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Canada Unity Freedom Convoy 2022: Liberating Canada!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

I'm writing this post Tuesday, JAN 25, 2022 just before 7:00 a.m. MST. The Truckers across Canada have been amassing since Sunday, heading West to Ottawa, and from the East. It is an amazing time for Canadians! We are rallying together - it's been a LONG while since we last did so - for unity, our Rights and Freedoms, for a STOP to what's been going on with our federal and provincial governments, all of the restrictions, and now the impact of not getting goods, services, FOOD and medicines to our towns, cities and rural areas.

The Winds of Change are a-blowing! There is word that close to 1,000 truckers are heading up from Georgia, USA to our US/Canadian border in brotherly support! How awesome is this? What's happening, Astrologically, to create this shift in consciousness amongst we so-called "quiet, law-abiding" citizens? Let's check it out.

Here's Canada's chart - the inner wheel - with the wheel of Sunday's Freedom Convoy I created from Okotoks. I'm using the Whole Sign House system for this Horary look at what's got under Canadian's skin so early in January of 2022.

Canada's birth chart is at Midnight of July 1, 1867 - which coincides with our Canadian way whereby "legal instruments in Canada usually take effect at 00:00 hours on the inception date" of whatever is transpiring. Back in 1867 it was the inception of Canada becoming the Dominion of Canada, a confederation of British colonies in North America, in other words, a country. The BNA Act (British North American Act) received Royal Assent by Queen Victoria March 29, 1867. It all became effective at midnight of July 1, 1867.

Interestingly, in JAN 2022 several pieces of current Astrological connections are coming together, seemingly all at once! Let's piece this all together, shall we?

First off, as I'm using the Mean Node vs. True Node for the Lunar Nodes (North as Soul Direction to head into, and South as Resolving Issues from the Past), the Moon's Lunar Nodes actually changed Signs DEC 22, 2021, moving from their 19-month stay in the airy/fiery Gemini/Sagittarius duo, into the earthy/watery duo of Taurus/Scorpio for the next 19 months (until July 2023). The last time we experienced this shift was back in 2003/2004, the post-9/11 years.

Taurus brings into play our Values, how we're using our Money, and the skills/talents we use, hands-on, to create something that brings value, worth and money into our lives and the lives of others. We bring all of our senses AND values / worthiness to the table. Uranus has been moving through this Fixed sign since March 2019, bringing Unexpected Changes our way (no kidding!) which has not been seen since just before and into the Second World War! Are we repeating ourselves here? Supply chain issues, unemployment, shifts in how we do work/where we do work/if we work. And money was scarce, for most everyone.

Scorpio brings out secrets, lies, hidden fears, deep trauma and passion - it's the most private of all the Zodiac signs. The South Lunar Node moving through here since just before Christmas is doing its job - unleashing the hidden, the lies we've been told, the secrets are slowly being revealed.

In Canada's chart, these Nodes are affecting our country's Money Houses - North Node in Taurus in the 2nd House of MY Values/Money/Resources - while the South Node in Scorpio is sweeping through to reveal what's been hidden from view within our 8th House of SHARED Values/Money/Resources! According to Elizabeth Spring's North Node Astrology, North Node in Taurus' Soul Purpose is:

"serenity and stability, regaining a sense of the sacred in the ordinary, a sense of having earned and gained by one's own efforts, honouring good traditions and preserving what is valuable for future generations."

Love this! Look at what we're taking back in our lives! Getting back to the basics of what it means to live a good ordinary life that is also sacred.

Meanwhile, collectively, what are we resolving, letting go, re the Shadow of our collective Past?

"Looking to another for definition, self-confidence, or too much support. Taking things that aren't yours. Collapsing into a felt sense of emotional pain from previous lives, and adapting an overly serious, gloomy attitude. Going too quickly into studying the occult and transpersonal realities, and thereby taking a spiritual bypass on your emotional life."

