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Fixed Signs of Aquarius, Leo & Scorpio Today...

As we navigate through this current Disseminating Moon phase(began February 7th @ 6:53 p.m. MST @ 04 degrees of Libra 00') the Moon has since moved off into Scorpio, after being Void of Course all day yesterday (bad enough we are still in Mercury Rx!!). Was your mind mush yesterday? Any weird and wonderful things occur with your computer, phone, emails?

With Mercury Rx @ 01 degrees of Aquarius 23' and Sun @ 21 degrees Aquarius 25' (both as of today) + Jupiter Rx @ 17 degrees Leo 08' + today's Moon in Scorpio...all in FIXED it no wonder how freaked out our Ego's are about CHANGE?

The Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) herald the ability to

deal with the details, do the bull work, bring in Inner Child needs, look deeply into the emotions, and see far into the future AND freak out about changing anything in the NOW....sound familiar?

Remember: we ALL have the 12 signs of the Zodiac operating in our life. Somewhere in your chart these Fixed signs are activating ISSUES deeply aligned within your tissues, causing some major IN YOUR FACE secrets/fears to surface since just after midnight MST today.

The Disseminating Moon phase, the phase following the Full Moon in Leo this month (how was that Full Moon for you, personally? Any AHA! moments?) brings wisdom, reaping abundant teaching moments after the illumination of the Full Moon of what you have learned about yourself so far this Moon cycle (essentially since January 20th).

With the Moon in Scorpioupending deeply hidden EMOTIONAL fears and secrets that the Ego doesn't want others to see, let alone feel itself, we are collectively being asked to CHANGE our MINDS (Mercury Rx) about how we FEEL (Scorpio) about what we are CREATING (Leo) in the NOW.

If you know your chart well, suss out where these Fixed signs are to tell you WHERE in your life stuff is erupting from. In my case: 6th House of daily work in opposition to 12th House of higher BEing of Service to others (plus unresolved issues from other lifetimes) BOTH squaring down to the Scorpio part (my 3rd House of Communication AND Self-talk).

In other words we are experiencing a somewhat T-Square situation today: the apex of this is the Moon in Scorpio. Are you feeling those deeply held emotional fears to the full today? The way to diffuse the depth and breadth of these overwhelming emotions is to create an AND between Mercury Rx / Sun in Aquarius (aligning with your Future Self's needs) and Jupiter's Rx / inward moving expansive and magnifying energies of what your Inner Child wishes to create NOW outside its usual boundaries.

Summary: Ego's fear of changing the status quo meets Inner Child's need to create something more fun and shiny, whilst incorporating insights to the NEW from our Future (where we haven't been yet). Confused? Or does this clarify it all for you?

Have a chat with both your Inner Child and Future Self to 'see' more deeply into the Ego's fears of changing what is so totally IN YOUR FACE this day. We are in the waning phase of this Moon cycle (from Full Moon to next New Moon). Therefore we ARE facing some insistent aspect of our inner self that NEEDS to die in order for us to be better aligned to our TRUE SELF.

Frankly, this is how ALL Moon cycles and the Sun's journey yearly around our natal charts operate: by giving us emotional and active choice to let go of illusions and wrapped up crazy fears (hence the "death" scenario) to fall by the wayside, revealing our true "pot of gold" hidden within! Allow your true Inner You/Self (Aquarius) to shine (Leo) on through, despite the fears of the Unknown (Scorpio).


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