whatever IT is!

Anyone else have that kind of day yesterday? LOL! Many of us "sat with ourselves" to FEEL and LISTEN to what was going on. The 1st QTR Moon phase always brings us a choice: the crisis comes due to what we may have glimpsed, consciously or not, of what's coming our way out of our Inner darkness, during the previous Crescent Moon phase of the OLD that now needs releasing to allow in the NEW, and better supports the evolving person we each are becoming. Emotionally, Physically, Mentally and / or Spiritually. Whew!

Every Moon cycle we repeat the 8 Moon phases, within a different Zodiac sign, bringing us the opportunity to Emotionally grow - evolve - as we stop, take a beat, tune Within, to hear ourselves: Think, Feel, Question, BE vs. overDOing! Our Western society of go-go-go! is learning, the hard way at times, how to SLOW IT ALL DOWN. To BE in the moment. To breathe. From the diaphragm - deeply. To notice where you are, whom you are, what you truly think and feel, every moment of the day.

This 1st QTR Moon phase, the Sun within GEMINI (talking, thinking, socializing) squares off with the Moon in VIRGO (being of service to others in some regard, including to, and for, our physical health). What drove you crazy with too many options, ideas, plans and STOP! I need to BE with all of this for a bit - so the Ego-self showed itself, hungry to GET IT ALL DONE in nanoseconds and the physical body said, "uh-uh, nope, I'm having a nap!" or the Emotional body showed up and said, "I need to CRY CRY CRY!" or the Mental body showed up and said, "I need to make a list and think this through first!" or the Spiritual body showed up and said, "I need to connect with my Higher Self, Guides and Angels and just BE!" - where were you in this mix of options?

Possibly, if all four of your Bodies - physical and subtle ones, were shouting out all at the same time (!) YIKES! Stop. Take a beat. Breathe. What's your Intuition telling you to do that seems the loudest, first? Okay, do that Action, first. Next? Breathe. Check Within, whose next?

We cannot be hamsters in wheels anymore. The last two years have shown us this, big time! Enjoy the smells of the Lilacs, blossoms, flowers blooming, freshly cut grass, go down by the river or ocean or stream. And BE. We must take time to BE along the way. The Crisis comes when we're NOT LISTENING to our Inner Needs. Do the Action, answer the call from Within. Go with your own flow for a change! Not everyone else's. Take your time between Tuesday JUNE 7th at 8:48 am MDT and 11:44 pm JUNE 10th to practice this. Namaste


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