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Balancing Act: Release Old Patterns to Attain Illumination - Full Moon in Libra

Later today, at 12:55 pm MDT here in Alberta, Canada, the Moon will sit exactly opposite the Sun, reflecting our Solar Unconscious Desires over the next several days.

The Full Moon will be at 26 degrees Libra 45' of Celestial Longitude,

while the Sun sits at 26 degrees Aries 45' - Cardinal Air and Fire - initiating something NEW, to be ILLUMINATED or FULFILLED - within your life. Any AHA! moments come your way - out of your unconscious/subconsciousness into Conscious Awareness?

At the same time, pointing to this Full Moon in Libra, is a YOD formation - or Finger of God - from where Sedna (28 degrees Taurus 35') our Spiritual Maturity gal, and the North Lunar Node - Soul Direction - (23 degrees Taurus 55') are sending a mini-love line over to those two Rulers of Pisces - Jupiter and Neptune - both sitting at 24 degrees Pisces - and YES that once-in-166-years conjunction is STILL IN PLAY!

These 3 planets/Nodal points are sending lines of connection to this Full Moon in Libra which bring us into the NEED to Release Old Patterns of Conditioning (!!) and as we do so, we INITIATE and ILLUMINATE something NEW in our lives!

The Spiritual/Mystical/Sacredness of Jupiter / Neptune in Pisces - how are you connecting MORE Within yourself, via your Higher Self/Future Self vs. drama in your life? Pointing to the Full Moon in LIBRA - she wants to MORE BALANCE, our Moon. She beckons Peace, Harmony, Beauty, Connection of a one-to-one relationship with significant Others in our lives - Friends, Beloveds, Partners - with whom we each resonate deeply with, Spiritually so. Versus the DRAMA - role-play of Victim or Rescue(r) or Bully/Persecutor combinations.

At the same time, the need for Spiritual Maturity and that Soul Direction coming from Sedna/North Node - here's where the Letting Go of Old Patterns of UNWORTHINESS, of feeling UNVALUED, of not being able to SPEAK MY TRUTH (Throat Chakra is in play all month!!) pointing to that Full Moon in Libra. Bring in the Balance! Speak up! Your WORDS are WORTHY and of VALUE!

AND: the duo Rulers of Pisces (Jupiter/Neptune) are sending a love line to that South Lunar Node sitting at 23 degrees Scorpio - making it easy-peasy to LET GO of Unresolved Issues from the Past/Past Lives of Fears, Trauma, Pain and Suffering, on a DEEPLY EMOTIONAL LEVEL! We're clearing so very much deeply embedded Emotional and Spiritual wounding right now. And yes! It is exhausting. And yes! It is TIME and it is NECESSARY in order to move forward, through and into a better place - spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically!

The Earth sign of Taurus - is the physical realm; the Air sign of Libra is the mental realm; the Water signs of Pisces and Scorpio are the spiritual/emotional realms; and the Fire sign of Aries brings in the Spiritual realm - to BE inspired / in spirit - to creatively take Action - in a NEW direction (Aries and Libra are both Cardinal signs - hence we initiate something NEW in our lives as we RELEASE the Old Patterns of Conditioning/Past Life stuff)!

The North Lunar Node in Taurus - how are we releasing the unworthiness while keeping the gems of the traditions that we need most right now? The sacred? This is our collective Soul Direction right now - physically, what do you need to KEEP in your life and what needs to be released? Materially.

Instinctual Action = Sun in Aries - to not edit your instinctual nature - to go on a NEW adventure you've not explored, from Within, before now. What will you be pioneering here? How will your Inner Warrior nature come through between now and April 19th evening when the Sun moves away from fiery Aries into more placid, patient and earthy Taurus?

Learning to combine, as a new skill/talent for each of us, will be that Sedna/North Node semi-love line connection to the dual Rulers Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces during this Full Moon in Libra. The MORE we know of and EMBRACE our Worthiness and Value ourselves, the better we'll connect, Within, through our Spiritually-oriented emotionally-charged INTUITIVE gifts/insights to help lead us out of the woods of what seems a world of chaos.

What IS your Intuition telling you these days? Is it practically screaming at you - are you listening and taking heed? To move into the right and most instinctual Actions you can possibly leap into and TRUST in the process/stepping stones illuminating your way forward at this time?

Interestingly, that South Lunar Node in Scorpio, releasing Old Traumas etc., from the Past - is also sending a line of connection back to the Sun in Aries holding hands with ERIS, also in Aries - our LIBERATION Point - to be liberated FROM our deep-seated fears of not standing in our Power. Allowing others to control us, have power over us - and why exactly?! How is your Inner Warrior being activated as you release more old patterns of conditioning - from how many lifetimes now?

The time for stagnation, too much patience, and reluctance, the "I'm not Worthy!" and "I'm not of Value" mindsets - time to release all of this as well!

Feel the Inspiration, follow the Intuition, feel the feelings and Take Action! ALL OF THIS will create the Balance needed in each of your lives at this time on this planet Earth this day, April 16, 2022, onward. What's your Action Plan? Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all Rock! Namaste


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