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Death and Dying - the Passing of the Old Guard?

I’ve been thinking a lot of HM Queen Elizabeth II passing during this Venus Underworld timing, which began in Virgo last week. Sacred Service.

HM Queen Elizabeth II was a Taurus Sun at 00 degrees. She performed her sacred work through an institution - Capricorn.

I’ve captured a photo from watching her funeral procession yesterday with my Mom - also a Pisces Sun, as I am.

See the Imperial State Crown - “to fill her with Grace and princely virtues” -the Orb - Globe of the World - and her Sceptre - to rule with Fairness and Justice. On her coffin, throughout its 8-hour journey, past “gates” and monuments in and around London, then Windsor. Her descent was what I saw yesterday.

The passing of the Queen after a long reign, during the Underworld time, within the current Capricorn MetaGoddess journey. She was the wise, “bridger of the Old Order with the Modern Order” and a dutiful servant who brought opposing factions/views together, to reconcile/see different perspectives.

Now her son, King Charles III, is a Scorpio Sun at 22 degrees - which means he’s his Mom’s opposite sign, and he has an underlay of the second Water sign over - Cancer. All about family, country, nurturer.

He is sensitive, has a sense of symbolism to “see past” the obvious. Scorpio is about death/dying - rebirth - and during this Underworld time he will learn to take up the mantle left by his late Mom.

The funeral wreath on HM Queen Elizabeth II coffin had flowers and other flora taken from her three gardens, chiefly: Rosemary - for Remembrance - Myrtle - for a happy marriage - English Oak - for Strength of life - English Roses - Love.

These are the plants/essences taken with her on this Underworld journey.

When Venus Rises as Evening Star - night - in DEC, 2022, there will be a man in her place, a Scorpio who is married to a Cancer Sun woman with a Pisces underlay (Camilla, the Queen Consort). Moving from Earth to Water, sign-wise and element-wise. Down to earth, practical, an eye for detail, hands-on. Into highly sensitive to moods, energies, environment around him. Scorpio is the most private sign of the Zodiac - what will be hidden? What will be revealed/uncovered as secrets not known before? Very passionate, loves symbolism - he was the one who chose the flower symbolism for the Queen's funeral wreath. Camilla brings both love of family and the Wise Woman - as well as being highly sensitive to the energies, emotions of others and her environment. These two will need "down time" in between engagements, to recharge, be themselves again.

The masculine Rising within the feminine. Releasing the old guard/ways. King Charles III will have his Nodal Return in June/July 2023 and Venus will Rise in Leo AUG 17th to begin a new Venus Journey - a new Ruler.

Interesting timing - the whole scenario impacts the world consciousness - and during this current Last QTR Moon phase that began SEPT 17, 2022 at 24 GEM 59’ - and Mars is in Gemini for the next 7 months - this Crisis in Consciousness - what has become conscious in our personal worlds these past 11 days since the Queen passed?

To me it signifies an outer sign of Pluto’s “composting” within Capricorn since 2007. Seriously so. Rulerships and leaderships - what do they truly mean for us, going forward? And will we follow or create new avenues and pathways forward, on our own?

Thoughts, ideas, gathering information and knowledge - to be shared, talked over, plans made from them (Mars in Gemini) for Action these next seven months. And here in Canada, Pierre Poilievre, who won 68.1% of the vote on the very first ballot to become the Federal Conservative Party's newest Leader of the Opposition - he's a Gemini Sun, with Mercury closely by, in his 10th House of the public/career/long-term goals/reputation. With Mars moving through his Sun sign these next 7 months - what's coming to change who leads Canada BEFORE 2025? And, Pierre's Gemini planets conjunct Canada's Venus position, also in Gemini! How to move us out of duality to create something magical? What will it take, I wonder?

Where are we headed, within this incubator/composter of the Underworld? What will be my Sacred Work (Virgo Rising) when Venus Rises as ES, in Sagittarius? Seeking our truths/beliefs and Higher Purpose. What will be Your Sacred Work by then?

We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. Namaste 🙏🏻

PHOTO CREDITS: I took these watching KSPS through BBC One coverage SEPT 19, 2022


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