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For those of you who follow me on Social Media - most of what follows herein I've already posted on FB, IG and Twitter. I have added a few new bits throughout for this longer post.

In Canada's Birth chart - and the USA's - there's a LOT going on right now, bringing forth much-needed Transformation.

Today the Disseminating Moon has moved into the deeper passions and fears of Scorpio - be gentle with one another. We Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - are really FEELING all of what Canadians are feeling. The Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - will be FEELING all this too, as your opposite signs are Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. Do some Self-care on yourselves this day and week, onward.

Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, continues his dance through Capricorn, transforming the world from one of power and control through greed, into one of Empowerment for the Good of All. We've been doing this dance since 2007, with 2 more years to go.

At the same time, the South Lunar Node is moving through Scorpio too, from the back end, meeting up with today's Moon in Scorpio. Unresolved Issues from our collective Past a.k.a. Karma - to be faced, embraced, healed and let go.

Feel your feelings. Honour your fears. Pretending and pushing it all away will only make it worse, in the end. We must undergo this HUGE Re-birthing this World hasn't seen in many many thousands of years. We are dying to ourselves, our way of life - in order to rebuild into a newer more joyful and loving and empowering one.

It is a process. The Number 2 vibration brings all of the following:

1) Sensitive and doesn't like conflict.

2) Cooperation, partnerships, creativity, rhythm, music, writing

3) Diplomacy, adaptability, harmony

4) Love and friendship

5) Attention to detail

6) Gentleness

The 22 = 4 to be

1) Solid, responsible, seeking security

2) Hard work, self-discipline, system & routine

3) Organization, service, loyalty

4) Patience, practicality, conservatism

5) Application, groundedness, earthy

The 22 as Master #: brings all the practical qualities of the #4 plus having great ideas, inspiration, invention, to make the ideas into realities, visionary, overseer. [Thank you Glynnis - I've Got Your Number]

The 22 brings forth a lot of Aquarian energy - to foresee the Future in a vision that brings about Community, looks after Humanity, for the Good of All.

It's Time for all of us to step up out of the Shadows, to come together in Community, hug one another and envision a Brighter Future, to work on in the Now-verse.

Canada's undergoing a huge Spiritual Awakening, just as Billy Graham foretold 44 years ago (another Master #) due to our Jupiter Return in Pisces - the sign of Spirituality.

We're showing the rest of the world how to die to ourselves right now. Letting go of ALL that has gone so sideways while we weren't looking. We're waking up now. Time to get to work - emotionally, thoughtfully, spiritually - to bring it all into the physical in a more BALANCED way.

On APRIL 12, 2022 and NOV 23, 2022 both transiting Neptune and Jupiter will conjunct in PISCES! Both planets are Rulers of Pisces - Jupiter, traditionally, Neptune, modernly. Having BOTH perspectives conjoin twice in 2022 - well - stay tuned for MORE on this subject soon! And what it means to have this conjunction occurring in your Birth charts! What will we be CLAIMING? And, what will we be RELEASING?

The Warriors are showing themselves. The Bullies are showing themselves. We need to Love it all - Within and Without. As Canada shows its True Colours - the Shadow and the Light - we become more WHOLE - more real and honest and full of truth.

It's Time, fellow Canadians, to Love ourselves, and our Nation, through these dark times. We are dying to what and whom we used to be. What are we, collectively, transforming In To?

In the Canada Birth chart - our Rising Sign is in Aries therefore Mars, in our chart, rules this Nation. Mars sits within Virgo - to Be of Service for the Good of All. To perfect processes that have gone off the rails, literally. Mars in Virgo sits within Canada's 5th House of Creative Expression, Leadership, Recreation and Children.

It will be interesting to see how creative Canadians can be to bring forth better Leadership. There will be those who will escape into their need to play, gamble, addictions, exit stage left - this will be their way of coping. No judgement here. It is what it is - for each of us.

Mars can be Assertive. He can be Combative. He can be Aggressive. Choose your expression wisely. Mars wants to instinctively ACT. "Wait 10 seconds before you take a leap!" There will be anger, rage even. There will be impatience. Good thing Uranus and the North Node are both moving through Taurus right now - in Canada's 2nd House of Values, Worth, Self-esteem/confidence - bringing forth the need to GROUND in Nature, BE Patient, wait for it....the right TIME to Act, with the right and proper Action.

Currently, the transiting planets of Pluto, Venus and Mars are in Capricorn, in Canada's 10th House of the Public Eye, where we learn to Transform the Traditional institutions, as women and men, working TOGETHER, into what's required to move forward in this New Age of Aquarius.

That South Lunar Node in Scorpio will be sweeping away the OLD within the 8th House of SHARED Values, Money and Resources, while the North Lunar Node in Taurus, our Soul Direction, is guiding us from the 2nd House of YOUR Values, Money and Resources to stand up for, use and feel worthy from, to BUILD a new Future. For the next 17 months! Yes, into JULY 2023.

This is us. This is Canada. The World is watching. We Spiritually Guide the Way Forward. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank you so much! Namaste


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