Ch-ch-ch-CHANGES A-Coming...

Change in Direction...

Change in Zodiac Sign....

Change in Elements....

We are experiencing a compliment of planetary change of Direction (from Direct to Retrograde (Rx) or vice versa) which in turn brings us either into a flurry of Activity (Direct motion = action or forward-moving action/flow) OR into a deep inner 'seeing' and BEing (Rx motion = going inward, deeply, to connect with ourselves on many levels) personalizing seemingly everything/one we encounter, to bring IN the tests and mirroring effects of our respective Soul journey at this time and place and space.

Neither the Sun nor Moon ever go Rx - they stay as they are, our luminaries. It takes the Sun a year to travel through the 12 signs of the Zodiac and our Moon one month. All the other planets have their cycles (time it takes for each planet to orbit around the Sun - and your birth chart!) either going Direct AND their times of seemingly Rx motion within those cycles/orbits.

When planets and luminaries (Sun and Moon) move from one sign's element to another - here also is a change in HOW we use their elemental energies:

  • Moving from Fire to Earth: brings us from quick quick energy and action, to wanting to sit a while or deal with tangible things - hands-on...similar to when we move from Sagittarius to Capricorn just a few days prior to Christmas!

  • Moving from Earth to Air: brings us from those tedious details (housework, homework, work work) of life into socializing, relating, chatting, thinking, writing, gathering information and sharing it with our peeps...

  • Moving from Air to Water: brings us from all that Social Butterfly fluttering about to emotional feelings and intuition - feeling sensitive within and without - wanting to BE a hermit, a home-body, not out and about...

  • Moving from Water to Earth: brings us from all that deeply sensitiveness and feeling our world and way forward, into day-to-day hands-on DOing - chop wood, carry water, mundane aspects of life. And round and round we go as the cycles of Nature, Seasons and Elements continue ever on...

Here is of the list of where our planetary partners are, in their current cycles, as of this post:

  • Sun (Soul self)- is in the cardinal water sign of Cancer (at 28 degrees as of today) about to head into the fixed fire sign of Leo as of July 23rd. Going from water to fire...Wanting to BE seen, having fun, playing, BEing that Inner Child You, plus the romance in your life...

  • Mercury (communication, thought processes, inner talk) went into Cancer as of July 9th, about to go into Leo too, July 23rd too.

  • Venus (our Desire Body - what we Love and Like) moved from Leo into the mutable earth sign of Virgo as of July 19th - I will discuss what Virgo brings to the table later on in this post. And you'll soon understand why...going from fire to earth..until November 9th.

  • Mars (assertive action)- went into Cancer as of June 25th, and will head into Leo as of August 9th. Moving from water to fire...

  • Jupiter (expansion and amplifying - current boundaries/limits to receive something Greater than we've allowed or dreamed before now) will finish it's year-long journey through Leo as of August 11/12th, also moving into Virgo (going from the open-heart surgery of fire - Leo rules the heart - into mutable earth).

  • Saturn (Life structure, boundaries, responsibilities, goals) was in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius before it went Rx as of March 14th, and then retraced it's steps BACK into the fixed water sign of Scorpio as of June 16th, sitting @ 29 degrees for several weeks, bringing us BACK into LETTING GO (29th degree) of those last vestiges of deeply-held Ego-self FEARS we are all still hanging onto. Saturn will go Direct again August 2nd (cross-quarter feast day of Lammas or Lughnasadh) heading back over the 28/29 degrees of Scorpio, to once again enter Sagittarius September 19th.

  • Chiron (healing our Inner Victim to create VICTOR) has been in the mutable water sign of Pisces since February 18, 2011 (until February 16, 2019) went Rx June 24th last month at 21 degrees and will remain Rx until November 28th when it goes Direct again at 16 degrees of Pisces. Ask yourselves this: how often have you dipped BACK into Victim rather than Victor stance emotionally? Escaping into your addictions to BE in denial, distract yourself to NOT uplift your Inner Victor self, to indulge your Inner Victim instead? Just asking...

  • Uranus (individuality, futuristic insights, Future Self) has been in the cardinal fire sign of Aries since March 13, 2011 (until March 7, 2019) and will once again go Rx as of July 26th @ 20 degrees of Aries. Remember, Uranus and Pluto were squaring each other SEVEN times since June 2012, until their last round: March 15th, 2015, bringing us all closer to BE FREE TO BE ME (Uranus in Aries) AND changes in the INTEGRITY of our respective pursuits of MATERIAL GAIN in life now. This Rx timing (lasts until December 26th when it goes Direct once again) will bring us Deeper Inwardly to REFLECT upon how well we have traveled upon our Future path towards integrity AND individuation - BEing our True Authentic Selves as much as possible, than ever before now....

  • Neptune (illusion, delusion, fantasy AND the reality of Life beyond the physical - Spiritual and Divine Self) has been in its own sign, mutable water sign of Pisces, since April 5, 2011 (until January 27, 2026) for the first time in 165 years! She went Rx again as of June 12th @ 9 degrees of Pisces and will go Direct as of November 18th @ 7 degrees. We've been grappling with WHERE we are still hanging onto that Drama Triangle of Victim or Rescue Me/Rescuer or Persecutor/Persecuted(a combo of each or all three!) emotionally. Pisces asks us all to TRANSCEND our Ego-self, master it, in order to give that Eternal part of ourselves, the Soul, more reign.

