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Crescent Moon Phase in Gemini...

Within the 8-phases of each Moon cycle we begin to 'see', quite literally, the struggle of the Moon coming to 'light' out of the darkness it was at during the New Moon phase.

Interestingly, the meaning of the Crescent Moon phase is a struggle of the Old with the New. As in, what is it that is OLD within our life/inner self, whose time is up, to be LET GO OF, in order to make ROOM for the NEW to show itself?

So here the Moon is beginning to show more light, moving away from the darkness, struggling to GROW more light, while at the same time, letting GO of the darkness it was once surrounded by and embedded in.

This is where the Ego mind struggles within US. "No don't shine the light! You'll 'see' what I don't want you to know about! I've hidden this from you so far, but now the jigs up! I will resist you as much as I can - just wait and see!" Or words to that effect...

Since Monday, April 21st we have all been battling with something within ourselves, some sort of resistance to some kind of change that is starting to show itself (note the sliver of light within the Crescent Moon in our skies = the nudging of green growth from our New Moon seed of unrealized potential for this Moon cycle).

Bringing in the Gemini component (the sign this Crescent Moon phase began within back on Monday) we see the themes of:

  • Data collection

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Networking, socializing, what are we talking about with others?Local travelLocal peeps - all the people we either currently live with, interact with on a daily basis, within our circle of commuting in and around our home

  • Siblings - how often we communicate with them and what we say when we do

  • Self-talk (!!!) which I believe MOST of us do not 'hear' very well, let alone take note of.

My question to all of you, during this Crescent Moon phase: what information have you been hanging onto that needed to be clarified out into your world, AND deep within YOU? What aspects of your MIND (Ego brain) have been hindering a more heartfelt connection in your local world? That you yourself may not have been aware of until these past few days? Once we are aware of what needs to be said, then we can act upon HOW and WHEN to say it. This includes Self-to-self chats too!

No matter how OLD we grow, there is always something NEW to learn, about Self/self, our behaviours, our unconscious reactions to those neutral EVENTS we experience every day. The emotional component (Moon) brings VOLUMES of information our way as to HOW we personalize outward events (which, in themselves, are neutral) to assist us in further inner soul growth.

Are you willing? Are you ready? Are you open?

Blessed Be!

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