Astrological Weather: Week of July 18 - 24, 2022

Today's post - MONDAY JULY 18th - morning of RAIN!!! and WIND!!! Yah! Thank you to the Gods / Goddesses for this reprieve from all that heat! So grateful and thankful to be receiving it all.

Today's SUN is at 25 degrees CANCER 58' Celestial Longitude, with MERCURY nearby at 28 degrees - so do be MINDFUL of how you are CARING - for yourself, others, doing Self-Care, Caregiving, etc.

Highly sensitive times as both the Sun and Mercury are sending love lines to where NEPTUNE Rx is in Pisces (25 degrees Pisces 19') whereby today's Portals are coming to us - with ease and grace - and all sorts of HELP if you just ask for it. From your Higher Self, Guides, Angels, ArchAngels, Great Spirit - however you DO your Spiritual connections - call on them for assistance in whatever needs healing, mending, caring, loving, compassionately. Even for Forgiveness - of Self and/or Others. And there's still a wide connection to that South Lunar Node in SCORPIO - now sitting at 19 degrees - bringing forth even MORE opportunity for release if you so choose to take advantage of the opportunity and energies to do so.

Both the Sun/Moon are sitting opposite PLUTO Rx in CAPRICORN at 27 degrees 23' Celestial Longitude - what are you also Transforming here for yourself? Letting Go again - of anything that blocks or holds you back from whatever you've been BUILDING that is NEW, using current resources already on hand. How do you do your WORK and your SELF-CARE at the same time? Staying sane means standing in the middle of all of this, putting mindful energetic connection out in all the areas chatting with us this week. Creating an "AND" is the key - not Either/Or. etc.!

I took a few days off after that Full Out of Bounds Moon in Capricorn - here's when and where we have been / will be within this current Moon cycle:

  • SATURDAY JULY 16th at 5:55 pm (555 = HUGE CHANGE IS RUMBLING THROUGH YOUR LIFE) - in the Disseminating Phase - of reaping the abundance and Wisdom gained since the New Moon of JUNE 28th - what have you gained and what did you share with others? Within 09 degrees PISCES 25' Celestial Longitude - this had a mix of the Spiritual with the Drama. What did you notice over the previous weekend?

  • WEDNESDAY JULY 20th at 8:18 AM MDT - the LAST QTR MOON Phase - equal amounts of Light and Dark - balance of some sort was required - within the lens of ARIES (at 27 degrees 51') connecting with where ERIS resides - sister to Mars - how you LIBERATE yourself into your independence. CRISIS of CONSCIOUSNESS here folks - what came into your awareness that you no longer can ignore? To somehow take Action on, to Explore and Pioneer something NEW in your life that requires some balance, peace, harmony etc.?

  • And SUNDAY JULY 24th, 2022 at 8:52 AM MDT - our final Moon phase of this Moon cycle - BALSAMIC MOON - within 16 degrees GEMINI 42' - of letting GO emotionally through thoughts, conversation, texting, emails, to move away MORE of the duality of Either/Or, black/white, off/on - how do you COME TOGETHER within the information and knowledge so-far gathered since New Moon? The alchemy of "AND" and "together" realizing something MORE than the various parts?

We'll be doing this Release until the next New Moon on THURSDAY JULY 28th. AND - for those of you who are consciously releasing the distortions from your Chakras - we connect to the ROOT Chakra, through the meeting of VENUS and the Balsamic Moon JULY 26th within the lens of CANCER - interesting how previous Moon cycles and Moon phases set us up for other Planetary meetups! More on this later.

Enjoy the RAIN! The cooler breezes. Some much-needed balance in weather is needed every now and again too. Since the Sun is in CANCER for 5 days more - could be the RAIN of the water of this Sign we need more of for a bit. Namaste

PHOTO CREDIT: my creation via CANVA in 2021

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