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2021: Where Do We Go From Here?!

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's been a long while since I last wrote & posted anything Astrologically, either here or on social media. December 2020 was eventful & busy both professionally & personally for me, creating a realization that I needed some downtime for ME. Which I am taking. All of January in fact - to catch up on rest/sleep & to take stock on my life, personally & professionally & otherwise. I had to BE HONEST with myself about MY needs.

I am currently booking into February (first week is full!) & remind everyone that Astro-Dice mini readings are not offered due to COVID-19 - no in-person readings until we're out of the worst of this pandemic. As always, I continue to offer Skype / Zoom video or via phone for all my Astrology chart readings to choose from as we journey through another year of COVID.

Another reminder: for ALL my clients who opt for the recorded audio of their readings - PLEASE heed my verbal warning of my due diligence to delete all audio files stored in Dropbox, now within 30 days of your reading! My intention is to ensure YOUR PRIVACY - always have! It used to be my clients went home with their cassette tape or CD in hand - I never had to worry about your privacy. This is the only way I can keep this integral piece, going forward. I have decided, going forward in February, to send out monthly Reminder emails to clients to ensure you have DOWNLOADED your audio files from Dropbox to keep on your computer for future reference before they are deleted permanently. This is YOUR responsibility.

All of this leads to mentioning what we've all been experiencing since DEC 21, 2020 - Winter Solstice - that closest to Earth in almost 800 years Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius - the high energy of which will continue its effects on us until the Vernal or Spring Equinox, March 21st, 2021!

Where is Aquarius in your birth chart? This is the House of Life Experience in your life where Jupiter is making it LOUD & CLEAR where you need to go beyond the safe boundaries you've structured so far in your life, to TAKE A RISK towards NEW GOALS according to the THEMES that House of Life Experience reflects. To look at NEW OPPORTUNITIES that may be showing themselves & to ASK: Is this Opportunity Truly FOR ME? Or, Is it NOT?! BE Discerning...

And Saturn brings RESTRUCTURING to those renewed GOALS, along with the responsibilities. And perhaps some CONSTRICTION to slow down Jupiter's need to GO GO GO without a second thought to future consequences! Heed this too - think before leaping into a new direction by checking in on your Intuition - is it solidly saying YES or sending you dings of "something's missing here, I need MORE information first..."? We can be overly optimistic & enthusiastic without grounded practicality in play - we need BOTH!

I've had several conversations with clients, family & friends since Winter Solstice, asking, "What's up with the need to sleep MORE or not hardly sleeping? Or sleeping at hours I don't normally sleep in? And eating - not wanting to eat or eating foods/drinking beverages not normally consumed?! What's going on?!"

It's a combination of that Aquarius Conjunction (Jupiter & Saturn) plus Mercury's (our Mental body) journey also in Aquarius (now in its Pre-Rx/retrograde Shadow period!) & as of TODAY at 1: 40 pm MST - the Sun (our Soul/vital self) entered 00 degrees of Aquarius too! Again: where's Aquarius in your Birth Chart?! Take HEED: Soulfully & Mindfully - how is Jupiter helping you to Seek Your Higher Purpose in 2021? How is Saturn slowly Restructuring Your Life - be in personally &/or professionally?

Aquarius rules our INDIVIDUATION - how we each honour our True Authentic Inner Self - to be honest with ourselves as to the NEEDS of SELF right now! Herein lies the WHAT of this current Transition since Winter Solstice, & all this Aquarian energy we're journeying through - we're now taking a deeper dive, personally, INTO this Age of Aquarius that we've been navigating for over 100 years now!

Think about it: Aquarius & its planetary ruler, Uranus, rule TECHNOLOGY & in the last century (1900-1999) due to INDIVIDUAL innovation/invention & genius (Aquarian themes) coming together in community - we saw our lives change from the first flight of Kitty Hawk at the beginning of the 1900s to flying to & walking on the Moon in the 1960s, to the Space Shuttle & International Space Station by the end of the 1990s!! As well as personal computers, cellphones, social media, the internet, etc., along the way!

It is TIME, now, with Uranus travelling through the early degrees of Taurus since March 2019, to assess the HUMAN impact technology has had on our lives. Taurus rules our basic Values, our relationship with money/income & the skills/talents we each have that helps us to bring about those income streams that are necessary for human life. Taurus is an Earth sign, Fixed - dealing with the details & being hands-on with practical & creative pursuits, likes stability & security, therefore Change? Not so much!

