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Care & Compassion - All About Change!

YES! Change is definitely in the wind (or rain!) - today's Solar Eclipse/New Moon in our Cardinal Water sign of Cancer brings an accelerated need to CHANGE. IT. UP. IN. YOUR. LIFE!

This new website was one of the NEW changes in my business life - with more to come...

Today's Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Cancer occurs at 1:17 pm MDT at 10 degrees of Cancer 38 minutes of Celestial Longitude affects South America specifically - yet all of us will feel the need to Nurture, Nourish, Intuit and DO as you FEEL vs. out of NECESSITY or DUTY!

Follow your intuition and listen to how you FEEL...all will fall into place thereafter.

Accelerated motion, time and action are all associated with a Solar Eclipse/New Moon - what has sped up in your life? Where did you need to BE by today? Events in your life, in and around a Solar Eclipse, bring clues to listen to and take action upon.

Cancer rules the mothering/fathering role of nurturer, carer, looking after the home and hearth. No matter if you are NOT a mother/father in the traditional sense - we all bring this role to someone/something in our lives. What's yours?

How do you FEEL about doing this role? Is it from a sense of duty, or because you are moved, emotionally, to be compassionate, nurturing and caring about whatever it is you are being Called to do at this time in your life?

The North Node is bringing forth the need to MOVE in a direction the Ego-self doesn't feel comfortable going or being in. Here we DO stop to smell the roses, notice the butterflies, and give our loved ones a good strong and long hug! Just because...

Showing up out of duty and bonded to do something by rote no longer serves any of us. We need to BE present, currently involved and HERE - mindfully, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

There will be something occurring at this time that feels Fated/Destined - then inspires your Inner Warrior to assert itself, to pioneer and explore Inner aspects of your self-identity that perhaps you haven't tapped into before now. And not necessarily on your own time and energy - consider being independent, yes, AND bring in the wisdom of connecting with another/others to come along for the ride!

Mars, our assertive action taker planet, just moved into LEO - following your heart's desires - and supporting what YOU need, AND standing up for what you heartfully want! Mercury, about to turn Retrograde on Sunday, is also in Leo, mindfully assisting us to THINK WITH HEART!

There will be issues from past lives to resolve and heal, bringing necessary structural changes into your life - literally or figuratively - via daily routines, work, career, goals that bring you springing heartfully out of bed every morning!

Ego-self fears of change, taking risks, stepping outside the norm will abound. This is all part of the old patterns of conditioning you still hold onto, AND to let go. You may find yourself gritting your teeth...relax...ask yourself. "WHY am I so afraid to let go of resistance, to receive with ease and grace, vs. this constant struggling against the current of change?" Let it all happen, from deep Within...follow that intuition of yours, feel compassionate love for YOURSELF, breathe and be at one with yourself. The rest will fall into place accordingly!

Neptune assists lovingly here too - imagine your "Garden of Eden" life here on Earth - what does it look like? Who is with you? What are you doing, being, thinking, feeling? Create your Love Letter of life, and LIVE IT!


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