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Crescent Moon Phase: To Nurture or Not to Nurture? This is the struggle...

Today, Friday JUNE 3, 2022, the Moon moved into its second phase, the Crescent phase, at 8:37 a.m. MDT at 28 degrees CANCER 00' Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth charts. Where is this activates your Birth chart is WHERE you need nurturance!

Here's where we struggle between the OLD ways of doing you, and the NEW showing itself in your life.

Remember: the Moon is our emotional, subconscious self, how we do our daily habits, self-care, and listen to, trust in and follow our Inner Wisdom, a.k.a. Intuition. Messages from our Higher Self/Guides and Angels.

The Moon does a dance with the Sun every 29.5 days beginning with the New Moon - when the Moon is dark because it is outshone by the Sun - representing our vital, Soul/Spirit selves, how we SHINE our light out into the world - and all the reasons WHY we choose to, or not, in our life.

This Crescent Moon phase brings just a smidgen or crescent of Light into the night sky. We're beginning to "see" or take a peek at what's in store for us, this Moon cycle, that wants MORE LIGHT, less staying hidden or in our Inner Darkness.

Within the lens of CANCER - here's where we NURTURE ourselves before others. Where we hug ourselves, and others, in our life. Family, mothers/mothering, the home/family of origin and the one we live in/with currently.

How nurturing is it? Your home and family, of now? Father's Day is coming June 19th - what are you anticipating for this Day, honouring your Dad? We've already had Mother's Day in May - how did you spend time with your Mom that day? Do you connect with your family of origin on a regular basis or not so much?

What does nurturance mean to you? How will you bring this "closer to home" as in Within you, over the next several days? What's been missing in your self-care program and needs upgrading - bring out from the shadows in order to grow more in this direction of your life?

The Shadow side of Cancer: clinginess, possessiveness, not wanting to Let Go. Can be a bit of a co-dependency if you have Cancer, our cardinal Water sign, in your 7th House of those close one-to-one relationships/partnerships - including marriage.

Allow the Light to enter your life, through this Crescent Moon phase - and deal with the fears or anger that might be arising from doing this for yourself, allowing yourself to RECEIVE it from others, trusting that you'll be safe, trusting that you DESERVE it. Trust that you already know what you need, every moment of the day. Cancer is highly sensitive to sounds, light, feelings, energies and the environment around us. Tone of voice matters. Feelings matter.

Honour your needs and ask for a hug from someone you trust. Namaste


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