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Accelerated Heartfelt Emotions...Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in LEO!

At 10:16 pm MST tonight, Sunday January 20th, 2019, we'll experience the exact timing of the Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse at 00 degrees of Leo 52'.

During a Total Lunar Eclipse, we undergo a Full Moon-to-New Moon-back to Full Moon cycle of emotions, within 5 hours! Approximately 2.5 hours prior to 10:16 pm and for 2.5 hours AWARE of, CONSCIOUS of, and WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION (?!) emotionally, during this Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon timing - because what you FEEL will be ACCELERATED...and carry on forward these next 3.5 years...

In other words: feelings of JOY, LOVE, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, PEACE, RAGE, ANGER, FRUSTRATION, DEPRESSION, FEAR, SADNESS, GRIEF....will all be cycled through you, at an accelerated rate, and the chief feeling will also BE something you carry forward with you for the next 3.5 -5 years - a year for every hour of the Eclipse...

LEO is our fixed fire sign of (according to Jan Spiller's New Moon Astrology):

  • Love & Romance

  • Creativity

  • Generosity

  • Celebration & Fun & Play

  • Dignity

  • Determination

  • Tempering Arrogance

  • Physically Ruling: the heart, back, spine, exhaustion/heat exhaustion, and inflammation.

Any Ego-self Shadow pieces can be left at the door today. Temper the anger, I'm the King/Queen of the Castlearrogance, and connect further with your HEART. Be HEARTFELT, feel it HEARTFULLY, and bring your HEART to the table. Stand up for yourself, and support your heartfelt needs/desires - WITH HEART - vs. drama/arrogance. See the difference? How you RESPOND vs. REACT is key - yet, keep on FEELING it all, along the way...

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse is (according to The Sabian Symbols as an Oracleby Lynda Hill & Richard Hill):


  • KEY NOTE: There is almost nothing that can be done at the moment. It is like being immobilized with neither mental or physical control. This will pass, but resistance will just make the situation worse. Difficulty containing emotional reactions. Becoming fired-up about something.

  • SHADOW: Making yourself ill through emotional suppression (!!!) Take note!

Since the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of January 5th in Capricorn, we've been undergoing a full Chakra Re-Boot! We began working with our Root Chakra imbalances/blockages that day, and today, 15 days later, we now work with the Crown Chakra's. See my New Moon/Solar Eclipse post for the Root Chakra details.

Here are the Crown Chakra details (a combination from Medical Astrology & The Chopra Center):

  • Ruled by: the SUN & associated with LEO

  • Glands Therein: Hypothalamus & PinealColour:VIOLET

  • Element Highlighted: ALL - Light, Ether, Air, Earth, Fire, Water

  • Main Issues: Spirituality, Relationship to God/TAO, Universal Simplex

  • When Imbalanced: lacks inspiration, aimlessness, feel lonely, excessive materialism, lacks spiritual connection, difficulty meditating, exhaustion, sensitive to light/sounds, poor sleep habits, migraines or tension headaches.

  • When Blocked: Difficulty meditating. Lack of spiritual connections. Aimlessness.

  • MANTRA to Use: OM- say this to yourself, in meditation, over and over, for 10 minutes. Do this daily until you shift your imbalances/blockages.

  • Affirmation to Use: I honour the Divine Within me and all living things.

Looking at the chart for this Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse - I see the following:

  • Water Grand Trine - so yes, we WILL experience emotionality/feelings and intuitive hits of insight to receive messages from Within, Above - to help us FEEL as we move forward...

  • Chiron in Pisces will HEAL the wounds to connecting spiritually / emotionally / intuitionally / energetically with ourselves and everyone around us.

  • The North Node in Cancer beckons us into the direction, soulfully, of the collective Family of Man, with compassion, intuition, and sensitivity to how we and others feel around us.

  • And, Ceres in Scorpio brings forth emotional nurturance through the dark waters of our fears, deep-seated as they may be, to be released, cleansed and let go. To find our PASSIONATE natures lying underneath those waters of dark emotions we fear to feel, let alone walk through.

  • Cardinal Grand Square - 4 areas of Life Experience exhibiting needs for CHANGE - ALL AT THE SAME TIME! - from Eris & Uranus in Aries (independent nature to Explore, Pioneer anew, stand up as Warrior if need be) + North Node in Cancer (direction our Soul wishes to head into WITH sensitivity / feeling / compassion / intuition) + Pluto & Mercury & South Node in Capricorn (unresolved issues from Past Lives/this lifetime regarding Power & Control vs. Empowerment + Self Talk/Communicating about your goals, responsibilities, and upward-moving change in direction).

  • And, a Constant Letting Go of OLD PATTERNS of CONDITIONING x 4 (x 6 for we folks living in Okotoks!)....I won't go into the gory details - you'll understand exactly what your patterns are that you'll be releasing this day and for the next 3.5 years. Let me say this: the YODS, Fingers of God patterns create a pentagram here in Okotoks - the Hand of the Goddess - to connect with your Divine Feminine nature and abilities - both women and men - and all mixtures of natures. FEEL, BE, RECEIVE, INTUIT, BREATHE...

Luckily for us this happens later today - however, leading up to 7:45 pm, well...those of us more sensitive to these subtle changes will have already been riding the waves of emotion/migraines/tension headaches/sleeplessness/buying things vs. spending time Within this past week...and for most of you, the subtleties of a Lunar Eclipse will pass on through you almost Unconsciously...while for the rest of us...not so much...

Bottom Line: FEEL your emotions, STAY WITH THEM, take note of your INTUITIVE HITS OF INSIGHT along the way, and ENJOY this ride that will open up your Crown Chakra for clearer connections with YOUR Divine Spirit/Soul-Self! Heartfully...

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Dad's passing AND we're celebrating my youngest sister's birthday, without our middle sister - Blessed BE Dad and Tamra! We LOVE you both so much!


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