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Brilliance Can Be Yours - With Mindful Intuitive Intention!

The chart above is last Friday's way OOB/out of bounds New Moon at 14 Cancer 23' as of 4:57 pm MDT July 5, 2024. This OOB New Moon's Moon / Sun duo are exactly connected to the fixed star SIRIUS, within 1' - known as the Dog Star - brightest star of Canis Major or the Dog Constellation, revered by the ancient Egyptians who watched Sirius Rise this time of year, signalling the rise of the waters of the Nile, bringing fertility to the land and its people. This, after both of June's New/Full Moons being OOB as well! Tis the season...for the Unexpected to occur! What fertile seeds will you be planting this month?


A reminder of what the OOB/out of bounds Moons bring our way, emotionally-speaking:

  • Unexpected "WILDCARD" shifts and changes

  • Unpredictable

  • Brilliant

  • Creative

  • Alternative Perspectives

  • Thinking/acting outside the norm

  • Dissolving Boundaries

  • Daring

  • Exploring Unlimited Potential   

This New Moon chart has a Water Grand Trine (the blue lines) of Emotional / Intuitive ease and flow - and possibly more Rain coming our way! The Grand Trine connects the Moon/Sun/Sirius and Venus (still in her Underworld Journey phase until July 10th!) to Saturn in Pisces and the Part of Joy / Fortune in Scorpio. As we look under the carpet to what's been hiding, repressed or suppressed, Emotionally, we uncover tangible ways of Spiritual Nurturance of Self/Others along the way.

To BE vulnerable is way okay now. To show ourselves honestly, with ourself and with others, is to open up emotionally to these Times of Unexpected Changes - that we either embrace and/or resist - depends on how many planets are in the Fixed Signs of Scorpio / Taurus / Leo / Aquarius, eh?! LOL! So says the Astrologer with the Fixed Grand Square in her Birth Chart! LOL! The Fixed Signs are where we hold Trauma from our Pasts - intending to face/release them in this current life. If we go willingly into that Dark Night...into the Light!


SIRIUS, so exactly close to this OOB New Moon, brings the energies of:

  • Perhaps gaining far more from your efforts than expected

  • Here's where the Mundane can become Sacred

  • A small action becomes a Symbol for the Collective - a sense of Ritual in daily life

  • Sirius will demand expression in your Life - and any huge success it can bring may "burn" you - taking on more than you could handle.

  • Gives Brilliance - yet another OOB keyword! [from Brady's Book of Fixed Stars, by Bernadette Brady]


All of us have SIRIUS in Cancer in our Charts (it takes 72 years for Fixed Stars to move just 1 degree) and therefore this area of the Birth Chart will be really activated for this Moon Cycle that lasts from JULY 5 - AUG 3, 2024. 

As my maternal Great-Grandmother Rose always said, "Start as you mean to go." In other words, ensure you're able to go the distance with whatever CHANGES you make within this Moon cycle. Cancer is a Cardinal sign AND this New Moon/Sirius trio are squaring off to both Lunar Nodes - North/Soul Direction in Aries + South/Karmic issues to resolve in Libra - both Cardinal signs that also like to initiate CHANGE! Can you handle it?

Where's Cancer + Aries + Libra in your Birth Chart? These are the areas of your Life in need of Intuitively / Emotionally Intended Change to be allowed into your life. When you set the course on whatever this change will be - be aware of HOW you're FEELING as you're making it - if it's out of desperation or fear or panic - this is a sign that you're trying to MAKE things change vs. allowing it in. The Timing of this Intention is where your Intuitive Wisdom comes in - the When of it is when it FEELS RIGHT TO DO SO!


Pluto rules this New Moon chart - and he's still connected with SEDNA at 00 GEMINI and JUPITER, also in GEMINI - making it Loud and Clear 'tis Time to rethink/speak about our respective STORIES / truths / beliefs beyond our Collective past traumas / betrayals / fears - to begin to Transform and break out of Past closed, chrysalis ways of BEing - to be liberated and FREE to BE ME - after the past 17 years of Pluto in Capricorn - to go beyond the rules/regulations set by others that have bound us into closed off ways of being / relating / working / living, over Time.

Whether we've been consciously aware of it, or not. Pluto, working in tandem with Uranus through Aquarius, will be composting /transforming us through our Root Chakras, bringing each of us through the cocoon process of having been a caterpillar for too long, to now move into a beautifully free-flying butterfly, these next 20 years. How's your Inner Transformation coming along?


In the BiWheel chart of Canada with this OOB New Moon with SIRIUS - the 4th House of Country / we the people is being activated. Canada's SIRIUS is closely connected to both our SUN and URANUS (exactly conjunct!) where abrupt Unexpected Change can occur across this nation - and it has in the past. What's coming our way this Moon Cycle?

The VENUS Underworld Journey - 28 ARIES to 29 CANCER - has moved from the 1st House through the 2nd, 3rd and now 4th Houses in Canada's chart. These Houses represent the following (and what our country is undergoing within its own "dying to its previous self" journey:

  • 1st House: the Country and its inhabitants as a whole; general condition of Prosperity and Health, or the reverse. [Methinks we've been undergoing a reversal; agreed?}

  • 2nd House: National Wealth, Revenue, all things Money and activities of it - banks, Stock Exchange, financial institutions, money markets, and trade. [We're in a huge pile of Debt - country and individually, the longer the Climate Change taxation continues - end of...]

  • 3rd House: All means of Transit, locomotion, communication + how information is disseminated - via Post Offices [did you know Canada Post is now adopting SAP for their accounting?! Heaven help us all!] Communication networks, Internet, Phones / Faxes, Newspapers/Magazines. And neighbouring nations - USA. [The US Conservative government just published their Plan for 2025 - getting their "ducks in a row" re Policy and revamping all Roles played in the White House. Yikes?!]

  • 4th House: Land, its owners, and the workers of it. Crops and produce of the land. Mines, buildings. The people vs the Monarch; the democracy vs aristocracy; the Opposition in Parliament [aka our Canadian Conservative Party]. Opposing the 10th House of all those Traditional Institutions that are "dying" since Pluto's journey through Capricorn 2007 until now, 2024. 17 years of Changing so much - yet there's so much more to go! 10th House is about Canada's Reputation out in the wider world - not as rosy as it once was prior to 2015. National Trade - and Power. And the Public domain of employment. Everything's up for grabs.

VENUS governs women's issues, national birth rate, social factors re marriage and children. As well as the Arts/Music + Sports/Entertainment + Peace and Diplomatic resolutions. And money - she oversees our relationship with and to money.

The first four Houses of Canda's Birth Chart have been undergoing a sea-change - when Venus Rises at the 29th degree of Cancer on JULY 10th as Evening Star - Fated/Destined to End/Release/Complete something, after "dying to our previous self" - will Canada BE Canada anymore or will we come to our senses, finally, and fight for what we know in our hearts is past necessary - removing current Parliamentary rule for more commonsense, practicality? In my opinion.


CHARTS: created via AstroGold by Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Facilitator


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