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Full Moon in Libra: Spotlight on Relationships

Tonight, at 12:08a MDT April 11th, the Moon sits full in opposition to the Sun's light - reflecting our Soul's (Sun) unconscious desires that have been 'coming to light' for each of us since the New Moon begun March 27th.

This Full Moon's cosmic longitude coordinates: 21 degrees of Libra 33' - with the Sun sitting directly opposite at 21 degrees of Aries 33'. The Full Moon also brings 'to light' the following:

  • Full Moon in Libra + Jupiter Rx (retrograde):together, Jupiter is showing us, inwardly (the Rx inward energy) how to Expand past our usual emotional boundaries to EMBRACE new relationships/partnerships now. Huge Ego-Self fears will surface if our Ego is either in denial or resistance to this new change coming out from the darkness we've been working on since the New Moon this Moon cycle. Jupiter will make it LOUD and clear what's missing in our lives, what our Emotional Body is crying out for. 

  • Libra is all about relationships, love, partnerships, beauty, balance, harmony, and how we each can BE our true authentic selves within all of the above. Come out of your restricted independent stance (noted at New Moon in Aries) to create a renewed position of relationship / partnership. This is the gift of this Full Moon.

  • The Sun sits opposite this Full Moon, with Eris and Uranus, in Aries. Eris, the sister to Mars, will do battle to stand up for what she needs to ensure her independence - no matter what. Uranus brings our need for our true authentic self to show itself - in unexpected ways. Here's where the usual Full Moon issue ensues: go with the Emotional Body (aka Full Moon) of needing equal harmonious relationships / partnerships OR go with our Soul's (aka Sun) unconscious desires for standing True to Self? The true tactic, for all of us, is to create an 'AND' - how about BOTH?

  • These two major players (Moon + Sun) within this Full Moon timing reside in two of our cardinal signs - requiring we initiate a NEW change within our Self (Aries - fire) and partnerships/relationships (Libra - air). Each New Moon phase initiates something NEW for us too. Within the current Moon cycle that began March 27th, we've been learning to embrace ALL the cardinal signs. 

The other planetary players, activating the other two cardinal signs are: Juno + Pluto in Capricorn (earth) and Vesta + the Vertex in Cancer (water). Squaring off with the Moon + Sun, we have what is called a Cardinal Grand Square formation - whereby FOUR areas of all our lives are being activated with NEWNESS all at the same time! Despite possible Ego-Self fears, denials, and resistance to that end.

  • Juno brings the Sacred Marriage - our need for equal, loving relationships / partnerships.

  • Pluto brings forth Empowerment vs. Ego's need for power and control over/from others. Within Capricorn, we bring all of this 'materially' or physically into our lives. Let go of greed, lack of integrity, and the need to have power over someone/something. That something being relationships/partnerships. Create win-win situations/relations whereby everyone is empowered, loved and accepted for being the true individual beings they are.

  • Vesta brings the ability to focus - upon a goal, piece of work, etc.

  • The Vertex brings forth something or someone Fated/Destined into the mix. Within Cancer, ruled by the Moon (!) here our Emotional Body brings forth what we FEEL and INTUIT about all of this. Cancer is all about family, mothering/fathering, nurturance given as children and how we do nurturance now as adults. Can you focus on your feelings/emotions, listen to your intuition, and move forward into this Grand Square of NEW Change? The challenge here is to create yet another 'AND' - empowerment + equal, loving relationships and partnerships AND focusing upon how we truly feel/intuit to create fated/destined change. Are you up for it? With faith and trust to take the leap into something new?

The other interesting piece of planetary formation within the Full Moon chart is the Yod, or Finger of God that is pointing directly to the Full Moon (Moon in Libra) from both Chiron + Venus Rx in Pisces and Mars + Ceres in Taurus. Here we have some old patterns of conditioning to let go of to allow full equal, loving relationships / partnerships:

  • Chiron brings healing of old wounds and Venus, our Desire Body, in Rx (inward motion) personalizes how we IMAGINE our true, desired reality. If we still have roots/connections to that Drama Triangle (Pisces) containing those old, worn-out roles of being a Victim or Rescue Me/Rescuer or Bully/Feeling Persecuted…and a true healing of how our relative addictions keep us within these roles. Emotional eating, drinking, drug use, shopping, gambling - you name it, we do it. To what end? How do any of these help us within relationship?

  • Mars brings assertive action (or aggression or anger/frustration/impatience) and Ceres, our need for nurturance and how we find it, within the realm of using all our senses, skills and talents to create that which we value, is of value, to manifest physically within our lives (Taurus). Taurus can be stubborn, fixed and unwilling to change. Contented to stay with the same-old, same-old, you ask, "What's in it for me? Why should I go to all this effort - there's no guarantee that if I ASK for what I want, STAND up for what I need, that magically it will be given." Or words to this effect. RISK is part of taking that leap of faith - into the Unknown, creating NEW CHANGE. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Need I go on?

Letting go of our old patterns of how we've normally worked with the first two points above brings the energy for a more balanced, peaceful and loving relationship Within AND Without. It is up to each of us to answer this call to CHANGE our daily habits (Moon). Or, we can wait for yet another Moon cycle and opportunity to jump on the bandwagon…all about Choice, Free Will and wanting something more and better.

Enjoy the fullness of this Moon phase. Look Within for the Light of your Soul's Unconscious Desires - and take that leap of faith towards something better, new and Unknown. Sip from the Cup of Courage (Aries) to bring balance (Libra), then position your sights on those highest goals (Capricorn) and listen to how you feel and what your intuition is telling you (Cancer). Create CHANGE that IS for the better - Within Trust and Faith.

Namaste and Blessed Be

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