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Full Moon in Aquarius: Determined, Charismatic & Dramatic Intensity

Later today - AUG 11, 2022 - the Moon and Sun will face one another from opposite Zodiac signs at 7:36 PM MDT, creating the Full Moon phase where the Moon, in Aquarius, reflects the Unconscious Desires of the Sun, in Leo. Both are Fixed signs - the energy of which brings repetition through being focused on details, and having concern for values.

The Celestial Longitude coordinates we're seeing in tonight's Full Moon chart are:

  • 19 degrees Aquarius 21' - Full Moon's position

  • 19 degrees Leo 21' - Sun's position

Both luminaries are also part of a continuing Grand Fixed Square or Cross, bringing in the ongoing Triple Conjunction of Mars, Uranus and North Lunar Node in Taurus and the South Lunar Node in Scorpio - also in Fixed signs! Four areas of your Life/Birth chart are still being activated All At The Same Time - to get your attention that the Time is Now.

Tonight's Full Moon sits just 3 degrees away from Saturn Rx/retrograde (at 22 degrees) bringing in even MORE Illumination from this dogmatic planet's energies aligned with Chronos - Greek word for Time - and rules the material plane, laws of Time and space that govern it. Saturn can constrict, restrict, and slow things down, so that we humans can "sit with it a while" - whatever "it" is - and deal with the details of what we're planning, for the long-term, to ensure we've organized the right and proper Next Steps forward.

Saturn's been in Aquarius since that "once in 800-year conjunction" with Jupiter back on DEC 21, 2020, combining the Aquarian need to anticipate the Future with innovation and invention, revolution and a bit of rebellion to free ourselves, with Saturn's need for order, boundaries, limitation, authority, discipline and responsibility! Not an easy combo here, is it?

Aligned with tonight's Full Moon, the Illumination we are experiencing over the next several nights and days is this: what are you Determined to structure, plan for and organize, within your own life, that supports your renewed, futuristic, long-term goals? Remember this: Aquarius' glyph shows two wavy lines of electricity - one dedicated to science/technology, the other dedicated to building community with like-minded others who "foresee" a better coming together as humanity than what's being offered to us currently. Which one will you choose for your future?

We are living within the technological world, yes. But does it have to Rule us? How do we create an "AND" here, have the best of both worlds, working in tandem for a renewed, innovative and collectively HUMANLY supportive life here on Earth?

With the Sun in LEO - how are you following your heart's truest desires through loving what you're creating in your world right now? Are you having fun with it? Does it make you smile while you're creating it? Are you missing anything?

That Lunar South Node is where we simultaneously embrace the deep-seated Intuitive, feeling skills / talents and passion we've known from the Past while also face, heal and release the fears, anxieties, traumas we've been emotionally hanging onto for far too long, again from the Past. That block our way forward. How can we build something new if we're sitting in fear from the past?

Then that ongoing Triple Conjunction within Taurus! Wow - Unexpectedness (Uranus) to ensure we are heading in the direction of our respective uniqueness, free from the fetters of old structures and rules that no longer make sense. Uranus rules Aquarius! The Sun rules Leo! Both rulers are in play here - and while they're squaring one another, they create stress and tension to ENSURE we allow in CHANGE that is necessary for all humanity right now.

Mars in the mix brings us courage, vitality and the ability to assertively take action - along with Uranus' unexpected twists and turns, and the North Lunar Node's Soul Direction into finding the "Sacred in the Ordinary", stability and security - ALL ALIGNED WITHIN that which we each VALUE in life. Find is worthy to "sacrifice" by releasing/letting go of structures, responsibilities, long-term goals that no longer matter, work, nor hold much water.

The Summer of 2022, kicked off by that Freedom Convoy back in February (Sun was in Aquarius!) brings forth the need, deep within, to turn our backs on all the things that no longer fills our hearts with creative inspiration, fun and true leadership. What will your decisions be, led by following your Heart's Truest Desires, foreseeing a future and anticipating your own needs within it, to create NEW structures, plans and responsibilities?

The connection of Uranus and that North Lunar Node/Soul Direction in Taurus continues for a long while - close to 2025 in fact. Where do you want to BE by then? What's Illuminating Within You this week, that nods to what's coming your way by 2025, bringing inspired heartfelt ideas to CREATE a Renewed Future? We all have a part to play. Very intense times, lots of drama coming from certain factions. Find your own charisma - be your own true individual/individuated self - find your own freedom. Then align yourself with the community of humanity that "see" a brighter, more determined "for the good of all" life here on Earth. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Thank you so much!


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