This Scorpio Shadow piece speaks volumes, to me. Tells me how our government leaders have forgotten their way, Spiritually-speaking. They've forgotten they lead a country, not a party. They lead people, not power. Scorpio is all about Power and Control if we're coming from a FEAR-based reality. And we're not the USA, we're Canada! Find our OWN path, our OWN way forward! We the People - do we NEED Federal support or can we find our own way, with the freedom to work, create businesses and commerce, as the initial founders of our Confederation did back in 1867?

Pluto (Scorpio's ruling planet) has been moving through Capricorn (rules traditional institutions like government, education, healthcare, law, etc.) since 2007, bringing forth the unveiling of all sorts of secrets, lies, "power and control through greed" scenarios across the globe, and especially here in North America. Pluto has two more years to go, with his work in Capricorn, tearing down that which no longer serves us, We the People.

Both Canada and the USA are Cancer countries - our Birth Day is July 1st; their's is July 4th. Our mutual opposite sign is Capricorn! Canada's Sun sign in Cancer resides in the 4th House of Home and Country, nurturing our way of life, holding hands with Uranus (!) bringing Unexpected Change towards being truly authentic, unique, in the world, as a country that nurtures others. The USA's Sun in Cancer resides in their 8th House of SHARED Values/Money/Resources, with Capricorn in their 2nd House of MY Values/Money/Resources. The USA is about to have its FIRST ever Pluto Return in 2022 - and Pluto is IN that 2nd House that will impact a transformation of their financial picture. Which, in turn, will most likely affect we Canadians.

Meanwhile, Canada's natal Pluto resides in Taurus in our 2nd House of MY Values/Money/Resources - and transiting Uranus has been slowly coming closer to our Pluto's need for Revolution, Rebellion, Innovation, Invention and facing off with the "power and control through greediness" of our current government leadership! Love the Timing of Astrology - don't you?!

Remember Uranus last moved through Taurus from 1936 to 1942 - WWII - when our men and women went to war, to fight the good fight! Now, here in 2022, our Truckers and all the groundswell of supporting Canadians along the routes heading to Ottawa are going to War again - within our own country for the very first time - in a more peaceful way (fingers crossed - it all depends on Justin Trudeau, who, as it happens, has a Capricorn Sun - born Christmas Day back in 1971!).

Also, Mercury is Rx/retrograde in Aquarius at 02 degrees, the Sun on Sunday was at 03 degrees Aquarius, with Saturn sitting at 14 degrees Aquarius within Canada's 11th House of its FUTURE SELF! Aquarius is the maverick - let's DO this somehow differently. With Mercury Rx it's intuitive, thinking outside-the-box instead of logic. Right-brain vs. left-brain.

Currently, Venus is Rx in Capricorn at 11 degrees while Pluto sits at 26 degrees Capricorn. AS OF THIS COMING WEEKEND - JAN 28 - 30 - when the FREEDOM RALLY is to occur in Ottawa - Mercury heads Rx back into Capricorn RIGHT ON TOP OF where Pluto is sitting! Mentally, mindfully, Canadians have had enough! The revolution on "power and control through greediness" has begun! We've had enough.

According to Shamanic Astrology, Venus in Capricorn represents the MATRIARCH, who takes responsibility for her domain (i.e. country) and wants to be

"honoured and respected for her responsible mastery of her domain. Her intent is to learn responsible administration of her domain."

Wow! And, Venus has just begun her NEW 19-month Synodic Journey, within Capricorn, as of JAN 15, 2022! It's been 8 years since she last made this journey - JAN 2014 - and look what we've undergone since then, especially here in Alberta! All due to Ottawa's seat of power not learning responsible administration of her domain. Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister in OCT 2015. Look where we are now.

Our family has been reading Jody Wilson-Raybauld's book, "Indian In The Cabinet" - awesome insights - and what struck me throughout her book, is the weaving in of the Matriarch's viewpoint, from a First Nations' woman of leadership, how Canada and Canadians can learn to come together to work things out, like the Mothers of Jody's Clan on the West Coast do, and as all of Canada's First Nations Councils do today. Venus Rx is definitely already working her magic!

