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Are Ya Following Your Heart Yet?! New Moon in Leo August 18, 2020

Continuing on from Sunday's Astrological post, we'll be entering a new New Moon cycle tomorrow, Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 8:42 pm MDT. A LOT of Fire is on its way folks!

The Moon & Sun will meet at 26 degrees LEO 35' of Celestial Longitude (for those of you following along with your Birth Chart) creating that Seed of Unrealized Potential we'll see ILLUMINATED & fully flowered by Full Moon in a couple of weeks! And yes, yet another heat wave is upon us, weather-wise! Interesting how the NEW MOON sign signifies a LOT of what we'll experience in the season we're in! Cool!

The Grand FIRE Trine formation that's in play this New Moon brings the following characters / actors / planets together in a SEEMINGLY easy & loving triangular connection - I say seemingly because we can also become LAZY after that initial spark of INSPIRed (In-Spirit) Creative Action shows itself Within each of us! Heads up! Here's the Fiery Trio:

  • Moon + Sun + Mercury in LEO: here's the Creative Expression right out of the gate! Are You on board Emotionally AND Soulfully AND Mindfully?! What's been sparking your creative juices since the weekend, even today?! Look for where this trio, sitting at 26 & 28 degrees of LEO respectively, are located in the Birth chart - THIS is where the INSPIRATION stems from in your Life! Are ya on board yet?

  • Here's where I continue with what I posted yesterday - ERIS Rx/retrograde AND her bro, MARS, sitting together at 24 degrees ARIES - the sign Mars rules btw! I always equate Mars/Aries as The Fool card in some regard - that need for Independent ADVENTURE, Leaping with Faith that all will work out in the end without too many plans ahead of time. Some degree of THOUGHT needs to be put into place prior to Action! Brother & Sister, Mars & ERIS, bring the Inner Masculine & Inner Feminine principles out, Mars more loudly than ERIS due to his Direct/Outward motion vs. her Rx/Inward motion. Question is: are they BOTH on the same plan of Action? Are these Inner Principles in sync, balanced, Within YOU?! Mars reminds us of the Action we've intended for a while, & ERIS reminds us of what we've been long NEGLECTING in the area of Life Experience this dynamic duo are activating in your Birth chart. Check. It. Out. Warrior + Explorer + Pioneer energy is definitely in play here! Something NEW this way comes...The SHADOW here: being AT WAR with yourself! A tug-of-war struggle - learn to create an AND between the receptive side of the Feminine AND the action side of the Masculine, Within You! All genders have this Within.

  • The Lunar South Node Rx in Sagittarius: here's where our respective Past Lives come into play - any Karmic Unresolved Issues - AND this Node is also being activated by the Galactic Centre - both sitting at 27 degrees Sagittarius! So we're dealing with our distant PASTS AND the Divine Beckoning us into our Future - all at the same time! THIS is where the laziness may rear it's head - because we all know our Ego-self would rather NOT face the Past nor especially the Future! Ego LOVES safety, security & the KNOWN. Unresolved Issues from past lives equates to UNCONSCIOUS emotional memories vs. the mental ones to be dealt with. Karma is at play here. Will you repeat the past, ignore the Purpose beckoning you, or strive forward to MEET YOUR True Highest Purpose, Now?! The South Node also brings forward PAST Skills & Talents we've honed over several lifetimes - natural talents we have NOW - that we may need to dust off because we've not used them in a long while - or taken them for granted! Cool, eh? Gifts & challenge & courage abound!

  • Look into your Birth Chart (if you have one) to SEE where this Trio are lovingly connecting THREE Houses of Life Experience to work TOGETHER - all from the same element of FIRE - Action that is a combination of INDEPENDENCE (Aries) + HEARTFULLY CREATIVE (Leo) + SEEKING Your HIGHER PURPOSE through connecting with your core Beliefs & Faith - taking a Leap of Faith! Here's a HUGE opportunity to bust out from behind current boundaries that keep you safe & smaller than your Soul-self needs from You right now.

Another formation from the Moon/Sun in LEO lies in opposition to our Part of Joy in Aquarius - that spiritual JOY we find when we're being TRULY AUTHENTICALLY OURSELVES! Creating an AND here too - between the fiery creative action/leadership of Leo & the airy community-minded rebel of innovation & inventiveness - Aquarius! Find your JOY through ensuring you're in alignment with YOUR VALUES, Skills & Talents you have in your toolbox of experience, to increase self-worth/esteem/confidence when it comes to how you handle & manage money/income streams in your life.

SEDNA lies here in the apex position, in Taurus, asking you to mature spiritually as VICTOR vs. VICTIM. Another opportunity to Speak Your Truth, be hands-on & tactile with whatever is in front of you coming from that Fiery Trio above! SEDNA is all about Unlimited Supply that is available to all of us. Are you Worthy of the stress & tension this will bring into your life this Moon cycle? The SHADOW: fixed signs totally dislike CHANGE, can be extremely STUBBORN - similar to cutting your nose off to spite your face! Really?! Seriously?! Breathe & take Courage & ALLOW the change to roll on through...

Lastly, we're all being called to LET GO OF OLD PATTERNS OF CONDITIONING when it comes to being THE authority figure in what we wish to BUILD via long-term goals, with Integrity, that leaves a legacy somehow. Something Emotionally & Intuitively creative, that heads into the Soul Direction we're collectively experiencing - within Gemini - immersing our curiousity into the chaos of life, following the information flow, gathering together all that is relevant AND then SHARING it - vs. hoarding it.

In our collective Pasts, we've somehow thought WE KNEW IT ALL & denied ourselves being curious, not connecting mindfully with others, by talking AND listening equally. Too many I KNOW IT ALL's. Does this ring true for you? The New Moon in Leo is helping us to create a NEW SKILL by Emotionally/Soulfully expressing ourselves in some creative way while ALSO being CURIOUS along the way in that creative expression - there WILL BE something NEW that shows itself to us that we would not normally expose ourselves too! Follow your INTUITION here too - despite any Ego-self FEARS of resistance/denial/distraction - dive into the chaos of networking, perhaps for the first time, via social media or actual groups of people - virtually or otherwise! Connect with others who may KNOW more or differently than you! You might just learn something NEW about yourself AND about the direction you've been heading into, Soulfully.

Shadow here: talking yourself INTO & OUT OF that Intuitive movement/action in nano-seconds! Being of TWO MINDS about decisions you've made, moving forward. It's okay to second-guess yourself, but keep it to a dull roar. HONOUR your Inner Wisdom via the ERIS/Mars need for Inner/Outer Action AND bring forth that Inner something that's been wanting to CREATE Soulfully OUTWARDLY for some time! Connect with your Higher Self/Future Self via that Galactic Centre (visually, look for the Milky Way nightly!) & ASK for assistance, for courage, for that Leap of FAITH forward! You've got this! YOU CAN DO THIS! Whatever that spark of INSPIRed Action is telling you to DO! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH Photo Artists - Thank You! So Much!

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