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Accelerated Change: 2020's Spring / Summer Eclipse Season Part I

Okay everyone! Here we go! Get ready for yet another Wild Ride of Changes coming your way...June 5th brings our second Lunar Eclipse of 2020 during the Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Each year we experience four Eclipses in two sets of two...usually...& of course 2020 has to be unique! We'll be experiencing SIX Eclipses (!!) & out of these six, FOUR are the Lunar variety - meaning we'll experience a FULL Moon cycle's worth of Emotionality, connecting with our Intuition, following our Inner Wisdom as to Next Steps in our respective lives...within 3.5 to 5 hours the day of the Lunar Eclipse!

January 10th was the first Lunar Eclipse @ 20 degrees Cancer 00' Celestial Longitude. That was the day the BC provincial Medical Examiner heard about Covid-19 & began implementing key steps to keep her province's healthcare staff & citizens safe & protected. Far ahead of our Federal leader. Cancer rules the home & hearth / country / province, mothering / fathering & nurturing. How we LEARNED to nurture as a child from our own mothers. And how we DO nurturing now as adults (!!). Now that's a loaded statement...I find it fascinating all provincial/national ME's are all women, leading the way, nurturing us through how to deal with COVID-19 & this historic pandemic reality. How are our male leaders coping with all this & leading us in nurturance?

The Lord, or ruler, of that Lunar Eclipse in Cancer was the MOON - doubly emotional rollercoaster ride for all, zeroing in on our daily habits (!) cleanliness, eh? As THE main player of this Eclipse/Full Moon, our Moon guided all of us through quite a cornucopia of emotion, following Intuitive insights & keeping ourselves moving forward to incorporate NEW daily habits of self-nurturance, & how to nurture others better, with compassion.

Where were you January 10th? What were you experiencing/doing that week? I was in Calgary helping my sister prepare for her hip replacement surgery scheduled for January 13th. We were busy ensuring her life as she knew it was all in order, because 2 days after surgery she would be rehabilitating for the next 8 weeks with Mom & I here in Okotoks, away from her 4-floor walk up apartment building! Huge change in her venue, needing to pack clothes, ensuring all care aids were brought with us, clearing out her fridge, leaving the apartment spic & span. Oh and, having the surgery! AND it was -30C that whole week! Brrrr....I remember NOT going to the hospital the day after her surgery, knowing several of her friends & extended family would be visiting her. I needed the TIME to cry, feel, let go, relax & get ready for MY role of caregiver in the coming weeks post surgery. I took that day & that time to BE, FEEL & let go. So grateful I followed my Intuition to do so. Self-care was key!

This week, tomorrow, Friday June 5th, 2020, @ 1:13 pm MDT, we experience our SECOND Lunar Eclipse - @ 15 degrees Sagittarius 34' Celestial Longitude. Yet another FULL Moon cycle's worth of Emotional rollercoaster ride of feelings, Intuitive insights & connecting to the looney / lunar side of ourselves! In other words: a full 28/29 days worth of emotionality to be accelerated through! Expect this ride to occur for approximately 3.5 - 5 hours (depends on the duration of this Eclipse) AND if you split the 5 hours in two - 2.5 hours prior to, & 2.5 hours after, 1:13 pm MDT - the intensity will range from 10:44 am MDT to 3:44 pm MDT! And this energy will impact us for the next 3.5 years into the future, becoming less intense as Time rolls watch HOW you feel, WHAT you Intuit & think & will impact your life into the future.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the Lord of this Eclipse. Everything will be LOUDER & up close, in your face. You'll be unable to not notice what needs your attention in your life. Jupiter just turned Rx (retrograde) as of May 14th in Capricorn, making its energy even more personalized. Here's what we'll most likely be addressing, processing & accelerating through leading up to Friday & over the weekend:

  • The 15th degree of any sign means we will truly be entrenched to DO what needs doing - & it will have a global effect, being Sagittarius. We HAVE to do the work - feel the feelings, listen to our Intuition, follow our Inner Guidance system! If any of you have not been allowing yourselves to FEEL the extent of what you're truly feeling about this Pandemic, being isolated, away from normal routines, before now, you will feel it all by Friday. In other words, there could be many tsunami-like waves of emotion wafting over & through many people.

