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Facing Your Future Self - Mercury Rx in Aquarius

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Many of you know that the planet Mercury seemingly goes backward (or Retrograde - Rx) three times a year. Actually, none of the planets truly go backwards; it just seems like it due to how the path of the Earth on its orbit meets the path of other planets and vice versa. For example, when we are in a vehicle or bus or train - the vehicle or other object we see outside our window may be in tandem with our current motion, then slowly we begin to move forward surpassing that object, and that object seems to go backwards, when really we are the ones moving forward, faster.

In the last couple of years, the signs Mercury made his Rx path through were the water signs (emotionality, intuitive, insightful). And last year it was a combination of water/air signs. In 2015 he is wholly within an air sign for each of the Rx timings. Mercury begins his first Rx passage January 21st and stations Direct again February 11th, within the sign of Aquarius. The degrees he has decided to revisit within Aquarius range from 17 degrees 03 minutes back down to 01 degrees 19 minutes. If you are familiar with your birth charts, check to see what House(s) Aquarius is activated by Mercury's Rx path and if any natal planets are therein too.

Let's break all of this down:

  • Mercury is the planet of communication styles, thought processes, what draws our curiosity forward to learn (and understand, then share). Mercury is a neutral planet - he just IS. "Messenger of the Gods" mythologically speaking. What has he been whispering in your ear of late? Without judgements or criticism - plain language messaging.

  • The Rx (Retrograde) motion of any planet brings a change of direction- from outwardly-focused to inwardly-focused - from the impersonal to the personal. Yada yada yada and then, all of a sudden, "Are YOU Listening to Yourself/Me Yet?" Each Rx period brings the "pot of gold"gift of reflection, processing, ruminating, and deciding. And many times, a chance for some do-overs in conversation, thought, and decisive action when it comes to how we relate to ourselves AND others in our circles. What is interesting is the Sun (outward action soulfully) will be moving through Aquarius while Mercury (our minds) is taking a logic break (Rx) to be more creative, think outside the box, and go with the flow rather than be in routine rigid dogma/processes. Follow your intuitive processes AND perhaps take INSPIRed ACTION along the way.

  • Aquarius is one of three air signs of the Zodiac. The Sun travels through Aquarius annually from around January 19th/20th until around February 20th/21st (it changes from year to year). This year Mercury has already been travelling through Aquarius (since January 5th) to bring our minds into Future Self focus, prior to the Sun's (Soul) action timing (January 20-February 18).

  • Aquarius rules the 11th House in the birth chart:connection with our Future Self (who do I want to be in the near future? what are MY goals?); the friends, allies and groups we decide to join (all of whom, we hope, continue to support who we are BEcoming). Aquarius is about BEing original, community-minded, sometimes a REBEL (with a cause) and striving towards INDIVIDUATION - my true authentic self.

Whew! Sounds like quite a party going on up there doesn't it? Are you MINDfully conscious of your Self-Talk? Is there judgement and negative feedback loops you feed on these days? "At this age I should have been ...." "Why why why did I say that when I meant to say..." "When did I lose the courage or curiosity to BE in the world? What's wrong with me?!"or similar words to that effect - anything sound familiar? Could be post-Christmas and / or January winter blues - or maybe habit?

Mercury Rx timings give ALL of us a chance to slow down and "see" our minds and self-talk and conversations in a new light.This year we also "see" where we are heading into the Future. Have any of you been feeling unsettled, mildly (or severely) irritated that your life ain't what you wanted it to be? Could be your Future Self is beckoning you from just beyond the veil, whispering reminders of previous promises or plans or decisions that somehow went by the wayside. OR new inspiration of roads yet to be travelled that are scaring the bejebers out of your Ego self who likes the status quo and staying safe and put?

The opposite sign to Aquarius is Leo - FIRE (ruled by the Sun actually) inspired creativity, bringing in that Inner Child's innocence, playfulness, and wisdom to KNOW what the next steps truly are. Interestingly, Jupiter is currently Rx in Leo too - so a LOT of inner reflection folks! "WHO AM I? Where AM I headed? What AM I Creating in my Life (or am I just along for the ride)?" And of course we create drama (shadow side of Leo) if our Soul is beckoning us onward PAST our safe place (remember, our Ego self doesn't like change). So Jupiter's "open heart surgery" process through Leo (he rules the Heart) will be affected by our Mind's inner reflections these next three weeks.

