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Full Moon in Aries: Healing Our Wounds as we Mindfully Let Go of the Past!

This Full Moon brings an interesting mix with Mercury at 04 degrees Scorpio 48’ (in his Pre-Rx/retrograde SHADOW time) asking us to be MINDFUL of what we’re Letting Go of from Old Patterns of Conditioning of the Past – any Emotional “frozen in time” trauma pieces we’ve been unable to heal, until now.

At the same time, Chiron Rx is holding hands with this Full Moon, both in Aries (Chiron at 07 degrees Aries 03’ / Moon at 09 degrees Aries 08’) asking us to forego EDITING our Instinctual Natures – it’s time to bring out that Inner Warrior/Explorer/Pioneer – taking Assertive, Instinctual Action independently from others’ expectations! What is it that I WANT? How am I re-tooling this for my unique needs?

Thursday October 1, 2020 at 3:05 pm MDT the Moon & Sun sit directly opposite each other in Aries & Libra (the Sun will be at 09 degrees Libra 08’) creating the first of TWO Full Moon’s in October! Halloween this year will see the Full Moon in Taurus, creating a Blue Moon effect (2 Full Moon’s within the same month!) aka the phrase, “Once in a Blue Moon” – this doesn’t happen very often!

A Full Moon brings ILLUMINATION – that AHA moment of Awareness of the WHY in our lives. It also reflects the Unconscious Desires of the Soul-self (Sun). The Aries theme is about our INDEPENDENCE & the Libra theme, RELATIONSHIPS & Partners. Hence, the ME in the WE – how am I showing up as ME, 100%, in those many relationships/partnerships I have in my life? Be they personal &/or business-oriented?

With Chiron also in Aries, the ILLUMINATION is about how we EDIT our Physical BEINGness – that it IS OK to BE here, on Earth, physically taking up space! TO BE BORN. TO BE INDEPENDENT FROM OTHERS. Or, we shy away from BEING HERE, not wanting to Explore what it means to BE INDEPENDENT, just ME, without the Other(s). This is the Chiron Wound in Aries – fearing rejection from others for WANTING TO BE ME! To EXIST. To do what I WANT TO DO. To BE here, now. Just Me.

What does it mean to you, to BE ME, Without a WE, &/Or, BE ME In a WE? How do you FEEL about this? Do you feel like running away from this or are you embracing it? Whatever your scenario – are you EDITING YOURSELF OUT OF THE PICTURE or are you allowing yourself to BE HERE NOW? Exploring new areas of Yourself & your world that you may not have allowed yourself to if Others were involved? OR, if you’ve been independent mostly, & now want to explore being a ME in a WE?! Huh…what are You healing here?

All of us born right now have ERIS in Aries in our birth charts. She takes 556 years to travel around the Zodiac! Newly discovered in 2005, she’s made us aware of that which we’ve IGNORED in our lives! Where we seek FREEDOM & LIBERATION. There can be a bit of an Identity-Crisis going on here with this Full Moon in Aries, activating the natal ERIS of those born 1924 – 1983. What have You been neglecting in this area of your Life? What is this Full Moon ILLUMINATING for you? What comes to Mind that needs to be LIBERATED – set free?

At the same time (!) Uranus Rx is at 09 degrees Taurus 50’, in opposition of where Mercury is in Scorpio! Here we’re being asked: How are You being Your True Authentic Self (Uranus) living within that which you VALUE (Taurus), AND, being Mindful of the Emotional Past that was “frozen in time” (Mercury in Scorpio) now ripened & ready for healing? Deep-seated Fear, Trauma; Buried Passion & Desire. What are you digging up? It’s as if we’re doing an Emotional/Past Life Archaeological dig – perhaps an Unconscious aspect of Self – that needs some help to come into the Light of Awareness. That which we’ve been UNAWARE of before now.

Something Fated/Destined This Way Comes – heartfully – too! If we truly follow our hearts & our true desires, we will find the Key that unlocks all of this! Sit with this for a while…as long as it takes. Ask yourself these questions:

“What have I LONGED FOR, Neglected, Ignored in my Life that is all about ME?! Perhaps never had an opportunity to even THINK about this, let alone allow it to show itself? If my life was All About Me – what would I be Taking Action On, Instinctively-so, right now?” What comes to mind for you? Be Honest (Scorpio can hide from the Truth!).

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon in Aries is:


“You’re holding back your ideas because you think it has all been done before, but it is yet to be done YOUR WAY. Bring out something NEW & it will revitalize those around you. Looking at things in a different light [!!]. Revisioning old thought forms with new. Reinterpretation. Try to find NEW solutions to old ideas. New dimensions of consciousness breaking through old thought forms. Quantum science.”
SHADOW: Rejecting Old ideas because they are OLD, instead of reforming them. [!!]

Aries & Libra are both CARDINAL modes of operating – taking what IS already in form & creating something NEW from them. Or creating something that hasn’t been born yet!

Aries is FIRE & Libra is AIR. Fire feeds Air. Fire is INSPIRed Creative Action. Air is Conversation, Thoughts, Self-Talk & within Libra – talking this out with someone you’re close to. Equal face-time! Listen AND Speak. Yet TOO MUCH TALKING/thinking without ACTION puts out the FIRE OF CREATIVE INSPIRATION!

Here’s where the INSTINCTUAL comes into play! Are you leaping before thinking? Are you thinking before leaping? Are you doing neither by EDITING it all? Preventing ANY thoughts &/or action? At a standstill in other words? We can keep ourselves here forever. Treading water. Not going anywhere. Staying put. Deleting the urge to MOVE ONWARD – to explore & pioneer – whatever IT IS that comes from YOU!

Here is where the Fear resides (returning to that Mercury going through Scorpio about to turn Rx during this waning part of the Moon cycle on October 13th). Breathe…Look Within…Ask Yourself: “What am I fearing? What do I NOT want to KNOW here? Yet, if I don’t find out, how will I know or heal?”

Interestingly, Mercury Rx timings ALWAYS bring us this Gift: Information I didn’t Know I Needed To Know AND Unexpected twists & turns of events/plans, emotions (due to Scorpio) & thoughts (Mercury represents the Mental body) – all in aid of REVEALING that which was Hidden (again Scorpio). Our secrets we hide from ourselves. Unconsciously. Again, that Archaeological dig – what needs to BE Unearthed here at this time? Mindfully, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually. What are you holding onto that needs ILLUMINATION? Allow the AHA moment to arise, to come to Light! BE your Independent True Self! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH artists - THANK YOU so much! Namaste

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