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BLUE/Full Moon in Taurus: All Hallows' Eve brings Security, Secrets & Passion for Beauty!

Saturday morning at 8:50 a.m. MDT (we turn our clocks BACK one hour early Sunday morning!) the Full Moon sits opposite the Sun, reflecting the Sun’s Unconscious Desires to Illuminate where we each stand within our respective rootedness on this blue planet of ours!

At 08 degrees Taurus 38’ Celestial Longitude, this “BLUE Moon” is exactly aligned with Uranus Rx/retrograde, both sitting opposite the Sun’s position at 08 degrees Scorpio 38’.

Mercury is still Rx, having backed his way into Libra at 26 degrees 50’ Celestial Longitude. He will Station Direct at 10:50 a.m. MST Tuesday November 3rd. Then we move Directly through the full 30 degrees of Scorpio from November 11th until December 1st!

We began October with that Full Moon in Aries & end with the second Full Moon, or Blue Moon, in this same calendar month. Seems we’ve not had a Blue Moon on Halloween since 1944! A rare event indeed!

Taurus is sensual, taking its TIME to enjoy everything at hand. What you smell, taste, see, hear, & touch! No rushing around today people! ENJOY YOURSELVES as much as you can allow!

With Uranus RIGHT THERE (!) we can Expect the Unexpected, as we continue to Value our Rebel selves, ensuring we’re being Truly Authentic to that which we value in our lives. Within Taurus, which rules the Throat Chakra, Speak Your Truth as much as possible. With the Sun in Scorpio, there are Secrets to be told that we’ve been hanging onto for a long time. The Secrets can hold a hint of Fear, which together keeps us from BEING our True Authentic Selves! Those “frozen in Time” shards of past emotional trauma/hurts we’ve not looked at, let alone healed.

Mentally, what has Mercury going Rx through Scorpio from October 14 – 28th shown you of these Secrets/Fears? What have you been hiding from yourself, keeping yourself smaller than necessary, wary of change? What will you DECIDE to deal with throughout November into December?

This Blue/Full Moon brings up the Emotions to be faced, Intuition to be followed, Sensuality to be explored. I love how we have a Chinook here in southern Alberta, melting the snows, revealing those green lawns & fallen leaves once more! We can SEE the natural beauty of this 2020 Autumn, while the kids go Trick or Treating in their neighbourhoods.

Taurus can be stubborn – he’s waiting for the RIGHT MOMENT to allow the Change that is awaiting in the wings. Don’t wait too long! If you don’t allow in CHANGE when it’s meant to come, URANUS Rx will do it for you! With Unexpected twists & turns & results! Will you Empower yourself this time by stepping up & creating the much-needed Change yourself?

We must also create an “AND” between the Sun’s deepest Unconscious desires that were trapped “Frozen in Time” way back when (?!) & this Blue/Full Moon’s need for security & monetary stability. As I’ve said before in previous posts: the last time Uranus moved through Taurus was from March 29, 1935 to May 15, 1942! Huge changes enveloped the world during this time that led up to & into that Second World War. Money was scarce, food rations were in play, women took over the jobs men left behind as they headed to fight for their countries. Families were scattered & / or shattered forever.

During 2020, we have a COVID-19 Pandemic, a US Election (interesting how it’s usually during a Mercury Rx period!) & we Canadians wondering who they can believe within our Federal government as leaders turn their backs on corruption & pass laws behind the scenes without a full contingent of Party leaders to discuss things, ensuring everything’s above board, being transparent.

Scorpio hides secrets; Pluto reveals them & continues to do so through his Capricorn journey begun back in 2007. The heat is on at the Government levels – their secrets & more will be revealed into 2024 as Pluto pulls back the covering of whatever Pandora’s Box of tricks or treats has hidden there.

We can find our Spiritual Joy/Connection this Blue/Full Moon in Taurus by doing something hands-on as a ritual, a coming together with our Ancestors who have moved along before us. All Hallows’ Eve is indeed the time when the veil between the worlds lies thinly, allowing people to pass back & forth with ease.

Watch your energetic connections at this time! Not a time to play fast & loose with the Esoteric & Metaphysical realms. Everything is Sacred. You are Sacred. I am Sacred. Our blue Earth is Sacred. Honour the Sacredness & the Beauty, Within & Without! Root yourself into that which you truly value in your life, right now. Remember to BE Truly Authentic, Always & In All Ways. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH artists! Thank you all so much!

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