  • Sagittarius, of the three Fire signs, is mutable (goes with the flow) & its fiery energy needs to BE OUT THERE in the greater world! Normally during any eclipse, you'll notice the birds & animals are quiet, that people aren't out & about as they'd normally be. Of course, with current COVID-19 isolation I wonder how many of us will be walking, out & about that day?! Many will be protesting - so it will be interesting to see what the media reports around the world that day. And "going with the flow" means doing so yet be MINDFUL of whose flow you're going along with & for how long! GO WITH YOUR FLOW too! Mix it up, balance it a bit. Be mindful of what you SAY YES to that may impact YOUR LIFE in years down the road. What's your Intuition telling you? Here's where we are clearing up past Karma & decisions of Action that no longer make sense in the NOW-verse of our lives. What once was is no longer. Change with the Times...

  • Sagittarius rules the 9th House of Life Experience in our charts, & being ruled by Jupiter, our expansive planet of needing to take RISKS, how are YOU seeking your higher purpose these days? What current safe boundaries are YOU willing to risk, break your own rules, to break free from what was keeping you from being MORE of who you truly are? What do you BELIEVE to be TRUE? How's your Faith been tested during these months since the January 10th Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon? Where are you heading now, as far as a renewed PURPOSE?

  • Usually Sagittarius heralds the need for travelling long distances. These days we're all grounded! So where will we go? How will we seek? What exactly IS our purpose if we're all isolated, at home, not working, not touching one another? How is Jupiter & this Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon bringing insightful Illumination your way?

  • Every 12 years Jupiter returns to the position & sign it was in at our birth. Moving through our Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn since December 3, 2019, Jupiter has been making it LOUD & CLEAR how our government rulers are still struggling with the Shadow side of Capricorn: power & control through greed vs. Empowerment & Integrity to create win-win scenarios for all. We've seen the shenanigans of our Federal leaders - who's willing to play with ALL the players in that sandbox, & who's not! What will it take for Canadians to say "FOUL!"...makes me wonder where we'll be by the end of this Eclipse season (July)...the last time Jupiter moved through Capricorn was December 19, 2007 until January 5/6th 2008 - just weeks prior to Pluto's journey into Capricorn (where he continues to Transform Power & Control Through Greed out in the world & within our lives!). Where were you back then? How have the themes of Capricorn been transformed in your Life since & now?

  • This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees (Moon in Sagittarius opposing Sun in Gemini) is squaring to where Mars is at 15 degrees in Pisces, creating mucho stress & tension. We will decide, individually, whether we will take assertive ACTION (Mars) to work more Soulfully within our Spiritual-self these next 3.5 years OR reside in its SHADOW side, that Drama Triangle role-play of Victim/Rescue(r)/Bully or Persecutor! Your choice. Mars brings out the Warrior - Pisces rules the spiritual & Jupiter/Sagittarius rule the religions & our Faith - wonder how this will play out these next 6 months to 3.5 years down the road? What do YOU believe to be TRUE?

The reason why the next three Full / New /Full Moon phases ARE Eclipses is because of the close connection of the Moon's Lunar Nodes - North & South Nodes - to the Moon/Sun positions! Hence why we don't have an eclipse at each New/Full Moon. These Lunar Nodes bring in Time portals of Accelerated CHANGE into our lives.

The North Node designates our Soul-self Direction to head into, one that we may be reluctant to face because we don't have a lot of experience with it. The South Node's where we have a LOT of experience from past lives & our Ego-self LOVES staying here because it's safe, secure & KNOWN. The North Node direction is an UNKNOWN. Kind of how we're all feeling right now with COVID-19 locking us down. We have NO IDEA where we're headed next. Kind of unsettling, eh?

Currently BOTH the North & South Nodes are at their 29th degree - Fated, Destined - we have no choice but to follow through, knowing we're ENDING something here - it's inevitable. Being at the 29th degree of Gemini (North Node) & 29th degree of Sagittarius (South Node) - what are we fated to END? The previous timing of the Lunar Nodes at the 29th degree of Gemini/Sagittarius was post 9/11 (!!) in October 13th - 25th, 2001. What ended in 2001 re communication, trusting the media, doing global vs. local, etc.? What now are we clearing that was Unresolved in 2001 (South Node in Sagittarius) that impacts our Faith, Beliefs in What IS/ISN'T True, & our respective Life Purpose, moving forward, now? Interesting, isn't it?

