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Full Moon Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas! Surprise! Not since 1977 have we experienced a Full Moon on Christmas Day.

At 4:13a MST December 25th, the Moon will be at 03 degrees of Cancer 20', bringing family, nurturance and caring to the fore! How appropriate. Since Cancer is the cardinal water sign, representing water, this sign is highly sensitive so watch out for hurt feelings if the communication isn't entirely clear or timely! BE aware of your tone of voice, body language and words.

Come from the heart and love as best you can, always and in all ways. Family is the heart of this season despite what is going on in the media and world events. BE the change you want to see!I believe Mahatma Ghandi said this. BE heart, BE love, and BE true to you!

Cancer rules the stomach too! Highly sensitive to rich foods and over-eating or combining foods you don't normally eat. BE loving and nurturing to Self along the way. Take time out to just BREATHE and BE.

If you need some space or a nap or time alone Christmas Day, do so. Honour your needs, and note the needs of others. If you can help Others out, do so once your own needs are met.

And if there is time to do so, BE conscious of what this Full Moon is Illuminating for you since the New Moon in Sagittarius December 11th. What have you learned about yourself, seeking your Higher Truth, sussing out your Mission or Life Purpose at this time and place and space? Any Aha! moments coming forth for you?

There could be a lot of emotion Christmas Day, even heartfelt moments of sharing and caring. Feel your way forward, intuit what needs to be done or said or thought along the way. BE in the MOMENT, always and in all ways. Looking at the chart for this Full Moon I see a Grand Trine connecting three planets together, one within each water sign! Neptune is in Pisces, so watch out for delusions, illusions and any Drama Triangle Victimization, wanting to be Rescued (or doing the rescuing) or feeling Persecuted (or wanting to persecute). Heal the inner waters with conscious connection TO how you are feeling, then ask what it is you need right now? Use your intuitive INsight to bring your Next Steps into the mix. And if that Next Step is having a chat either with yourself or another, do so! With Love in your heart and voice. Forgiveness is the best medicine for Self and Others, always and in all ways.

We also have a T-Square formation amongst three cardinal signs, pointing to Mercury in Capricorn from Mars in Libra in opposition to Eris in Aries. There may be a wee self-identity crisis to figure out BEFORE you act in keeping the harmony and peace, THEN this causes practical, down-to-earth communication and conversation! Create an AND as best you can.

Enjoy the Day of sharing, caring and nurturance. Enjoy each others' company and if you are alone Christmas Day, know that you are not alone. Spiritually we are ALL connected, always and in all ways.

Blessed Be

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