We have already been experiencing a taste of the true Mercury Rx timing with the pre-Rx Shadow period (January 5-20). Think back over this month so far - what's been ON your mind? What is missing in your life? Fun and play? Romance? The socializing that actually supports WHO YOU ARE TODAY (rather than the history of who you were)?

The time is NOW to Face Your Future Self: what is she/he reminding you of that is missing in your life? Are you CURIOUS enough to do the inner research, gather the data, maybe find a friend or two to chat about it all, then move FORWARD (via the Sun's energy) to make heartfelt (Leo) changes IN and FOR - YOUR - Life?

I have ALL of Aquarius totally imbedded within my 6th House of daily work, physical health and how can I be of Service out in the world? Beyond the Astrology? I also have my natal Venus (how I love, what are my desires, who am I as a woman today?) at 01 degrees Aquarius 20 minutes, and Chiron (that over-sensitized fear of being rejected for being innovative, original, and a maverick at times) at 18 degrees Aquarius 46 minutes.

As I write this I "see" how this Mercury Rx timing AND Sun's simultaneous transit through Aquarius will be assisting ME to DECIDE upon how I am working with my body's physical health, where I fit in re: the world of work/being of service to humankind, embracing my INDIVIDUATION more, AND bringing in Jupiter's EXPANSIVE and MAGNIFYING "in your face" awareness of how deeply, heartfully, I want to create an "AND" world of work AND play, looking after my body AND romance, being of service AND creating my Future Self world. In other words: how well am I LOVING myself into my future?

The KEY here for all of us: notice how you allow your MIND (Ego shadow fears) to get in the way, creating obstacles or drama or BEing in denial etc., therefore STOPPING the creative flow forward to meet that Future Self of yours. Another opportunity to create an "AND" world. This Mercury Rx (and the Sun!) timing brings all of the following:

  • Expect the Unexpected!Plans and previous ideas of "shoulds" will go out the window in order to force us to "see" a new direction not foreseen by the Ego mind before now.

  • Information I didn't know I needed to know-  will come forth - from inspired thoughts; people from your past contacting you out of the blue; a radio show or book title or piece of music suddenly jumps out to get your attention (like that book that's been on the bookshelf waiting for just the RIGHT moment to be read) get the picture. Something NEW this way comes...

  • Many people fear Mercury Rx.The Ego cringes knowing that the LOGIC goes out the window as Mercury takes a vacation from the same old same old processes and habits. This is the time of year to EMBRACE clearing out the closets of your mind (and then watch yourself clear the drawers and closets in your home as an outward reflection of the inner changes of mind)! Seriously - how many of you have already been doing this since January 5th?

  • A chance for do-overs.Conversations you've already had; emails or letters already sent; thoughts thought of - anyone you feel the need to chat with to set the record straight? To fill in the missing details? To be HONEST with for a change (Self included folks!)? And remember: Mercury has already moved Directly forward through half of the degrees of Aquarius, and now is retracing it's steps already taken the previous two weeks. THEN, after 21 days, will Directly go back over it all, all over again. Do you see the "do-over" chances here?

  • Stay away from making major decisions, signing contracts etc.This is the time where we may make decisions that we may regret later. This is not to say DON'T make decisions - do so when you KNOW, heartfully and intuitively, that THIS is the right choice for me! And after you have allowed TIME for reflection (that inner journey process) to KNOW that you bring yourself CLOSER to your Future Self's desires. If there are contracts to sign etc., ensure you review EVERYTHING more than once. If your intuition tells you something is not quite right - follow it and ask further questions. Life canna be put on hold for Mercury Rx! Go WITH the flow and have FUN with it! Fear NOT!

Enjoy this first round of Mercury Rx for 2015. Let me know how it goes for you. I look forward to experiencing how my Future Self meets up with ME this next month. O yes, almost forgot to mention: there is of course a post-Rx Shadow period too - February 11 - March 3rd whereby Mercury regains its position within Aquarius before he decided to take this min-vacation! So really, three times a year, we experience the weird and wild ride of losing our minds! You have to laugh about this - you really really do...otherwise, what's Life for anyway? We need to go looney in order to regain some sanity along the way - in other words: perspective.


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