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29th Degree of Taurus: Sedna's Fated/Destined Work on Your Future Values & Worthiness

Where's the 29th degree of Taurus in your Birth chart? What House of Life Experience is being activated by Sedna's to'ing and fro'ing through this end degree since July 9, 2021?

Wherever this dynamic Great Year planet is in your chart is where your worthiness issues reside. Having moved from 00 degrees Taurus to the 29th degree over these past 55 years (!) what's Fated/Destined in your life, now, to move through and away from, until April 27, 2024?! Sedna will pass over this 29th degree several times between now and the end of April 2024. Moving us from VICTIM into VICTOR within our worthiness. Or not.

Jupiter's current Rx/retrograde motion through the initial degrees of Pisces is already making it LOUD and clear of the need to RISK - for that Leap of Faith into the Unknown towards your Spiritual, yet totally uniquely Authentically Self. And it is unveiling another layer here again - right down to our DNA levels. To connect with and SEE your Future Self / life, coming forward. Jupiter will be popping back into the 29th degree of Aquarius as of July 28th until August 7th, squaring off with Sedna's 29th degree of Taurus - creating mucho stress and tension, Within, to CHANGE something that's been out of whack for quite a while now, in your life. Where's Aquarius in your chart? What House of Life Experience is being activated here? AND: are there any natal planets therein being triggered as well?

The Full Moon Friday July 23rd was at 01 degree Aquarius 26' indicating an ILLUMINATION or AHA! moment of what's being triggered for you since July 9th and becoming really LOUD here July 28 - August 7th. In December 2021 Jupiter will be passing Directly over this 29th degree of Aquarius once again, from December 23- 29th, again creating stress and tension with Sedna's 29th degree in Taurus, before jumping back into Pisces for it's final path through our Spiritual Higher Self aspect, bringing with it - WHAT?

Risking to BE more Truly and Authentically YOU? Breathing the higher air of liberating yourself out of old modes of BEING that were structured around other people's values and worthiness measuring sticks? Echoing back to December 20th, 2020, to that once in 800-year conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn together in Aquarius - these two planets are "cleaning up on aisle 5" some of the flotsam and jetsam of what we've been afraid to face and let go of before now - those OLD STRUCTURES and VALUES that have dampened our Inner Worthiness.

I love love love how Astrology works! Current planetary cycles prepare us for the upcoming ones that can do a deeper dive now and/or later on - are you Ready Willing and Wanting to do the work - NOW? This is the question - right now. I keep looking ahead to when PLUTO finally moves out of Capricorn (been there since 2008) in 2023 into Aquarius - to pull back the curtain or carpet of what's been hidden away of secret fears/trauma regarding Being Truly Authentically YOU as part of the Collective. Our Collective Shadow has been undergoing massive CHANGE - a transformation of the darker side of humanity.

Note the transformation on Earth around the world of ALL the traditional institutions - from their need for power and control through greed - into Empowerment - win-wins for all - that right now, today, is still REALLY LOUDLY showing at government levels and corporations and healthcare, education, legal, insurance-oriented (to name a few) where this need for greed and power and control are still at play. Where the cleanup has already occurred (thank you Jupiter and Saturn lately), and NEW versions of building business WITH integrity are rising. This is Pluto at work. Makes me wonder what's in store for us in 2024 onward?

The last time Pluto moved through Aquarius was between 1777 to 1797 - [from the research done by Jessica Davidson, Writer, Storyteller, Mystic, thank you!] The Age of Enlightenment had reached its peak (Uranus was still in Gemini) where the ideas of individualism and rationalism spread. Catherine the Great, of Russia, ruled from 1762 - 1796 and Pluto's entry into Aquarius brought with it the reforms she encouraged as ideals of that Enlightenment, being a patron of the arts and sciences of the day.

