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Balsamic Moon + Venus + Comet...

I will keep this short and as sweet as I can - stay tuned for the New Moon post in a wee while!

The Balsamic Moon phase began @ 4:30a MST December 6th at 00 degrees of Scorpio (!!) AND Venus (planet of our Desires - what I call our Desire Body) passed right in front of the Moon - both in Scorpio. Meanwhile, Comet Catalina whizzed by...and I channeled this message:

Comet Catalina brings in a piece of LIGHT into our Shadow Darkness. Venus is our Desire Body, and she impregnated our Emotional Body (Moon) with an upload of Love, Harmony and Balance to ensure a more EQUAL relationship within each of us TO our Shadow Selves. Therefore, this Balsamic Moon @ 00 degrees of Scorpio began a brand NEW cycle with New Beginnings deep Within of how we emotionally, deeply and passionately work BOTH our Inner Light and Inner Shadow, relating to, and with, one another! "As Within, So Without. As Above, So Below."Blessed BE!

This whole Moon cycle, that began in Scorpio, has been about the following:

Meeting our Shadow selves...LOVING our Shadow selves...Working WITH our Shadow selves, blending it with our Soul self, for now more either/or.

With the Balsamic Moon phase almost at a close, do you now 'see' your WHOLE self and Love it all? The Light and the Dark, equally? Most of us underwent huge fear issues that needed to be seen, heard and healed. This week, we 'see', decide, and take on NEW ways of meeting our Dark/Shadow self, working with that self, and loving it, for now on.

A reminder for everyone of the 4 Stages of Scorpio listed below. Where are you now during, and after, this Moon cycle?

  • SCORPION: Ego and power issues reside here. The lesson is to give up the need to emotionally control people. The Saboteur archetype according to Robert Ohotto, Astrologer in Denver, CO. The Scorpion must go through people's Egos in order to get what they truly want; therefore our irrational actions can sabotage us.

  • SNAKE: Here we start asking, "Why do I do this?" which helps to get the answers to our self-sabotaging by reflecting on our behaviour to 'see' the same pattern we repeat time and again. Sometimes we will need to go see a counselor or psychologist for deeper assistance for this conscious development.

  • EAGLE: here we come into Witness Consciousness - we need to Emotionally BE there with and for ourselves, AND, at the same time, NOT emotionally REACT! Here, like the Eagle, we still need to hunt for food, via a conscious ferociousness, and find we cannot control things or outcomes. This IS the power level.

  • PHOENIX: here we finally arrive at the Master level (mastering our Ego-self). The Eagle bursts into flame and becomes the Phoenix, rising from the ashes of what WAS, leaving survival instinct and raw power. For example: Instinct lead Jesus to hang on the cross, and He was afraid, yet He did it anyway!

The other Scorpion Archetypes are:

  • Alchemist

  • Healer

  • Avenger

  • Researcher

  • Therapist

  • Psychic

  • Historian

  • Extremist

  • Guide

  • Destroyer

  • Detective, and

  • Saboteur - where are YOU? Who are You? I see a combination of several in me!

We all have Scorpio somewhere in our birth charts. We ALL undergo an never-ending cycle of Life-Death-Rebirth within Scorpio, arising from the ashes (or not) each time, just in time to dive deeper for yet another level of Inner consciousness-raising, over our lifetime.

Where Scorpio is located within your chart is where you become reborn, over and over, in that part of your life. Where is your Scorpio? And do you LOVE this part of yourself, now?

Blessed BE!

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