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Break Through Traditions to Find Your Inner Rebel - New Moon in Aquarius!

Today, JAN 21, 2023, the Sun meets up with the Moon creating the first New Moon timing of 2023, at 1:53pm MST, sitting within 01 degrees AQUARIUS 33' Celestial Longitude, for those following along in your Birth Charts! A Super Duper Extra-Ordinary New Moon!

Heads Up! We'll experience 13 New Moons this year! AND! They will mostly be OOB - out of bounds - where the New / Full Moon moves out past the realms of the Sun's orbit (past 23 degrees N or S of the Ecliptic) of 'normal boundaries' - creating a Wildcard effect, highly creative, erratic, unexpected twists and turns are coming your way!

At the same time, today's New Moon has the Moon's position within its orbit the CLOSEST to Earth in 992 years, not to be seen again until 2145! What astronomers call being at PERIGEE. Meaning: the magnetic pull of our Moon - how we feel, Intuit, receive, do our daily habits, our moods - affects what's going on here on Earth, in our bodies, creating wilder weather patterns, more earthquakes, erupting volcanoes - As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without.

Hence all the erratic feelings you're having or observing/experiencing from others. The need for rest, rest, rest. More and more water to flush out the toxins and help with the HUGE downloads of now AQUARIAN Cosmic Knowledge coming into each of you, via your DNA, creating more enLIGHTened beings here on Earth. Perhaps your own mood swings have gone OOB too? Crying more, angry more, joyful more, laughing more? All at the same time?

You may find your eating patterns have changed - less meals, less quantities at the meals, not wanting to eat at all? Or eating weird combos of foods? The need to BE out in Nature - to ground yourself, to see the Sun, feel its warmth (when it's out from under those clouds, eh?), hug a tree or two or three?

The Sun entered AQUARIUS, our fixed air sign, yesterday, after being in cardinal earth of Capricorn since DEC 21st, 2022. Moving from dense earth, into cosmic air. Feels a bit lighter now, doesn't it?

Today's the New Moon - OOB and at Perigee. Sunday, JAN 22nd is the Year of the Rabbit Chinese New Year - another lighter/brighter year they say - and Uranus stations Direct. Expect the Inner Changes to now be seen outwardly over the course of 2023!

Monday JAN 23rd, the Moon and Venus meet up in AQUARIUS signalling the entry into the Sacral Chakra Gate of Creativity where we reclaim healthier energies of how/what we are inspired to Create, bring forth richer Life Force energy, look at our connection to money - more as Sacred than from fear or desperation - and how we look after ourselves more sensuously. Look up and out at sunset these next several nights, and a bit afterward, to catch a glimpse of VENUS hanging out in the Evening sky as Evening Star.

Wish Upon A Star - what are your Intentions for this Moon cycle that brings greater organic creativity your way? Where's your Passion level been lately? Does it need a boost? What are you Grateful for and perhaps invite Advanced Gratitude for what's coming your way? How's your Self Worth, are you Content, where's your Enthusiasm for life, the work/service you're doing out in the world? Are you still discovering, being curious, accepting what IS, feeling fulfilled? All themes of a healthy Second Chakra/Sacral Chakra.

With Venus now in Aquarius, she's also meeting up with SATURN (23/24 degrees AQUARIUS within this New Moon chart) and signals the "Avant-Garde Revolutionary, the Female Avatar, the Grand Experimenter, the Cosmic Visionary, the Lover of the Devic Kingdoms, Goddess of Democracy" [Shamanic Astrology Handbook]. Saturn's been moving through AQUARIUS for two full years already, leading the way towards breaking up your routines, your long-term goals you once had planned, to break you down into BEING more than DOING, authentically as you. Have you had any BREAKTHROUGHS here?

What's changed in your life within the House(s) of Life Experience where AQUARIUS hangs out in your Birth Chart? Now Venus, the Sun and OOB/perigee Moon bring more FOCUS into the need to rebel, go against tradition, conscious of how you truly ARE from Within, connect with like-minded/hearted folk in community who share the same vision of the Future as you do.

Pluto's connected closely with this New Moon, sitting at 28 degrees CAPRICORN 20' - he'll be coming into AQUARIUS as of March 24th (for a short stay until June 12th) - right now continuing his transformation of the old traditions that no longer apply to a growing majority of earth-bound folk. We're keeping the gems; allowing the Old to be "composted" or released. Within that compost is something NEW/renewed that will give fertile grounding for what's coming next within that evolutionary AQUARIUS.

HUGE Change is a-coming - into each of our lives, into our collective lives - and with Uranus now stationing Direct in Taurus at almost exactly 15 degrees TAURUS - within this fixed earth sign, that 15th degree has been known by the Ancients as being the degree of CHANGE. Uranus will take his time moving forward, staying at this 15th degree until MARCH 15th. I wonder what's coming our way between now and then?

Uranus is our "Expect the Unexpected" change agent - the Tower Card of the major arcana in the Tarot - electrical and ruler of Aquarius and this Moon cycle - brings forth "fly balls out of left field"! We won't see it coming. All in aid of each of us showing up as authentically as we can now. Seriously - stand up and speak your truth (Taurus rules the Throat Chakra), stand up for what you TRULY Value in life - "speak now or forever hold your peace/piece" - allow your Inner Genius out - to innovate/be inventive - rebel and move away from traditions that no long support us. We're all separating from what was, into what will be. Step by step.

We're moving through HUGE Transitional Times - there are several Time Lines merging all at the same time - ending one 26,000-year Great Year and simultaneously beginning a new 26,000-year Great Year! The Transitional Period has been since 1926 until 2070 - with the centre point approximately in 1998. Here we are in 2023. Look at how our traditional worlds have changed so much - and so quickly - these past 97 years! Less than 50 to go now. What's left that needs changing/evolution?

And MARS will be OOB until MAY 4, 2023, with VENUS, MERCURY and MOON continuing since 2022 to go into / out of OOB this year, peaking in 2025, then falling off again until 2027! We're heading into what's called a LUNAR STANDSTILL in 2025 - this occurs every 19 years - and it's yet another signpost of Huge Change occurring here on Earth, within already other Change signposts lining our road ahead.

This New Moon in Aquarius is part of a Fixed T-Square, focal point is Moon/Sun in AQUARIUS, squaring off to both Lunar Nodes - North/Soul Direction and Purpose in TAURUS, and South/Unresolved Issues to face/heal from earlier this lifetime/past lives in SCORPIO. We're at a crossroads - we need to decide - how do you intend to DO your own inner Aquarius, going forward? Unemotionally involved/technology rules/be aloof to the needs of community OR seek out your community, be involved with revolutionary EVOLUTION the collective needs now/envisions now? While simultaneously

heading into a more serene, stable, "hands-on creative" building life with my own two hands, creating a new vision of a bountiful Earth while also releasing those fears/traumas/anxieties/abuses from your past? Can you do both?

Think about what your personal Cross-Roads are here - then actively put out your intentions today and over this weekend, especially with that Venus-Moon Gate at 3:19 am MST JAN 23rd! Allow your Inner Rebel / Cosmic Goddess to come to the surface - with love and heart - envisioning something Bigger and Better - for the Good of All. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Thank You!


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