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Balancing the Illusion With Fate & Destiny - Full Moon in Libra

Tuesday April 7, 2020 the Moon & Sun will sit opposite one another creating the Full Moon phase as of 8:35 p.m. MDT at 18 degrees Libra 43' (Moon) & 18 degrees Aries 43' (Sun) of Celestial Longitude.

Each Full Moon brings an Illuminating Moment - an AHA of what's been growing from the unrealized seed of Potential at New Moon. What's being revealed to you now? What is "dawning on you"?

The themes we're working within this Libra Full Moon is one of BALANCE, EQUALITY, connecting one-on-one within our various relationships & partnerships - personal & business. All about HOW we relate, with WHOM, & WHY.

During this Full Moon the Moon reflects the Unconscious Desires of the Sun - the Emotional Body with the Soul Body - feeling the feelings, following the intuition in order to ACT upon the true desires of the Soul self. What is your Soul asking of you this week? Where are you heading instinctually (Aries)? How much balancing & equalizing is required Within & within your life/work areas? What has been too extreme or not even visible?

This Full Moon we're also being asked to LET GO of OLD PATTERNS of CONDITIONING that will free all of us Emotionally, to BE in BALANCE with one another. There are illusions / delusions occurring during this so-called pandemic orchestrated beyond our control right now. Fated & Destined to be hands-on with our Spiritual selves - we seek to dissolve the lies & reveal the Truth. Connect with the Higher Mind - let go of the Drama Triangle role-play of Victim - Rescue Me - Persecution. We have a Spiritual Mission here folks! Wake up!

Libra brings in all of the following to be ILLUMINATED in your life this week (themes from Jan Spiller's New Moon Astrology book):

  • Partnerships / Marriage - this can mean business or personal - what are you marrying right now? How are you relating to what's going on in the world at this time? What are you agreeing to? Sharing? Is there true interdependence here or is there not?

  • Negotiating Skills - what's fair? Does your relationship/partnership have balance & equality? Do you appreciate opposite viewpoints? What do you need to negotiate on? Receive counseling on?

  • Harmony! Libra is ruled by Venus - what peace, beauty, art &/or decorations do you need to imbue your life with at this time? Decorating for Easter, the coming Spring (that seems to much later than usual here in Canada!) getting your gardening plans made for the upcoming planting season? Whatever it is - rearrange the furniture, the artwork on the walls, bring in the new, take out the old.

  • Teamwork - how supportive are we being with one another? What new collaborations need to be brought about? Are your relationships supportive of whom you are & what you need? The "spirit of cooperation" is being called forth more & more during current self-isolation - how far will this take us? Do you identify as a team player or a critical thinker? Both?

  • Sociability - here's where Libra SHINES - the companionable connection with Others, especially our one-on-one connections, chit-chats & sharing ourselves at a deeper level than normal. More & more virtually these days! Miss the hugs from close friends!

  • Refinement - here's where we take a gander at how much luxury, elegance, beauty, good taste & grace WE ALREADY HAVE in our lives! Gratitude is amazingly grounding & centering. We breathe easier knowing WE ALREADY HAVE IT ALL!

  • Healing Co-dependency - here's where we undergo an Identity Crisis - loose our sense of SELF with the OTHER. Any co-dependent tendencies will certainly show themselves as this quarantine time extends itself. Be decisive. Know Thyself & then share Thyself, knowing that you're TRULY talking about that which YOU wish to talk about! Debate about it to LEARN, GROW & be heard for the true individual self you are & always have been! Enough of the herd-mentality - BE YOUR OWN PERSON & not a people-pleaser. AND be in partnership because this partnership helps you to be MORE of your true self, not less!

  • Physically: here Libra rules the adrenal glands, buttocks, diabetes (sugar imbalance - interestingly, Medical Astrology teaches us that sugar addiction is ruled by Venus - she rules Libra - how is sugar replacing that which is NOT in your life at this time? What exactly IS it that you're truly missing?), the kidneys - key is to drink loads of water to clear out toxins, help clear any pent up emotional blocks - flow with yourself in this regard. Adrenal Fatigue is a thing these days - look at what is OUT OF BALANCE in your life! What do you need to let go of & what you need MORE of! Make room for the new by letting go of the old - emotionally, mentally, spiritually, & /or physically!

I'm amazed at how MUCH I've been letting go of this past month, especially during this Moon cycle so far. What have you been letting go of? And why? Where was the imbalance in your life? What is balancing out for you now?

Tuesday's Full Moon in Libra is also holding hands with Juno - the Feminine face of Venus - asking us to connect with truly committed, equal partnerships & relationships now. In all areas of your life. For those of you with your birth charts handy - wherever you have LIBRA in your charts is where this balancing & need for commitments will occur this week.

Illuminate yourself to another this week. What has needed to be said? Where are you coming from that the other did not see? And vice versa?

We also have a Grand Air Trine during this Full Moon, connecting Juno Rx in Libra with Mars in Aquarius with Vesta & Hygeia in Gemini. Lots of connecting, relating, sharing & chatting - taking assertive action as the truly authentic person you are, with concentrated focus on the right & proper INFORMATION coming to us regarding this so-called pandemic - what will we commit to? How will this equalize us all? What are we truly LEARNING? Is it the truth? Use your critical thinking caps, ask questions, then assert your actions accordingly.


Photo Credits: UNSPLASH artists/photographers - you ROCK!

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