Currently, Uranus has been squaring off with both Jupiter & Saturn (& now the Sun & Mercury!) in Aquarius - Fixed Air sign of communication with our community, peers & groups we belong to who SUPPORT the Evolving You/Future Self you're envisioning these days. This square creates STRESS & TENSION for CHANGE to ensure we each ARE being Truly Authentic/honest with ourselves, deep Within! And the paradox? Fixed signs DISLIKE CHANGE! Hence the sleeping & eating issues - what used to comfort us NO LONGER DOES - so we need to look for NEW & BETTER comforts that support the Future Selves we're Evolving into!

Interestingly, TIME is ruled by Saturn (!!) that Old Man taking his TIME to decide, think about & reason through the need for long-term goals that SUPPORT the True Authentic Needs of Self & the Community we choose to belong to! Have you seen businesses closing & people moving in 2020 & 2021, to find work that is in better ALIGNMENT with their individual needs?! Or staying put yet RE-INVENTING THEMSELVES work-wise, community-wise?

Have you been LISTENING to the whisperings of Your Future Self? Aquarius rules our Intuitive abilities to hone in on our Inner Wisdom. What's it been TELLING YOU since Winter Solstice? For a lot of us, we've been feeling like we've been in some sort of Holding Pattern - feeling the CHANGE is coming, yet it's not quite TIME yet to fully realize WHAT THOSE CHANGES LOOK LIKE, on the outside of our lives!

It's about becoming CONSCIOUS of what was Unconscious Within before now - not quite being AWARE. So yes, the sleeping weird hours, the eating of weird combos of food - or NOT sleeping/eating or wanting to DO - needing to BE & in statis for whatever reason! GO WITH IT - & YES, it IS unsettling! THIS IS CHANGE rumbling through our lives during a Pandemic that the world hasn't seen since the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-1920! Post-World War I actually...

Mercury WILL be Rx/retrograde for sure January 31 - February 20th - with the Pre-Rx & Post-Rx Shadow Times of 2 weeks prior & 2 week after these dates (so until March 13th). HEED your mental thoughts, ideas & conversations & especially your Inner Talk! What KNOWLEDGE, INFORMATION & DATA are you collecting & sharing, & with whom? And WHEN? How AUTHENTIC is that Knowledge, etc.? Critical Thinking is a MUST right now! QUESTION EVERYTHING! Awake from being a 'sheeple' - ask yourself, "What do I THINK ABOUT THIS? What do I NEED TO LEARN FROM THIS? What do I NEED MORE INFORMATION on & Conversation With & Research to Do? Is this EVEN TRUE?"

It is TIME to think outside the box - to BE TRULY AUTHENTIC/HONEST & to know that you WILL connect with your COMMUNITY of like-minded thinkers/believers along the way! We are all shifting into a DEEPER LEVEL of living as HUMANS within this Age of Aquarius - to recognize that not ALL TECHNOLOGY IS GOOD FOR US ON A DAILY BASIS! That we NEED A BREAK from it all. And each of us need to ask ourselves, "What does this mean to ME?! How has technology impacted MY LIFE & livelihood? How am I DOING using all this technology? AND HOW DOES IT DOVETAIL WITH MY VALUES? MY BELIEFS? Is it truly & authentically GOOD FOR ME?! I am amazed at how many people (including myself) who feel strongly about LEAVING social media for good! Interesting, isn't it?

Uranus in Taurus squaring off with the planetary lineup in Aquarius between the Winter Solstice DEC 21st & the Vernal/Spring Equinox MARCH 2021 will assist us ALL to KNOW WHAT WE TRULY VALUE IN LIFE, moving into year #2 of this Pandemic. No matter what your Sun Sign is - you all have a Sacred Contract that you're walking around in & living through - whether you've been made AWARE of it or not through having an Astrology birth chart reading. Interestingly, Aquarius RULES Astrology!

Bottom Line: Know Thyself - LISTEN, Take TIME & then Take Action accordingly! What needs to CHANGE in your life? How is CHANGE showing itself to you? We can only ignore it for so long before the Universe (Uranus!) makes the CHANGE for us & in ways we might not enjoy! Take HEED & Take Action, Yourself, FOR Your Self!


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