Canada is also about to start a NEW 12-year cycle as JUPITER RETURNS to its position in this country's chart - at 07 degrees Pisces in the 12th House of Hidden Secrets, the need for Rest, Letting Go, Release, where we worry, situations that are hidden. This is also the House of Hidden Enemies. From Within. Pisces represents our Spiritual Intentions. Jupiter is traditionally the ruler of this Mutable water sign - so what's going to happen in MAY 2022 when Jupiter Returns here?

We're already seeing the cracks and mental breakdowns of our federal leaders. What will it take to crack it all wide open in 2022? Jupiter asks us to RISK - to take a Leap of Faith into the Unknown - to move out beyond current safe boundaries that have become prison-like, over time. Last time Jupiter was here was in 2010 - what was happening in Canada back then?

We had the MOST AWESOME Winter Olympics (second only to Calgary's 1988 Olympics, in my opinion) hosted in Vancouver in FEB/MARCH 2010. It brought We the People together again after some pretty tough post 9/11 years. K.D. Lang's rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah during those Opening Ceremonies brought all of us watching, to tears, with pride. It was an awesome time to BE Canadian!

Which I now, again, feel when I watch the Whistle Stop Cafe's FB and RUMBLE videos on what Canadian and American Truckers are doing, from the ground, along the roads of Canada, bringing this Canada Unity Freedom Convoy to the House of Commons, in Ottawa, the seat of our Founding Fathers. Awesomeness!

Canada has no natal planets in Capricorn, yet all the current Transiting plants (down to Venus Rx and Pluto now that the Sun has moved into Aquarius) are moving through here within Canada's 10th House - the most PUBLIC House of the chart - and it will be seen, worldwide, whatever we do this week! Whatever occurs this coming weekend! It will be seen.

Canada's Rising Sign is Aries - warrior, pioneer, explorer energy. Most of Canada's western lands were influenced by entrepreneurial second sons coming out from the East. Mars rules our country's chart, residing in Virgo in the 6th House of how we work. Virgo wants to be of service, perfecting processes along the way. Perfectionism can get in the way, causing delays, distractions from our goals. Mercury Rx right now is amazingly on time to distract the normally logical, analytical mindset. We're letting go of old patterns of conditioning here when it comes to our Mars' need to BE perfect before we Take Assertive Action!

Currently, Mars is at its 29th degree of Sagittarius, at the top of Canada's chart, conjunct the Midheaven/10th House cusp of our Public Face. Fated, Destined to END SOMETHING re what our beliefs have been, what are truths really are, how we're seeking our Higher Purpose! It's as if WE CANNOT NOT DO WHAT WE'RE DOING THIS WEEK! Sagittarius is global fire - inspired - inspirational. We MUST GO. Jupiter rules Sagittarius to yes! We're taking a HUGE RISK to make some NOISE that Ottawa has NOT heard in a long, long while! During Winter, with frigid cold conditions, amidst fears of food rationing, disruption to supply chains - it's not pretty out there folks!

It will be most interesting, for those of us at home, watching all of this unfold, eating popcorn, to see what our Prime Minster will do next. There are factions trying to discredit all of this in the media. There are factions trying to tell GoFundMe that the more than $3M raised to support these Truckers are actually terrorists - really? Seriously? Honestly?

I am SO PROUD to BE CANADIAN right now! I have a smile on my face most days now. I haven't have for a long while. It is heartfully uplifting and I AM OPTIMISTIC, jovial and INSPIRED to go forward! We the People have Arisen - what will happen next will depend on many factors on both sides. I love what's unfolding right now in this True North Strong and Free nation of ours. Namaste

Photo Credit: UNSPLASH photo artists Chris Robert & Ravi Patel- thank you so much!


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