Two countries were at war, to free themselves - America wanted its independence from England (1776 - 1783 ending with their Treaty of Versailles, the US Constitution in 1787 and Bill of Rights in 1789) and the French Revolution began in 1789 to abolish the feudal system and overthrow the monarchy to declare their "Rights of Man'. This revolution lasted until 1799 which descended into the Reign of Terror.

In the meantime, the Industrial Revolution was well on its way, with steam power revolutionizing both the transport and textile industries. Here's also where global trade and the growth in corporations was even greater.

The need to REFORM SOCIETY is the key here - what needs reforming in our current society? What needs reforming within your Inner world of life? The need for freedom can come objectively or it can come from "groupthink" and "fanaticism" [Jessica Davidson] - hence the "WOKE" movement coming out of this COVID Pandemic? Aquarius can be emotionally unavailable, thereby not taking into account the human emotions and needs of the physical body. Staying just on the mental level brings us into just one corner of who we human beings truly are. Not inclusive.

Right now, we need to KNOW THYSELF - to be TRUE - in order to, by 2023 onward, know what area of revolution speaks deeply to each of us. Where's your community of like-minded souls and how do you connect? Do you all support the same version of Evolution that you each "see" is coming - anticipating your Future in other words?

Aquarius also rules Technology - how is this working out for the Emotional, Mental and Physical health of humankind right now? Even Spiritually? I for one, having ALL 30 degrees of Aquarius embedded/intercepted within my 6th House of Daily work/Physical Health can see the current state of my health due to all the time/work spent in front of this computer screen!

Going forward, if I don't look after my health now, I cannot show up for my clients. If I don't have work, it impacts my health. The 6th House is a vicious cycle - to whom/what are we being of service to? I've been loving being in service to my Astrology clients and students - Spiritually, Emotionally and Mentally - however, by not being True to Myself, I've neglected serving my Physical body's health. It's getting really LOUD for me since late Fall 2020. I'm doing better than I was, yet I can do even BETTER. Looking within my own community of like-minded souls, I know who I need to connect with to help me DO BETTER, compared to who I've relied upon until now. It's not to say I haven't been helped until now - I have been - but now I need to do a DEEPER DIVE in the direction of serving my own health and welfare. I need to BE honest with myself - and honour ALL my bodies' needs - Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally AND Physically.

Jupiter and Neptune moving through Pisces - mutable Water - brings our need to Spiritually and Emotionally "go with the flow" and weave together a new version of ourselves. Aquarius squaring off with Taurus - Air and Earth - here's where the Mental body and Physical body need to be more connected on the same page somehow. Valued both ways - otherwise something's gotta give. Will it be your mental health and/or your physical health or both? This Pandemic forced most of us to do business virtually - in front of the computer, phone, iPad etc. - where we can reach others further away from our locale - yay! At what cost to the Spiritual, Emotional and Physical parts of humanity though?

Uranus moving through Taurus at 14 degrees plus Sedna at the end of Taurus - Unexpected Change to what you Value in life plus moving through Fated/Destined decisions/situations on what's truly WORTHWHILE here. Uranus, interestingly, rules Aquarius - so if I'm LIVING and STANDING UP for what I value in my life - then I'm LIVING AUTHENTICALLY. If not - then those worthiness issues come into play here - why am I putting others first before myself? How is this serving me and my future? Where/when did this VALUE come into being and is it TIME to let it go for something more worthwhile?

Check your Birth charts (or contact me to find out about yours) to "see" where this need to revolutionize what is of value in your life is occurring. For some of you it's within work/health; others it's within relationships/partnerships and how you're asking for what you want/need/value in your life! Or, if you've got either Aquarius or Taurus Rising - your Self-Identity is going through a major transformation.

REMEMBER: Uranus brings the Unexpected into our lives. Ensure that you work towards HOW you'd like this transformation to come about, otherwise, Uranus, Sedna, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune - the Universe - will take charge and you may not like the consequences/fallout. EMPOWER yourself. Take charge of the aspects of your life that are loudly calling for your attention. THIS is how Astrology works in your life. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - THANK YOU! NAMASTE

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