  • Pluto (Transforming our deeply hidden Ego-self Fears of change/trauma into healing Love) has been in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn since November 28, 2008 (until November 20, 2024) and turned Rx again April 17th @ 15 degrees, turning Direct once more September 25th @ 12 degrees. Here we are inwardly transforming HOW we do our goals and build material gain in our lives - and with Pluto therein, 'seeing' and healing the Ego-self fears to LET GO of ALL power and control issues (As Within, So Without). As we clean our Inner House, we 'see' magic happen in our Outside World with more positive and equal-footing partnerships/relationships/work options coming to us.

  • The Moon's Nodes: the direction our Soul wishes to head into (North Node/Dragon's Head) AND the direction our Ego is used to living within (from past lives, habits this lifetime - South Node/Dragon's Tail) are within the first degrees of Libra/Aries, about to enter the last degrees of Virgo/Pisces as of November 12/13th NB: the Nodes move opposite in Zodiac sign direction to the planets). Do you all see a pattern showing itself? We are moving away from the FIRE into the EARTHly realms of Virgo? Read on...

I have shown all the details of past/current/upcoming dates of planetary directions AND Zodiac sign changes for a reason. Look BACK at WHEN the outer, longer-orbiting planets entered their respective signs, and ask yourself, "What CHANGES were happening within Me/outside me in my world, then?" AND with all the Directional changes now - how well you have been working in the outside world (Direct Motion) these planets MIRROR for us now; AND within the Rx timings of all these cycles, reflect INWARDLY on that journey, is there anything MORE to heal/change/transform deep within?

In other words:our planetary cycles bring MORE than just a change in sign or a Return to where they were on the day we were born. Their Directional changes also bring CHANGE - or an opportunity to turn things around, to 'see' more clearly/deeply that which wasn't possible before NOW due to needing TIME to grow, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. All levels of our Bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric et al) will BE transformed, healed of trauma/drama at their respective Divine Timing - NOT when our Ego-self wills it to BE! Hence why we feel/think "Haven't I already dealt with this issue in my life already?" Perhaps not - perhaps THIS TIME it is a physical healing/release whereas BEFORE it was an emotional or mental one for that SAME issue?

Notice how we humans have physical health issues, mental health issues, emotional health issues, crisis of the Spirit issues? And like grief/grieving, there are STAGES we undergo - and not consecutively NOR one at a time! When 'all hell breaks loose!' think many stages of multiple levels of our collective Bodies undergoing HUGE growth spurt! It feels like hell on wheels at the time; it feels like we've been IN it for ever and ever; it feels like it will NEVER end....and then snap! we wake up to sunshine happening Inside AND Outside of ourselves. Why? What happened? How did all that pressure suddenly end? All of the above...all of the above... unending, cycling, continually, in different elements and signs, orbiting endlessly... until we GET IT! Whatever IT is/was/will be...all part of our life-long Journey here on the longer we live, the MORE we grow...

We have several planets about to (or already have) enter the mutable earth sign of VIRGO:dealing with the HEALTH of the Physical Body and what we do on a daily basis for work (be it paid or volunteer or hobby). How we wish to BE of SERVICE in our respective worlds. The opposite sign of Virgo is PISCES - BEing of SERVICE beyond This World - spiritually, divinely. These next weeks and months will bring ALL of us insights, upsets, knowingness, intuitive hits of next action - ALL related to our Physical Body and how we WORK this Body and are in Service to its health! What past traumas of your life need to BE released from your Physical Body? What will you learn about the health and healing of it?

Virgo also brings us closer to PERFECTION - what this means to you, and how PERFECTION can get in the way of you moving forward in the service you provide for/with others. Virgo is looking at ALL the details of hands-on life, PERFECTING all the processes/rules you live by. Hence the daily work aspect - what business processes/company processes need to be perfected? Been holding off on changing your eating habits? Exercise routines? Handling the paperwork at home and in the office? Seen holes in processes that determine the strength and/or weaknesses of profit and production? The Fruits of Our Labours?

Cardinal signs= initiating new ideas, work, projects etc. Fixed signs= dealing with ALL the details to bring that work or project or idea into manifestation (the product). And the Mutable signs= brings the ability to change tack, bring in something NEW along the way (or let go of something we thought was important at the time yet is not now) AND the ability to LOOK BACK at how THIS process is working. How well did we do? Any changes to keep in mind for the next project/idea/piece of work/CYCLE? Do you see why I love love love Astrology?!

Keep in mind, within this current Moon cycle, within the Sun currently in Cancer about to go into Leo, within ALL the rest of the planetary cycles we travel through consciously/unconsciously every day/month/year/decade/lifetime - WE are CONTINUALLY growing and changing. Deep Within and Without. Most times those Inner Changes are NOT seen by anyone else outside of our world or self! Just Me Myself and I will notice them. Other times, As Within, So Without. BEcause - the deep inner changes can take a LONG TIME/cycle to begin and end, THEN the Without will show itself.

Bottom Line here folks: Keep the FAITH (Pisces/Neptune) that CHANGE is happening (Pluto/Scorpio), that you are EXPANDING your inner world (Jupiter/Sagittarius) until the tipping point comes and shows itself - OUTWARDLY (Saturn/Capricorn) and brings a NEW aspect of Self out (Uranus/Aquarius) to be SEEN/heard by Others (Mercury/Virgo and Gemini). HEARTfully (Sun/Leo) EMOTIONALLY (Moon/Cancer) via our DESIRES of love/beauty of Self and significant Other (Venus/Taurus and Libra) taking self-ACTION (Mars/Aries) along the way.

Blessed BE!

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