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Disseminating Moon: Future Focus in Review

The Moon entered its Disseminating phase FRIDAY JUNE 17, 2022 at 10:15 a.m. MDT at 11 degrees AQUARIUS 27' Celestial Longitude for folks following along in your Birth charts.

Here's where we reap the abundance and wisdom we've gained since New Moon (MAY 30th) after that Illuminating Full Moon in Sagittarius JUNE 14th! Potent Moon cycles this year to say the least.

AQUARIUS: future focus, community-oriented, being a bit of a rebel against traditional social mores, while innovation and invention come in as those "bright ideas" to be used NOW in your life. What's been floating up for you since Friday morning?

This Moon cycle's 8 phases shows me mostly "going with the flow" abilities to include what's already in play along with what's showing up unexpectedly. Mixed with some "I don't wanna change things!" phases - as in this Disseminating phase. Like the other Fixed signs of Leo, Taurus and Scorpio, Aquarius can get "stuck in a rut" of routines already in play. All routines need a refresher course, a mulling over of "Is what I do on a daily basis REALLY what I want to be doing on a daily basis?" "What needs changing here?"

What is abundantly flowing in your life, right now, this minute? And what is not? How can you be innovative here to change things up, create something more refreshing, less boring, and at the same time honour your True Authentic Self needs?

The Moon's moved off into PISCES since SATURDAY afternoon at 5:01 pm MDT bringing in the need for some Escape or Meditation or time spent by a river, lake, stream or ocean to contemplate - do a Life Review. Connect Within for some mystical spiritually-oriented Intuitive guidance forward. Trust your Intuition; allow yourself to be guided forward.

This part of every Moon phase - from Full Moon to next New Moon - the energy is waning, giving us Time and Space to sit with ourselves, assess the situations occurring in our lives, to let go emotionally, mentally, physically and/or spiritually. Tune in - you've got Time until the Last QTR phase begins late Monday night - to your visionary self, Wise self, and KNOW you can imagine/envision a better more dynamic and self-loving way forward. While sharing what you've learned with others, along the way. Namaste


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