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Catch A Fallen Star & Imagine Better! Full Moon in Pisces

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

First off: HAPPY 115th BIRTHDAY to our Province of ALBERTA!!! YAY! September 1st, 1905 we became a province built upon Innovation & Invention with IMAGINATION, Courage, Pioneering & Entrepreneurial Hearts & Minds! Look what we built in that short a time! 2020 has halted & changed A LOT in our lives that we took for granted would always be there/here for us.

Astrologically, 2020 has assisted us to LOOK FOR NEW WAYS of adapting to & adopting new avenues of work, education, industry & business - even returning us to the values of home-grown food, schooling & working together as a FAMILY! A Province is a Family too! I wonder what's in store for Alberta these next 145 years?

Tonight's FULL MOON will occur at 11:22 pm MDT at 10 degrees Pisces 12' of Celestial Longitude (for folks following along with your Birth Charts look for BOTH locations of the Moon & Sun therein). Here, the MOON reflects the SUN's Unconscious Desires - the Sun sits at 10 degrees of Virgo 12' in opposition to the Moon in Pisces - what Unconscious Desire of BEING OF SERVICE comes to mind for You? What processes in your life need perfecting? AND (we always want to create an AND between opposing planets/signs) what are you DREAMING Into Your Life from that Service/Process?

It's TIME to take a wee breather, a break from normal routine. Sleep, dream, rest, walk in Nature, do a Tarot or Oracle card reading, do some Astrology, use your Pendulum, check Within to your INTUITION. Cleanse your Crystals & Crystal jewelry tonight under this Full Moon with the INTENTION of....what, exactly? What do you Wish from that Fallen Star of what WAS into a NEW REALITY of NOW?

There is SO MUCH going on Astrologically - I won't bore you with the details today! Know that MOST of our outer planets continue to be Rx/retrograde until later this month of September, impeding our FORWARD MOTION that we tend to jump into this time of year (Back to School, Back to Work, Back to...). Take heed of this need to Go Within, to Dream & to IMAGINE a better, more fulfilling life & livelihood, friendships, relationships & partnerships. No need to push or hurry forward. Take your TIME...

Neptune continues to move through Pisces, & is the planetary Ruler of this Full Moon. Look out of your Neptune Window (thank you Steven Forrest!) to "see" beyond the physical & the Now - go Cosmic, go Universal - SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE if you can. What's Unconsciously stirring Within YOU today & during this Full Moon phase? Any AHA! moments coming through? Are you seeing past the Illusions/Delusions of seeming chaos into the truer REALITY of YOU & Your Life?

Move away from that Shadowland of the Drama Triangle of Victim-Rescue(r)-Bully/Persecutor role-play of Old. Move INTO the Spiritual Light of Wisdom, Intuitive Insights, Symbolism, the Magic, Movies & Illusion of what this human life originates from. Stardust, Star constellations, & Fallen Stars of old dreams, aspects of Self - transcending the Ego-self to BE MORE in tune with Your Soul/Spiritual Self. Take TIME today/tonight & BE your Inner Star. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH artists - You ALL Rock! Thank you!

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