Here are the themes of these two mutable Air/Fire signs, & between May 5th & July 4th, we may very well see an ENDING or huge change in a lot of the following: [thank you Jan Spiller for these well-written themes!]


  • Motion/Activity: automobiles/mechanics, short trips (!), transportation, restless energy (!!) & excitability!

  • Learning: FACTUAL information (!), formal education, print media, the Internet, & our curiosity as what's TRUE & FACTUAL, what's not, who's not...

  • Communication Skills: writing, speaking, effective listening & teaching, mental rapport & understanding different opinions (!!) - isn't Astrology timely?!!

  • Logic/Cleverness: awareness of options, cleverness, short-term results, handyman skills (!!), ingenuity, variety - okay, how many of us are bringing out those handyman/woman skills since being isolated & at home these past several months?! LOL! And now what will we BUILD this summer, creating MORE & BETTER skills along the way? I heard new-Grad job seekers will be asked what they're proud of having mastered during COVID-19...wonder what employers will hear?

  • Social Ease/Skills: tact, acceptance, quick thinking, enjoying the moment, wittiness & having a sociable nature - more so now that we've been isolated together, eh?

  • Positive Daily Relationship Interactions: with your brothers, sisters, neighbours, schoolmates & roommates - now the siblings are your schoolmates vs. before COVID-19 - what are you learning from one another these days?

  • Calming Mental Anxiety: the overactive mental processes (that can become even MORE stirred up by social media/media pots of misinformation, drama & "let's see if we post this what will happen within the masses today?!") - can bring excessive questioning, trickery with words, superficiality, nervousness & indecision. Here's where our leaders come into play too - part of the Shadow side of Gemini to watch out for.

  • Health Areas Ruled by Gemini: hands, wrists, arms & shoulders; hay fever; lungs & breathing; the nervous system. No wonder we have the analogy of "wringing of hands" when people are anxious or overly concerned & know not what to say or think or do. Are you breathing? If not, why not? Be curious as to WHAT is creating anxiety Within - eek out the feelings & source of it - put your hand on your heart & breathe deeply until you move through it all.


  • Quest for Truth: religion, prayer & Higher guidance, places of worship, frankness & HONESTY, direct communication.

  • Peace of Mind: finding this within the Natural world, connecting outside in Nature, using your Intuition, having peace of mind because you KNOW what you know, & follow through accordingly.

  • Travel/Freedom/Adventure: spontaneity, adventure, positive expectations, exploration, foreign travel - most of this has been shut down! What now? How do we replace this & with what?

  • Legal Issues: attorneys, lawsuits, ETHICS, MORALITY, CONSCIENCE, court proceedings...timing is everything, isn't it? Protests, riots & this...

  • Faith/Optimism: faith, friendliness, good luck, generous spirit & gallantry. Watch out for being overly optimistic here too - with discretion depending on the situation. Less Pollyanna tendencies that deny current reality.

  • Finding Solutions: through mentors, colleges & universities, philosophy, seeking answers, finding solutions. Higher Education & We Speak scenarios - what are we saying to one another? What are you learning? What are we teaching?

  • Overcoming Excess: taking shortcuts, self-righteousness, making assumptions, excesses, extravagance, blunt communication, Pollyanna approaches (!) which do NOT help solve the situation.

  • Health Areas Ruled by Sagittarius: the hips, liver, sciatica, thighs & upper legs - so get out & Walk Dance Hike Skip Run Cycle...whatever it takes to MOVE the FIRE of Sagittarius out of the body! If it stagnates, it creates inflammation, pain & anger/impatience! With Self & Others.

Breathe...take in what you can...breathe...process...breathe...check Within as often as you need to, discern what is TRUTH vs. FICTION, your Inner Wisdom (Intuition) will alert you to how you're being HOOKED into Drama - emotionally so - then come back into your Wisdom Self. You've got this! Talk it out, journal, meditate, lean on each other. We're in this, together! Remember: we all signed up to BE HERE at this time, in this moment, during this historic Pandemic timing.

I always ask: what's the greater picture here? Eagle has been circling the sky as I write this post. Remove yourself from the closeness of all of this change to "see the bigger picture" from a higher height! Go for a walk or hike, breathe the fresher air. Ask your Inner Wisdom guidance system what are my Next Steps here? You'll soon KNOW what they are. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists! You all rock! Thank You!

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